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"Let them come, I'll show them their end swiftly.." - Azriel before a battle


Early Life[]

Azriel Númerión, the son of the well known Elven Lord of Gondor, Aerendyl Númerión and the Lórien elf Syllia Larmaer. Born in the year 217 of the Fourth Age, Minas Astalda, castle of Lord Aerendyl. He had sharp amethyst purple eyes and extraordinary white hair.

As baby Azriel grew up in the heat of Harondor, he started learning how to fight at the age of 3 using small wooden swords in the surrounding areas of Harondor together with his father. He also learned how to hunt for specific animals as they often travelled north to hunt. Aerendyl wanted Azriel to be just as good as himself if not better. Azriel grew up just like Aerendyl was trained, with a lot of discipline.

At the age of 10, Aerendyl gave Azriel his first actual weapon, Calen Hloirë, the very first wood-elven dagger Aerendyl crafted. "This dagger isn't an ordinary one." Aerendyl said as the two watched over the ocean. "This dagger contains a poison, so I wouldn't suggest cutting yourself with it." Azriel smiled and hugged his father. "Will I soon kill my first orc, dad?" Azriel asked. Aerendyl stroke his son's head. "Soon, my boy."

The First Kill, 5 months later.

When Azriel was just 11 years old, he and Aerendyl went on a small orc hunt near the slopes of the mountains of Mordor, so Azriel can finally kill his first orc. They arrived just at a small camp, it was in the afternoon, the sun was setting and there was a small breeze. "Do you know, son, why I have chosen now to strike?" Aerendyl asked. Azriel looked around him, noticing the guards are brawling. "Because of the guards?" Azriel then said hoping the answer would be right. "That too, most of the orcs are drunk. Useless orcs."

They waited for 10 minutes, the orcs who were brawling are drinking grog as well. "Azriel, I hope you understand I wouldn't send you all alone to that camp." Aerendyl said after noticing Azriel is trembling in fear. "You stay put, if one orc escapes you run after it and kill it, understood?" Azriel looked up to his father and nodded. Aerendyl smiled and caresses the boys head. After that, Aerendyl stood up and carelessly walked to the camp. He grabbed Effírië and when he did, Azriel looked full of admiration to his father.

The orcs, mostly all wasted, looked at Aerendyl. "Aere.. Aerendyl.. of Gon... Gondor..." said a wasted orc who was supposed to be the guard. Aerendyl instantly killed the guard, alerting the others and they all attacked Aerendyl at once. In the meanwhile, the moon was up and shone upon Aerendyl. Aerendyl smiled which shocked the orcs, making them fear Aerendyl. As he slowly walks to the orcs, they attacked Aerendyl. Azriel was scared his father would get hurt and was tempted to help his father. But as he stood up, all the orcs around Aerendyl were dead. Aerendyl spared one life, but made a cut in the leg of the orc, then he let him go. As the orc ran away, Azriel remembered what he had to do when one escpaped and ran after it. Azriel was faster than the orc and tackled it. He grabbed his dagger Calen Hloirë, screamed with all his anger and stabbed the orc in the neck, finishing it's life.

Aerendyl walked up Azriel. He felt proud, "Well done, Azriel, well done!" as Aerendyl laid his hands on Azriel's shoulder. "You've listened well, precisely how I want you to act, I'm proud of you." Night fell upon them. "Let's get home." Aerendyl said, as young Azriel nodded.


During the winter, when Azriel was 10 years of age and a human, Aerendyl thought he had to go to Mirkwood to perfect his fighting skills. He wanted his son to be just as good as him, despite him being a human, he told his son he would have to train extremely hard to master the most important elements during combat; Stealth, use of swords, use of axes, use of bows, use of the eyes, use of the brain and eventually growing as a leader.

Lórien didn't exist anymore, the place became devastated and Azriel had to train for a longer period of time in Mirkwood, for over 100 years. King Legolas of the Woodland Realm, who Aerendyl trained himself, just departed from these lands. So Aerendyl had to go with him and train him himself there. During those hard trainings, Azriel stayed focused and never quit. He was alike with his father, always giving everything he has, never giving up and always seeking a more challenging path.

Azriel Stealth

Azriel during his stealth training

Azriel's stealth trainings[]

The first 8 years of Azriel's trainings contained of much stealth missions and trainings, Aerendyl and many other Mirkwood Elves are known for their stealth and movements on the trees. Without the perfect movement and stealth Azriel would be an easy target, so Aerendyl let him train with the elite of the Woodland Realm. Under the command of one of the highest skilled Elves who mastered movement and stealth, Félirión, who in fact is a descendant of one of the greatest warriors of the Gondolindrims in the First Age, Faelar.

Azriel of course, didn't just train in the Woodland Realm, when his father was summoned to the many quests and missions he had to clear, he'd take his son with him. There Aerendyl always sent his son out to scout areas, where Azriel has a huge advantage, for his first years in the Woodland Realm, he perfected his stealth. He could easily pass enemies unnoticed and always went for the high ground, because ambushing from the high ground is much easier then on the ground.

Azriel's swords trainings[]

When Azriel was 18 years of age, Aerendyl decided to perfect his sword skills. Of course he obtained the basics of every element Aerendyl mentioned, but now it's time to perfect those element. Starting with the swords. And with the first lesson, Aerendyl showed what his end result would be if you master all elements. As Aerendyl walked to a huge horde of orcs which were at least a hundred orcs, he grabbed Effírië and in the blink of an eye, half of them perished. Aerendyl quickly slashed through the orcs and Azriel looked up to his father and already knew he wanted to become just like him, but he also knew it would take a very long time to get to that level.

Together the two trained the usage of the swords for over 12 years. First against a couple of orcs which quickly grew to full hordes and eventually facing various Trolls with just a sword. The trainings were long, hard and stressful for the young boy, but he never gave up and eventually grew to a skilled swordsman his father could be proud of.

After those 12 years of hard training, Azriel was 30 years of age and Aerendyl thought it was time for him to work on his archery skill. The boy couldn't even hit a log 4 meters away from him, so he decided the archery trainings should be much harder and longer.

Azriel's archery trainings[]

Azriel had a tough time training his archery skills. Aerendyl too was not the nicest teacher someone could have, he wanted to push Azriel's mentality to the limit. Aerendyl chose to do this because then he would be prepared for any kind of mental challenge, others might have seen him as a cruel elf, but he did this because he loved his son and wanted to prepare him for any kind of challenge, physically and mentally.

Once Azriel got the hang of using a bow Aerendyl challenged him even more. The bows were getting heavier and heavier and it took Azriel over 30 years to master the bow.

In those 30 years, Aerendyl obviously took his son to certain raids in the surrounding areas. "Switch to swords if they get too close" his father always said. On a day, at the midst of the night. Azriel went to an Orc encampment filled with Orcs when Aerendyl gave the task to his son to single-handedly eliminate each one of them. "And remember son, switch to swords when they get too close and remember your stealth trainings." Aerendyl said as Azriel nodded. Azriel turned his back to Aerendyl and walked to the Orc encampment. He took one big breath as he kept telling himself "I will make you proud, father." and he quietly sprinted to an ideal point to shoot from, the grass was tall which could be used in his advantage. Azriel then decided he won't be needing a specific spot to fire from, he has seen his father using a bow as he thinks back to a time when Aerendyl showed him his skills.

Flashback "Watch carefully, son, you'll see what you will achieve one day." As Aerendyl turned his back to Azriel, he swiftly ran to a huge group of Uruk-Hai and fired his first arrow. After the first arrow was shot, Aerendyl swiftly moved to another position to fire from Azriel noticed he smiled while bombarding the