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The Battle of the Endless Arrows was a field battle fought during the 2nd War of the Dwarves and Orcs.

The battle lasted several hours despite the actually highly outnumbered condition of the defenders.

The Orcs, knowing their condition, entrenched themselves in a ripid hill which let them to resist to several enemy waves. The dwarves initially took position in an hill located North-East from the orkish location, the initial fights were characterized by an endless fire of arrows from which the battle took the name. After several time, the dwarves charged from different points against the orkish lines while the main-attack came from west. The dwarves main attack directed by King Narvi was actually successful only thanks to certain dwarven forces which with the help of the Noldor Elves under Dalinar and Maglor were able to flank the orkish side from south and north.

Despite severe injuries, the battle was a decisive victory for the dwarven side. The orkish survivors fall back in the fortress of Ulukesh with some prisoners, in which they waited Sauron's support and tried to reforced the fortress for a decisive final battle.