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Ascal and Alen

Ascal (right) and Alen (left)

Ascal & Alen were 2 brothers and great smiths of Gondolin. These were the Elves who were mentioned as those creating the Legendary Elven weapons who would glow blue when Orcs are nearby. The 2 Elves were in the House of the Hammer of Wrath and served under Lord Rog. The house was also known as Thlim Gothodrum.

Not much is known about the 2 brothers, though whatever is known has been mentioned within this story about the 2 Elven Smiths of Gondolin.



Ascal with his sword Mormacil

Ascal, the elder one, was born in the 1253rd year of the Years of the Trees in an unknown area from unknown parents. He was a true follower of Fëanor and admired his skill. Ascal at that time forged a special sword together with the help of Fëanor, which he gave the name Mormacil (Quenya: Black Sword). He used the sword to defeat many foes who would stand in his way.

Ascal eventually started to follow Maedhros but still greatly admired Fëanor. He was there at Dagor-nuin-Giliath which resulted in the death of Fëanor. Ascal could clearly see the fate of Fëanor, where the legendary fiery spirit of Fëanor left his body, which left the body in ashes. An event he will never forget, and from that day Ascal has decided he would focus on his forgery skills.

He firstly began forging in the area known as Arverníen, where he met his younger brother Alen. The 2 were shocked and ecstatic to finally find out they have found each other.



Appearance of Alen

Alen, the second born and brother of Ascal was born in the 1362nd year of the Year of the Trees in Arverníen and was seen as a born smith. Once he was approximately 30 years of age he forged himself a sword which is said to be one of the keenest the Elves have seen. The sword was known as Aicanáro (Fell Fire) and he kept it for himself. He continued himself forging, mastering the craft very easily and after 80 years (Y.T. 1472) he got to meet his brother.

Since Alen was a born smith and Ascal had a lot to learn, Alen shared his knowledge he learnt these years so he could perfect Ascal's skills & perfect their bond. Their aim was to become the best smiths Arda has ever known, their aim was that no being alive would forget their name. "Ascal and Alen, Legendary Smiths who changed Middle-Earth." They thought. However, once they arrived in Gondolin they could already notice that their plan would be very hard to achieve.

Ascal and Alen in Gondolin[]

In the 143rd year of the First Age, the 2 brethren were acknowledged by High Gondolinian Lords and were invited to become Smiths of Gondolin. Of course the 2 brothers accepted but quickly discovered that their skill was out skilled by other great smiths creating various weaponry. The 2 decided to join the House of the Hammer of Wrath and learnt a lot from Lord Rog, who is said to be a master smith. However, not much is known about Rog as most of his works has gone missing during the Fall of Gondolin.

They never gave up and created a very special bond, eventually they began to be an example for many Gondolinian Elves. The bond of the 2 brothers was so powerful that they wanted to make 2 swords out of this energy, and not just swords. These swords would be meant for the highest warriors of the Gondolinthrim.

After approximately 7 attempts to create the perfect swords, they succeeded in the 236th year of the First Age. The two finally achieved what they wanted; 2 Legendary Gondolinian Swords who would become known within Arda. They were known by their extraordinary beauty and sharpness, though there was something rather odd about these blades. The two swords would glow blue but there were no orcs nearby. Ascal then decided to test something and he walked approximately 100 feet away from Lhûgrist. From there the two swords would no longer shine blue. There was no accurate or good explanation for this, nevertheless the two blades would be outstanding and many merchants and warriors were ready to buy the weapons. However, Ascal & Alen decided to grant these blades to the highest ranked warriors of Gondolin. The swords would be tested and graded by the High-Warriors & Lords of the Gondolinthrim which were quickly amazed by just looking at it. Because when looking at the two blades, they could already notice the obvious blue light coming from it, but also the amount of energy put into these sword. Other great smiths of Gondolin also came to take a look at the swords, even they admitted that these swords weren't ordinary swords as many complimented the 2 brothers.

Eventually, after a lot of testing, the two brothers decided to grant Effírië (Quenya: Death) to Faelar, a born fighter and very skilled in swords. Faelar decided to name it Effírië after slaying hundreds, if not thousands, of orcs. After some more discussions, they decided to give Lhûgrist (Sindarin: Dragon Cleaver) to a certain skilled warrior named Vírion, kind by heart but no being wanted him as an enemy. During the fall of Gondolin, he was enraged and succesfully slew a dragon. It was at that point Vírion named it Dragon Cleaver, though he was covered in blood and exhausted. He accepted his fate, he kneeled and threw Lhûgrist to the ground as other Dragons went for him.

The disappearing of Ascal and Alen[]

The 2 brothers kept on forging until they heard an uproar coming outside their building. They decided to take a look and they saw various fire balls coming to the city. They could just make it in time to leave their workplace, else they would have been toasted by a fireball of the Fire Drake of Gondolin, who strangely enough was focused on killing 2 Elven Smiths.

The 2 brothers joined the Gondolinian forces together with the other members of the Thlim Gothodrum. They both saw many of their forces went up in flames because of the Dragons and decided to make a last stand at the city who made their name great; Gondolin.

As a horde of Orcs approached them, Alen grabbed his sword Aicanáro and Ascal smirked while grabbing Mormacil. The 2 did a tactical back-to-back formation as Alen asked "Why are you laughing, brother." And Ascal calmly answered. "Nothing brother, it's just funny to know we are about to die, but at least I am dying alongisde my brother." And Alen too had to laugh. Before they knew it, they were struck by a fireball of the Firedrake of Gondolin. Whatever happened after the fireball is unknown and it is unknown if the two brothers are still alive or not.