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Second battle (Field Battle) of the Mistaken War, won by Dwarves.

A Week or 2 later, on the 8.12.17, a sudden Information has arrived, that a Battle (with only two of the numerous Participant Kings) will be held in 40 Minutes, 18:10 UTC and some of the Steelshield refused to fight, including Stannis, the Brother of Anatar, who said it was not fair due to the Western Alliance (Gondor, Blue Mountains) having a Number Advantage (at first) and to him and some others not being prepared.

Ultimately, the Dwarves of Durin's Folk, and a Dunlending called Brasus (PhoenixDood), the only Parts of the Steelshield online at that Time, gathered at the Battlefield, where they took a strategic Position on a Hill. They have expected for Gondor to come from the South, but they came from the West instead and the Battle began with the Steelshield holding off, with some unexpected Turns of Events and in the End, they managed to defeat the Western Alliance with some big Losses. This Battle was then called the Battle of the Hill by the steelshield Pact. Later on, the former Combatants have tried to make a new Peace, like there was in the old Times, with some apologizing to each other and Durin's Folk giving Gondor and the Blue Mountains a big Gift.