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Battalion Rules

Here below you may find all rules which involve Hired Units and their equipment.

Community: AncarNetwork
Server Name : AncarCraft
Version: V6.0
By Acult
Last update 13/11/2020

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1. Main Battalion Rules (click)

These rules are valid inside and outside Wars.
1.1 • The hired units of a player within the same squadron form a Battalion.
1.2 • The total number of units within a battalion must not exceed 100 points.
1.2.1 • When a ruler's faction is directly involved in the war, he can take 150 points of army value.
More info about the Units Point System can be found at the bottom of the page.
1.3 • In every situation, a player can bring only a single battalion.
1.4 • Armies must be composed exclusively of units of their own faction.
1.5 • Hired units must not exceed 40 HP through lvl grinding inside or outside wars.
There are few exceptions stated in the Units Points file.
1.6 • Max 1 banner bearer per army.
If your army is exclusively mounted, you can decide to take another rider instead of the banner bearer.

If any of these rules are broken, trasgressor are punished. (Ex. Battalion exceeds max points)

2. Hired Units Custom Equipment Rules (click)

These rules are valid inside and outside Wars.
2.1 • Units can only wear items of their faction, or the armor of other factions of the same race within the empire if the armor sharing is specified in empire's structure.
2.1.1 • An exception is Arnor, which can also use gondorian items on his units.
2.2 • Orc sappers can only bring 1 orc bomb tier 1.
2.3 • Units cannot wear or held Galvorn, mithril, morgul, gondolinian, dwarven thrimmed mithril in any case.
2.4 • Black numenorean items can be worn by any Harad faction (Umbar included), and by Gondor if it's allied with Sauron
2.5 • Units cannot held artifacts, nor items with flame or chilling.

Failing to meet these requirements can lead to the exclusion of the player from the battle.
In the event that a player uses illegal items (such as duped items) to reforge or equip his army, he will get banned and his storage cleaned.




The following page shows the units that can be enlisted in a battalion and its value in points: Units Point System.

General Info

  • Each name is equivalent to 1 unit of that type.
  • The point value is counted on individual units.
  • During a war there's a maximum of 5 battalions per side.
  • Battalions can have a maximum of 1 Banner Bearer, these units are NOT counted in points system.


  • 1 Gondor Soldier equals 10.0 points, so if I hire a second Gondor Soldier, my battalion will be worth 20 points.
  • If a non-round number is obtained in the calculation of the total value of the points, such as: 1,66 or 8,4222266; you must round down by default