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Beorning Chiefdom[]

The Chiefdom of the Beornings is a chiefdom made up of multiple peoples from the Vales of Anduin.

The main group of these people are the Beornings. Also known as 'Beorn's Kin' these skinchangers follow the rule of their chieftain and clan-father Beorn.

Chiefdom Structure[]

Form of Government[]

The government form of this Chiefdom is Tribal. This is a fairly primitive government form.


Picture of Beorning government

The Beornings pay zero to no taxes. All people are responsible for their own income, however, a tribal leader can ask taxes when protecting his people in times of war.

The people 'Karls' are governed over by a local leader. These leaders bear the name of 'Jarl'. These Jarls in turn then accept and respect the authority of their King or Chieftain. The Jarls are able to hold land fairly independent. Acting on their own justice in sense of crime, bounties and taxations. A Jarl usually owns one or more provinces.

Chiefdom Leaders[]


Chieftain Beorn TA 2941 - present[]

First leader of the Beornings. After the Battle of the Five-Armies Beorn returned to his homestead, only to find it burned, pillaged and ruined. He decided to rebuild his house, he made it bigger, stronger and surrounded by thick walls that would keep most of the goblins out.

He also found a wife. A huge wife, named Inga of Dale. Inga became pregnant with Beorn's son, Grimbeorn who was born later in TA 2942.

Saint beorn

More and more people came to the aid of Beorn, asking for his protection against the flooding warg and goblin hordes now roaming the Vales of Anduin. Beorn was elected as their Chieftain and started to build fortified settlements and forged vast numbers of weaponry to arm the people against the goblin hordes.

  • Beorn became the first leader of the Beornings.
  • Beorn conquered the following provinces during his rule: 141, 138, 135, 140
  • Beorn recovered from his sickness and joined the Free Folks Alliance in TA 2962