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Balkazad was an experiment, created by the white wizard Saruman as a replacement for Grima Wormtongue, who died in a bomb test. He was a mixed breed of the Half-Trolls of Petorogwaith and a Black Uruk of Mordor, given to Saruman as a gift from the Black Uruk chieftain Vendetta. The result was a terrifying powerful being, however the process to create him took months to years, and thus Saruman never bothered to create more of this new species. Saruman ordered Balkazad to go north to Mirkwood to lead his armies against the Wood-Elves. Balkazad proved to be a formidable foe and quickly moved up the ranks in Isengard, eventually becoming Saruman's second in command. At some point, Saruman ordered Balkzad to go into the Misty Mountains, in an attempt to become a the new king of the realm and bring the hordes of Gundabad into the war. However this attempt failed as the orcs and uruks of Gundabad refused to accept Balkazad as there new king. Thus there plans were changed, and Balkazad was ordered to travel to the land of the other half of his race. Balkazad arrived in Petorogwaith with the white wizard and together the two rebuilt the crumbling city of Hartorogost, once the city of Chieftain HogoBojo, now the home of King Balkazad. Balkazad now works to amass large amounts of wealth for his new realm, as well as expand the realms territory through colonization and soon imperialism.

Balkazad has begun his conquest of the Taurethrim forests. Four times the Taurethrim fought to defend their homes with the assistance of people such as Gandalf and Legolas, and Four times they were beaten and slaughtered by their superior military might. The Half-Trolls rest now, celebrating their numerous victories over the tree devils and planning for their next move against them.

Balkazad has been privately worshiping his own deity known as Ding-Ding. He began worshiping him after having strange dreams, which he believes were sent by this god himself. Balkazad has yet to release this new religion to the open world, but once he has set everything in motion, the Half-Trolls may begin worshiping this Ding-Ding as well.

Due to events within the Dark Legion, Balkazad conspired with his allies, including Saruman, to betray Sauron. The plan went without a hitch, and the one ring was claimed by the group. After these events, Balkazad forged an alliance with the emperor of the Kazadual Empire, whom inches ever closer to darkness. Balkazad at the moment remains within the Dark legion due to being unable to leave without war, and war there will be, for he has plans for his ever expanding realm.

"Death, death to all who appose us, death to the filthy men, elves and dwarves, let the rivers run red with their blood!" -King Balkazad