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It is a fair tale, though it is sad, as are all the tales of Middle-earth, and yet it may lift up your hearts.

- Aragorn



Chief Marchwarden of the kingdom of Doriath, Beleg was a Sindarin elf. A highly skilled archer that used the dark bow made of dark yew wood named Belthronding . He was strong, strong-minded, shrewd in vision, and called upon in the healing arts, being able to heal quickly. Beleg was one of the greatest of all forest dwellers in its time, living in forest camps near the northern border of Doriath. Doriath was a forest kingdom surrounded by a protective barrier called the girdle of Melian, which was maintained by Melian, Thingol's (The King of Doriath) wife. Morgoth's servants roamed near the borders, especially those in the north, and Beleg and his border guards fought against those who tried to approach Doriath.

Beleg was responsible for great deeds in his day, such as hunting the wolf Carcharoth, where he was accompanied by his king, Thingol, Mablung, Beren and Huan, the Valinor's hunting dog. He also went to Nirnaeth Arnoediath as a volunteer, accompanied by his friend mablung, who were the only representatives of Doriath in that battle because of the reluctance of his king, Thingol, to work with the noldor.

Beleg was re-embodied in the year 337 of the second age, he lived with his Teleri parents in the haven of Alqualondë. There he became wiser and more powerful than he was in the first age, thus becoming one of the highest Sindar to ever exist. In the FA 374 he decided to return to Middle-earth to support his distant parents living in Lindon in the fight against the forces of the second dark lord.

Friendship with Túrin and death in the First Age[]

A few years after Nirnaeth Arnoediath, Túrin, son of Húrin, was sent by his mother Morwen to the kingdom of Doriath after the growing threat from the eastern men at Dor-Lómin. Beleg was one of those who found the boy and his escort lost in the woods (due to girdle of Melian) and sent messengers to King Thingol about this event. Thingol promptly took Túrin as his adopted son and created him until he reached adulthood. Beleg taught Túrin the skills of a forest man and trained him in archery and sword skills. When Turin turned seventeen, he joined the Marchwardens and worked with Beleg. Túrin lost in weapon skill only to Beleg, and they fought side by side and became close friends.

Turin beleg

Túrin and Beleg fighting side by side

In FA 484, Túrin clashed with Saeros, who, pursued by Túrin, fell into the ravine of a stream and died. Thingol was inclined to ban Túrin from Doriath, but Beleg became aware that Nellas, a forest-dwelling elf, had seen that Saeros was the first to attack Túrin. Beleg took Nellas to Menegroth so that she could testify on behalf of Túrin and Thingol decided to forgive him, but Túrin had already fled. Thereafter Turin lived as an outcast, and after a few years Beleg was able to find his camp. Beleg talked to Turin and Turin decided that he would not leave his outcast life, so Beleg returned to Doriath with the news and announced that he would leave his post to live with Turin. Thingol offered a gift to Beleg and the choosed was the sword Anglachel, forged by the black elf Eöl.

After a series of events, Turin and his men settled in Amon Rûdh, which was the house of the dwarf mîm. Beleg found them again and aided Turin in his exploits, thus making Amon Rûdh a point of significant resistance to Morgoth's forces. Mîm supplied a big hate for Beleg as well as all the elves, so he handed the secret passages from his house to the dark lord and so all the men of Turin were killed and Turin captured. Beleg was very strong and skillful healer, so he survived and set off to find Turin.

Beleg followed the orcs through Anach Pass to the frightening woods of Taur-nu-Fuin. There Beleg met Gwindor of Nargothrond who had been captured during Nirnaeth Arnoediad but had escaped from Angband. Beleg and Gwindor followed the tracks of Túrin's hijackers and advanced into the Anfauglith desert. Beleg took his bow, killed four sentry wolves, and then entered with Gwindor into the camp. He and Gwindor carried Túrin, who was senseless, into a thicket a short distance away. Beleg used Anglachel to sever the ties that bound Túrin, but the sword slipped and stung Túrin's foot. Túrin woke up and saw a figure standing over him with a sword, grabbed Anglachel and killed Beleg thinking he was an enemy. In the flash of lightning, Túrin saw Beleg's face and saw the terrible act he had done.

Beleg death

Túrin and Gwindor reaction after Beleg's death

“This was the end of Beleg Strongbow, a most loyal friend, the most skillful of those who took shelter in the woods of Beleriand in the Ancient Days, killed by the hands of the one he loved most. And that pain was etched on Túrin's face so that it would never fade.”

Reincarnation and travels in Aman[]

In the year 337 of the Second Age, Beleg was given a new body, which the spirit inhabited in the palace of Mandos. As Beleg was a Doriath Sindar and did not participate in the Noldor rebellion, he was allowed to reach any part of the whole continent of Aman. He set off south, past the plains of Yavanna and reaching the forests of Oromë. It was hard to believe in what he saw, he never imagined that there would be places as beautiful as those in Aman, whether in the Plains of Yavanna and its golden wheats, or in the forests of Oromë with its large and beautiful trees. He was welcomed by Oromë, who at the time took the form of a tall. Beleg often accompanied him on huntings. Beleg became an even better hunter, trained by Oromë himself, and heard several tales, from tales related to the formation of the world to those related to the great wars between the Valar and the Dark Lord. Beleg lived in the Forests of Oromë for few centuries, when he felt he was ready, he made his way to Eldamar.

On his journey back from the forests of Oromë, Beleg passed the slopes of Pelori en route to the Eldamar region, the home of the Quendi of Aman. Reaching the central part of the moutain range, Beleg looked out at Mount Taniquetil, shining, whiter than snow, colder than death, silent, immutable, terrible as the shadow of the light of lluvatar. Taniquetil is the highest mountain in the world and the place of the Halls of Manwë, leader of the Valar and King of Arda. This was the first time Beleg observed the mountain, his heart was gripped by a sense of amazement and temerity.

He headed the slopes of Mount Taniquetil, living a time along the Vanyar, meeting great elves, many hardened by the war of wrath, but fair and powerful like all vanyar of Aman. He passed few years within the Vanyar, but he learned several techniques about spear handling, weapons preferred by those elves. They told him all the events that happened after his death, at least the ones they knew, Beleg was left unresponsive, especially when told about the events before and after the war of wrath. One day he had the opportunity to meet Ingwë, the High-King of the Elves, was a mighty figure, proud and with the calmest countenance Beleg has ever seen, he held on to why he was considered the high-king of elves. Despite the limited time with those elves, it was enough for Beleg to know several tales and accumulate a lot of knowledge, in his departure Beleg said goodbye and headed to Tirion.

Valinor sketches pelori and taniquetil by sarkaskorpikova d9to08k-pre

Taniquetil and the pelori

Time in Tirion[]

In SA 1059 Beleg reached the city of Tiron, capital of the Noldor of Aman. He was perplexed by the beauty of the city and began his journey, meeting many of the elves living in that city. He had the opportunity to meet Aman's High King of the Noldor, Finarfin, and his son Finrod, another re-embodied elf. He was told with plenty of details the whole story of the Noldor rebellion and its woes in Melkor's time at Aman, which helped him understand the reason for Thingol's remorse of the Sons of Feanor when they reach Beleriand. He passed some years in Túna, where he found a good friend; Nauthedir, one of the greatest smiths of Aman.

The white city was giant, with its various towers and large buildings it was one of the jewels of the continent of Aman. Mindon Eldaliéva, the tallest tower in the city, built in honor of Ingwë, was wonderful and a symbol of greatness. The city also had a very rich history, being the Home of great Kings of the Noldor, such as Finwë, the founder, Fingolfin and Finarfin. All great and powerful elves, important protagonists in the fate of Arda. Fëanor, son of Finwë and brother of Finarfin and Fingolfin, the creator of the Silmarils also lived in the city, but his fate was quite different, committing one of the most terrible and tragic crime in Arda's history with his oath of revenge, he began a series of malefics events that were marked in the history of the world, cursing all their lineage and permanently damaging the legacy of the Noldor.


Beleg reaching Tirion.

Arrival and life in Alqualondë[]

After his visit to the city of the Noldor, Beleg left for the home of his kin, Alqualondë, where he was very well received and spent the entire second and third ages of the world, until his time of return to the Middle Earth.

The city was splendid, as calm and serene as the sea that bathed its harbors. From the city one could see both the pelori and the distant Taniquetil itself in all its splendor, as well as the island of Tol Eressëa, home of those Teleri who did not wish to leave for Alqualondë, and of all the Eldar who left the Middle Earth after the end of the first era.


The city o Alqualondë.

There Beleg became master of the traditions among his relatives from whom he had long since parted, as well as learning the craft of shipbuilding among other skills related to the sea, something the Falmari had mastered since they had settled in that city countless years ago. Despite this, Beleg had no great love for the sea, his heart belonged to the forests and hunting, things he dedicated most of his life to as a vassal of King Thingol, in Doriath.

After long ages living in the great capital of the Falmari, Beleg, moved by a burning desire to return to the midlands, asked permission to sail to the Middle Earth again. After long deliberation by the Valar, Beleg had his permission granted, and in the year 374 of the fourth age, Beleg set sail for the Middle Earth, He was taken to the Middle Earth in an elven ship and remained there as long as his presence was needed.

Beleg in the Fourth Age[]

Arrival in Middle Earth[]

After living much of the third age and the beginning of the fourth age at Alqualondë, in the 374th year of the fourth age Beleg, with the blessing of the Valar, returned to Middle-earth. His ship set sail at Alqualondë and has anchored at Mithlond. He was delighted with the constructions and landscapes of the last fair kingdom, he then began his travels in looking for a place to settle his house.

An Unexpected Meeting[]

On his travels to the east of the Misty Mountains, Beleg arrived in the lands of Dale. It was night, when Beleg recalled an invitation from Earl Tankrid of Redwater, and decided to visit The Drunken Sheep tavern in Poltzen. At first he called the bartender and ordered a shot of kvass. The bartender replied, "Wouldn't ye also like to try the roast pork with mashed potatoes? It's our classic dish." Beleg promptly accepted the offer and began to wait, while tasting typical local drinks. He observed the place, a wooden tavern, a place for many conversations and different people, from farmers talking about the fertility period and the fruit of their crops, to soldiers talking about the recent attack on one of their camps. Beleg, using his keen Elven hearing, listened and tried to better understand the curious people of the North.

Beleg sipped his wine cup as the platter of roast pork and mashed potatoes was laid in front of him by the waiter. He noted that there the potatoes were generously seasoned with pepper, and a small block of cheese was also sitting on one side of the dish. The elf, hungry after weeks of travelling, picked up his knife and two-pronged fork, and quickly sliced himself a hunk of the pork. His mouth watered as the pink meat detached itself and fell from the rest of the chunk, steam rising from it, falling to the plate with a quiet, satisfying plop. Unable to resist, he quickly skewered the piece of meat with the fork, and stuck it into his mouth. It was warm, had a great texture, and was beautifully spiced. As an elf, who mainly ate vegetables, fruits, bread and occasionally auroch, this was a welcome treat. He took another drink of the kvass to wash it down, before tucking in to the potatoes.

The little bell near the tavern entrance rang as the door opened. Turning to see the newcomers, Beleg saw four tall men make their way through the doorway. One of them wore fur robes and woollen clothes, with rapidly greying hair, clutching a walking stick. The other three were comparatively young, although one was in his early fifties. All except for the old man wore chainmail armour and either a red or brown surcoat, emblazoned with a golden dragon. “M’lud!” the tavernkeeper exclaimed, looking up as the four men entered. “Welcome back to my good old establishment. What can I get for you?” ,“Three tankards of mead for the lads,” the old man answered, “and one of cider for me, Lars. You’ve been doing well?” ,“Yes, we have” the tavernkeeper said. “My business has been doing much better ever since you built these town walls, and stopped orcs from torching the land every fortnight or so!” he chuckled. “Well, I think we’ll have some cheese, bread and sausages for each of us as well,” the old man said. “And that’s all I think.” “Of course, sir,” Lars said, before rushing into the kitchen. The old man looked around the room, as though expecting someone to be here, narrowing his eyes. His gaze fell on Beleg, who sat at his table carving his pork. With a gesture, the old man and his guards made their way to the table. “Beleg, am I right?” the old man asked the elf. “That’s me,” Beleg answered.

“Tankrid Ogh-Feandghainess, pleased to make your acquaintance,” the old man answered, extending his hand. Beleg shook it. The elderly earl then pulled over a stool, and sat across from the elf. “So, you’ve gotten my letter then?” he said. Beleg nodded. “Well, welcome to Ankorien Poltzen then. You’ve come from Valinor, I heard? My ravens saw your ship arrive at Lindon.” “Yes,” the elf answered. “Well, it’s truly an honour to meet a hero of the First Age, who was permitted to return to Middle-Earth by the Valar,” Tankrid said. “How was your journey?” “It was fine. Met several orc and goblin war-bands on the road on the way here in the Lone-Lands and in the Vales of the Anduin. But I couldn’t help noticing; the roads here in Dale are pretty secure.” “Aye,” Tankrid said. “Those’ll be the rangers. They’re hiding in the trees, going on patrols every few days or so. I see they’ve been doing their job well. Have you been to Dale and Esgaroth?” “Yes, beautiful places, for humans at least,” Beleg said. “I’ve been living in Valinor and the elven realms for too long; it has been a long time since I’ve seen the humble wood and brick structures of man. Esgaroth’s fascinating; all of it built on wooden poles sunk into the lake.” The two sat there for a long time, talking about their lives and their homes. Beleg told stories of white towers and gilded spires from the city of Tirion in Valinor, and the great havens of Aqualonde with its many swan-ships, and of his adventures with the legendary hero Turin Turumbar, which fascinated Tankrid and his men. Tankrid spoke of the harsh and thrilling life of Rhovanion, telling tales of great auroch hunts, enormous bears, wars and duels between rival tribal chieftains, and the War of the Ring, along with many folk legends. Eventually, as time wore on, and Beleg had finished his fourth tankard of beer, Tankrid reached the present.

“Recently we’ve been getting raids from rogue Easterlings in the Palisor,” Tankrid told Beleg. “These aren’t nuisance raids though, they’re pretty serious. They’ve been attacking our colonies across the Redwater, and they’ve even captured two of our forts and burnt down a farming village. Our scouts reported over a two thousand of them. I’ve rallied the surrounding lords, hetmen and bogatyrs to form up an army to fight against them. We’ll be crossing the Redwater two days from now, and will meet them in the field of combat.” “Sounds like you could use some help,” Beleg said, wiping his mouth with a napkin. “Care to join in, then?” Tankrid said, a ghost of a smile touching his lips. “Might as well,” Beleg said. “You sirs look you need some good old-fashioned First Age help against these barbarians.” He liked the rough but polite way of talking which Tankrid and his men used, and had quickly adapted it. “We’d be happy to see you with us,” Tankrid said. “The old and the new must fight together, to defend Mannish civilisation from barbarism and savages. To the People of the West!” he cried, raising his tankard of cider in a toast. “To the People of the West!” Beleg cheered, the others on the table following suit.

Beleg's Trip to the Dwarven Realm[]

After all what happened between the free folks of Middle Earth, Beleg decides to visit the Dwarves of Khazad-dûm in hope of persuading them not to interfere in the foul deeds of other Free-folk.

His journey started from his dwelling near Ost-in-Edhil, in the pleasant realm of Eregion. He followed the streams of Sirannon till he arrived at the Stair Falls, a great waterfall which could be heard miles away. He stood there and admired the beauty for quite some time. Listening to the birds sing made him lay and sleep near the waterfall. He awoke after hearing some dwarves talking in the surrounding area. Quickly standing up and following the voices he met a group of dwarves where he asked them if they were dwarves of Khazad-dûm and if he could see the halls and talk to thier lord. The dwarves answered yes, nodding thier heads. He followed the dwarves to the West Gate.

Beleg saw the lake and the Doors of Durin, incarved into the rock of as the dwarves said Zirakzigil or as we know it Celebdil. It was night, the doors were shining in a light blue sheen of ithildin . He also noticed the two trees, symbolysing the trees of the High Elves and a single star symbolising the emblem of the House of Fëanor which lead him looking at the top of the arch.On the top of the arch of the gate, there was an inscription which Beleg read out loud : "Ennyn Durin Aran Moria. Pedo Mellon a Minno. Im Narvi hain echant. Celebrimbor o Eregion teithant i thiw hin."

"Ennyn Durin Aran Moria. Pedo... " - Beleg read.

"Mellon a Minno..." , right as he said that the door opened and the dwarves were shocked. The dwarves asked Beleg, how he knew thier password to which he answered : "These are old elven runes , my friend , i just read what was written." He continued reading : "Im Narvi hain echant. Celebrimbor o Eregion teithant i thiw hin." - "I, Narvi, made them. Celebrimbor of Hollin drew these signs." - Beleg said to the dwarves. The dwarves were astonished and proceeded to show Beleg the mighty dwarven realm of Khazad-dûm. "These great halls were build by our kin." , said one of the dwarves, Beleg answered : "The craftsmanship and the mastery of building of the Dwarves is only matched by the Elves." - Beleg said with a smile on his face.

After quite a long walk Beleg and the dwarves arrived in the Great Halls of Khazad-dûm. These halls were so big you could easilly get lost in them. The walls of these walls were carved with dwarven motives, trimmed with gold and there were even some carvings of ithildin with Khuzdul runes which were unfamiliar looking for Beleg. Beleg was offered a place to rest in, to which he accepted and agreed to continue his journey the next morning. The dwarves went to sleep while Beleg wouldnt, he was exploring the halls throughout the whole night. After nearly 3 hours of exploring he stumbled uppon the throne of Durin on which no one was sitting at that moment. He continued exploring the Throne hall and came across a gate leading to a smaller hall which was enlaid with a material which Beleg guessed is mithril. He entered the room meeting a dwarf and his advisor. The dwarf was wearing royal regalia. Beleg bowed down. The dwarf woundered who the elf was in his city and what he was doing in the royal quarters. Beleg answered : "I came to offer you council , King of all Dwarves."

"Let me hear what you have to say", The king said. Beleg stood up and started talking: "The dwarves were always stubborn and I expect them to stay that way." "New Númenor has joined sides with our enemies, they now are stronger than ever." The king swiftly answered: "We know about this threat, they are joining forces and invading Rivendell in 5 days." The dwarven King Azaghâl II gathered his troops and started marching to Rivendell with Beleg alongside him. Beleg took a detour to Eregion to gather some followers to help. He managed to gather some elves but not many. Beleg and his troops met up with High King Dalinar of Rivendell , Tar Surion of Arnor , Penlod of Lindon , Gandalf and many more brave and valiant fighters. Together they faced a great evil made up of many ringwraiths, Sauron himself, The witch-king, corrupted men, wicked dwarves, and many more foul creatures. Many brave elves, men and dwarves died this day in a bloody battle.

The defense of Rivendell ended victoriously.

Beleg's Quest[]

The Stranger's tales[]

Beleg wasn't that kind of person who would settle somewhere and stay a long time, so he was always wandering the lands west of the Misty Mountains. He was preparing some food above his campfire, at his camp near Rivendell when a strange man came across. He was asking Beleg for directions to Bree, it seems the man was lost. He gave him the right directions and continued to prepare his chorba. During their conversation the man asked Beleg : "Master elf, thee seemeth to be one of them pointy eared fellas, aye?". Beleg didn't reply to the man, but some moments later the man starts talking about what Beleg thought were the woods of the Elvenking. Beleg was quite intrigued by his way of talking and he would listen and continue deeper into the story. The man was saying that the Elvenking was no longer in control and that the kingdom was fading with the threats of Gundabad and Dol Guldur.

"The corruption will take the woods, they will..." the man struggled to say the last word, and then he started mumbling rather loudly which confused Beleg and made him go back to his meal. Beleg thought the man left but a deep and shadowy voice started mumbling : "Emyn-nu-Fuin innas..", Beleg stood up after he heard this but the man continued : "tíra fuin adu" . He looked surprised on how the man knew these Sindarin words. Once he approached the man he started running into the near woods, but Beleg wouldn't pursue. These events would make Beleg lose all appetite and it made him wounder and think. After consulting with some of his friends he decided to start another journey.

The ending[]

Beleg, like all elves of ancient times possessed great magical powers, that being said, as the end of the fourth age approached an omen crossed his mind that dark times were imminent. Beleg spent much of his time in Middle-earth wandering, helping those in need, and allying with the free folks to confront those who wished to subjugate the Middle Earth. The foreboding of dark times and the strengthening of the dark forces on the continent made his desire to remain in Middle-earth vanish. In the year 445 of Middle-earth, only 71 years after his arrival, Beleg, in great sorrow, decided to set sail for the undying lands again. From this point on, the tales of our heroic elf are lost. Forever.