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Avari elves is elven custom faction using Woodland Realm items. They reside in the redwood forests of the Eryn Caran, due east of Dorwinion.

Disclaimer: The Avari do not proliferate their written records, and as a result it is difficult to keep a consistent and detailed record of their history. The following is a mere summary of the most prominent events in the realm's history, and is in no way an attempt to describe the people, culture and history of the Avari comprehensively.

Early Server History[]

The Kingdom was originally founded by Akalii, voky007, and CeryusBusiness (Aeron at the time). Dorwinion, at the height of its power at the time, sought to expel the Avarim from their lands; Emperor Hexnethor of Gondor and King Fengel of Rohan came to aid of the three at the head of a minor sortie and the blade of Hexnethor smote Basileus Duinor Bladorthin, killing him. It was a major victory for the newly-formed Avarim state, and signalled the beginning of the end of the Dorwinine Golden Age. After that, Aeron took Akalii as his bride and at their wedding, Hexnethor showed up again; only this time against the almost married couple and voky007 who was elsewhere.

Fourth Age[]

Nurwë (Tadryth) has joined the faction building a great city called Ninyär claiming kingship. Together with pinkchvcolate they have started a new era for Avari conquering lands left and right and colonizing all nearby provinces. They most notably joined the Great Rhunic Empire and formed the launching point for most of the Wainriders streaming into Vinburg; however, their decisive defeat outside the fortress led to a steady disintegration of the Avarim state.

Fifth Age[]

After the Bragolmor, the Avari were leaderless. This all changed until the year 111 of the Fifth Age, when one of the Elder Elves claimed kingship over the Avari after building the Elven city of Carnost. And when he did so, Nénwë (corso_) announced the following: "By the blood of our kin, I shall lead thou to great battles and a prosperous kingdom. My name is Nénwë Eressë and henceforth I shall be your king."

Shortly after he claimed kingship over the Avari. In 112 VA, Nénwë made an alliance with the Silvan Elves of Greenwood and the High Elves of Lindon. Together with his people and help of his kin in other kingdoms, he claimed much ground for his people to live on and have happy lives.

Though that, only 3 years later he went away. He was aware that his permanence in Eryn Garan was temporary, and when he heard again the call of the sea left the redwoods and his kingship, passing the rule to his wife Eirien (de facto, this comes out to be an absence of ruler of Avari)

Lore And Background (Wip)[]

There is not too much to speak of the Dark Elves (Elves who have not seen the Light of the Two Trees) of Eryn Caran, who are called the Avari by their kindred for they refused the journey westwards. However, as previously stated, what we do know is that they inhabit the expansive, mountainous forests of Eryn Caran, a hilly region stretching along the Northern coast of the Sea of Rhun. These forests are characteristic by their canopy of redwood trees, which grow to be larger and taller than all other trees ever found in Middle-Earth, perhaps even higher than some castles and mighty fortresses. Many would later migrate to the Greenwood, but many still remained in their redwood forests.

The Avari Elves are reportedly unfriendly towards strangers in their realm, and as a result extremely isolated due to them either imprisoning, driving away or killing those who are too curious. Because of this little is known about their society and history, although it is heavily speculated many orcs were descended from the Avari Elves as Melkor would have captured them in large numbers during the First Age. According to some sources the Avari were divided into 6 tribes; the Cuind, Kindi, Hwenti, Windan, Kinn-Lai and Penni. It would later be said that no Avari Elves remained west of the Misty Mountains in the Third Age.