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Battle Rules

Here are listed all the rules of all kinds of battles.

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1. Common Rules (click)

The Common Rules are valid for both Pitched Battle and Siege.
1.1 • Anyone walking outside the battlefield left the battle and cannot return.
1.2 • /tpa is forbidden! If you fell in a hole, just dig yourself up or place blocks and pillar jump.
1.3 • If you die it is forbidden to do /back.
1.4 • It is highly forbidden to use protected player bases as a defensive position or to resupply.
Entering in such place will be seen as surrender, firing from such place will mean getting banned.
1.5 • Until the battle has officially started, players from both sides can join, but without army.
1.5.1 • If the battle has started, new players can join 5 minutes after the start, but without army assuming one of the leaders of a side allows them to, along with the overseer of the battle.
1.6 • Each side must make a list of their participants joining the battle, and will have to choose 5 people from this number to bring their armies.
1.6.1 • Only the 5 players who bring their army will be checked by Staff before the battle, but if other players break the rules, such as wearing the wrong armor, then they themselves are to blame.
1.7 • The leader of his respective side will be the first to be teleported to the battlefield. In turn, his players will then teleport to him.
1.8 • Players with armies must have their armies ready 30 minutes before the battle. Anytime after means that the player can't bring any army.
1.9 • Veteran players should keep an eye on new players, as the latter are more likely to break the rules due to misunderstanding..
1.10 • It is forbidden and highly advised against to ask a staff member for the recognition of a structure or an artifact enchantment: the staff is busy moderating the battle, and should not be disturbed.

Rules about the usage of certain items, common to both Pitched Battle and Siege.
1.11 • Khamul's fire is allowed only for Easterling factions, only Easterling players can place and detonate it. Khamul's fire cannot be placed before the start of the battle. (Jumping walls of cities/forts with the aid of Khamul's Fire or bombs is forbidden.)
1.11.1 • The blue fire caused by Khamul's fire is allowed, and can be removed by hands or water.
1.12 • Placing fire is forbidden, if spawned by fire pots just use hands or water.
1.13 • Termites are forbidden.
1.14 • Fire pots can only be used by one player each side, if the fire pots bearer dies then nobody else can use them. Finding them in the ground doesn't authorize you to use them.
1.15 • The use of the following items will not be tolerated: duplicated items (through cheating), glitched items (through bugs), nor the use of items which are illegally created and aren't part of the artifacts family (such as items with sharp V, or anything with vanilla enchants but without standard artifact's item lore).
1.16 • Chests, iron blocks, barrels, and fences (for keeping horses leashed) are allowed to be placed, as long as they do not make a wall of any kind or act as movement inhibition (they can't be placed on ledges to make it inaccessible, they can't be stacked on one another, they can't be within three blocks in any direction of other chest/fence/barrel/iron blocks).
1.17 • You may not place water in locations where it gains debuff properties.

Returning to the battlefield after exiting, /tpa in battle and /back if you die are all punished by a temp ban.

2. Equipment Rules (click)

2.1 • You can use any the kind of weapon you want regardless of faction. See Artifact for the restrictions imposed to the artifacts.
2.2 • Only Faction armor is allowed, or the armor of other factions of the same race inside an empire.
2.2.1 • Inside an Empire, armor share is limited to races: orcs can only share their armor with other orcs, elves with other elves, and so on..
2.2.2 • Nazgul are able to use every Human/Orc armor shared inside their empire.
2.2.3 • Gandalf, Radagast and The Blue Wizards can wear a specific armor if the respective king allows so without being in an empire.
2.2.4 • Sauron is able to use every shared armor inside his empire without any race limitation.
2.3 • Failing to meet the requirements can lead to the exclusion of the player from the battle.
2.4 • Elven Kings can use Galvorn and Gondolinian in battle.
2.4.1 • Elven Kings of Custom Elven Factions are not allowed to wear Galvorn or Gondolinian.
2.4.2 • The King of the Avari Elves is an exception as the Avari Elves are actual LotR Lore.
2.5 • Witch-King and Sauron can use Morgul armor in battle.
2.6 • Black Numenorean armor can be worn by any Harad faction, Umbar included.
2.7 • Black Numenorean can also be worn by Gondor if they're allied to any Harad faction.
2.8 • Mithril armors is forbidden inside battles.

Using the wrong armor will result in a warning if the battle hasn't yet started or the two sides didn't meet. After the first clash happened you will be disqualified from the battle, if you refuse to go back you will be banned for the duration of the battle.
Using wrong items will result in the halting of the battle, removal of the illegal item, and further actions will be taken

3. Battlefield Rules in Pitched Battle (click)

3.1 • The defending side can suggest a battlefield where the battle will take place and they have to suggest it to the Overseer. If they fail to do so, the overseer will decide instead.
3.1.1 • The suggested battlefield will be decided by the overseer if its a suitable place for a battle to take place.
3.1.2 • No Pitched Battle could be hosted in White Mountains, Mordor Mountains, Forodwaith Mountains, Misty Mountains, Grey Mountains, Wind Mountains, Harad Mountains, Blue Mountains, Jungle and Volcano Mountains, Emyl Muil, Dead Marshes and Witch Downs. Foothills, Iron Hills and valleys are used instead. Moving yourself in the mountain biome while in battle will equal to surrender. EX, if a battle happens in Iron Hills Glittering Caves Prov 190 and your army moves to white mountains, you automatically surrender. EX, if a battle happens in a misty mountains province (so it's hosted in misty foothills) and you climb the misties getting in the mountains and leaving the foothills, you automatically surrender.
3.2 • The defenders can reach the chosen battlefield only few minutes before the actual battle start. Any terrain modification will be severely punished.
3.3 • Until the battle starts, All the players should not move and must keep their armies halted and divided in battalions.
3.4 • It's not allowed to place nor destroy blocks except the few cases below.
3.4.1 • Trees, snow and leaves can be removed with hands.
3.4.2 • Ladders and Ropes can be placed and removed by hands.
3.4.3 • Boats can be placed and destroyed.
3.4.4 • Onager can be placed and destroyed. More info about WAR MACHINES at Point 11.
3.5 • No naturally generating structures may be used as a defensive position

4. Limitations in Pitched Battle (click)

Rules about the usage of certain items in Pitched Battle.
4.1 • Orc bombs can be used only through the Orc Sapper Unit (check War Rules) which in any case must wield a Tier 1 Standard Bomb, no player can bring or use any orc bomb.
4.2 • Placing lava is forbidden.
4.3 • Placing/removing water is allowed, unless used to gain battlefield advantage. Ex. covering (no matter partly or fully) the hill in water.

5. Battlefield Rules in Siege Battle (click)

5.1 • The Siege Battle can only be hosted if there is a Recognized Castle in the threatned province.
5.1.1 • If there is a recognized castle present in a province, a war in such a province takes 2 battles, first one being a Pitched battle, the other being a siege.
5.2 • The castle must be inspected by one or more staff members, and screens has to be taken for after the battle. The current owner can ask to remove the valuables items (armor, weapons etc.) before the battle.
5.3 • The castle has to be unclaimed just before the start of the siege.
5.4 • The day of the Siege, the attackers aren't allowed to get near the castle until the start of the battle.
5.5 • It's not allowed to Recognize a Castle during a war.
5.6 • During a War, the Castle cannot change in size, meaning it cannot get expanded more than it is, other minor improvements are still allowed to be made before a battle.
5.7 • Attackers can place tier 1 non-incendiary bombs to try and enter the Defenders fortress.

6. Allowed On Certain Cases in Siege Battles (click)

6.1 • Specific blocks are allowed in certain cases:

6.1.1 • Quagmire
• It is not allowed to place it yourself.
• It is allowed when the battle takes place in a biome where it naturally spawns..

6.1.2 • Water/Lava
• If the castle was built on a river / lake (natural one)
• If the castle was built near a river / lake (natural one)

7. Forbidden Blocks in Siege Battles (click)

7.1 • Specific blocks are forbidden:

• Quagmire (if it's not naturally spawned)
• Fire (always forbidden to place, even if added before or during the battle)
• Water inside the walls or in the ground (ground = layers placed with purpose to kill/slow attackers)
• Lava in the walls/ground/decoration.
• Obsidians in the walls/ground.
• Blocks dealing damages to players when they walk on it.

8. Castle Gates in Siege Battles (click)

8.1 • Before the start of the Siege, each gate has to be replaced by an equivalent block
• Bronze gates with bronze blocks.
• Golden gates with gold blocks.
• Silver gates with silver blocks.
• Mithril gates with iron blocks.
• Dwarven Ithildin Doors with stone blocks.
• Every other gate with wooden planks.

9. Attackers Rules in Siege Battles (click)

9.1 • The invading side is allowed to:

• Break blocks with hands: the walls/doors/trenches/barricades in order to create a hole/ breach.
• Build barricades of fences or wood planks to make a cover (Max 2 blocks high and thickness 1, not inside the buildings).
• Dig trenches max 2 blocks deep, max 3 blocks width (you cannot build barricades over these)
• Use tier 1 standard non-incendiary tnt/orc bombs. One at time, before placing the next one the breach needs to be regenerated!
• Place or remove water.
• Build or destroy war machines.

9.2 • The invading side is NOT allowed to:

• Use tools in order to dig (only hands are allowed!).
• Rebuild or repair the destroyed barricades/walls/buildings/defences.
• Place barricades or anything in order to block entrances/paths.

10. Defenders Rules in Siege Battles (click)

10.1 • The defenders side is allowed to:

• Place or remove water.
• Break ladders or ropes.
• Destroy the barricades/trenches.
• Build or destroy war machines.

10.2 • The defenders side is NOT allowed to:

• Use tools in order to dig (only hands are allowed!).
• Rebuild or repair the destroyed barricades/walls/ground/buildings/defences.

11. War Machines in Pitched and Siege Battles (click)

11.1 • War Machines could be built and destroyed in both Pitched and Siege Battles.
11.2 • Each side is permitted to have a max of 2 war machines each battle.
11.2.1 • In the case a side has already built his 2 bombards and wants to move them, they need to destroy them before placing new ones.
11.3 • War Machines can be placed only after the battle has started, and they can be destroyed by both sides in any moment.
11.4 • Inside a battle, each side will have to choose a player to which the Staff will grant the permission to build new bombards. Without that player, any placed bombard won't get validated and won't work. The validation consists in a "click" once the bombard layout is correctly built, which will de facto "create" the war machine.
11.4.1 • Any player in your side could potentially help to build the war machine layout, but without the "click" of the player granted with the permission, the bombard won't work anyways.
11.5 • Inside battles, war machines cannot be claimed nor pasted with schematics.

12. Mounts in Pitched and Siege Battles (click)

12.1 • Mounts cannot have more than 40 HP and 15.50 speed m/s.
12.2 • Players have to use their faction's mounts while in war.
12.2.1 • Dwarves --> Boars,
12.2.2 • Humans --> Horses,
12.2.3 • Witch King --> Horse,
12.2.4 • Nazgûls --> Horses,
12.2.5 • High Elves/Galadhrim --> Horses,
12.2.6 • Silvan Elves/Avari --> Elks,
12.2.7 • Orcs --> Wargs/Spiders,
12.2.8 • Half-trolls --> Rhinos,
12.3 • Sauron, Gandalf and Pallando cannot take any mount into battle.
12.3.1 • Gandalf and Pallando may take a mount if they opt to use an alternate staff which does not shoot blue balls. They may only bring a single staff into battle and they have to notify staff if they are taking a mount.

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