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The Battle of Ulukesh, also known as Disaster of Ulukesh but better know as the Massacre of Ulukesh, was a siege fought during the 2nd War of the Dwarves and Orcs.

The Battle took place in the orkish fortress of Ulukesh, located above an high peak encircled by an eternal evil fog.

The dwarven side under Nargrec directed itself in a valley beneath the enemy's fort, the first fights started when the dwarves decided to climb the mountain, the dense fog present in the area didn't permit the free folks to aim correctly against the orcs in the walls while the enemy, thanks to the superior position above the peak, had a complete visual of what was happening and was able to fire at willl against everyone which tried to climb the mountain.

Most of the dwarves perished while trying to climb the mountain, and failing on it, the dead corpses amassed in the climbs while the snow which covered the peak became of a bloody color. The gondorians watched the battle from the valley and when they thought that there was not hope of win, they abandoned the battlefield to his destiny withouth suffering any lose. In the fury of the battle, King Nargrec of Durin's Folk was encircled by a group of Orcs and then killed. In the confusion and chaos of orders, the dwarves either rooted or rushed in the mountain and after the death of their king most of them lost their lives and only a small group successfully retreated from the battlefield.

The Noldor Elves under Dalinar instead, demonstrated their courage by trying to climb the orkish peak even if they saw their allies failing on it, some of the elves almost reached the enemy walls (action that the dwarves didn't manage to achieve) but none really successfully passed the Ulukesh walls.

The battle ended with a decisive victory of the Sauron's forces, which achieved no casualties.