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Artifacts are divided by Nature and by Type.

Artifact Nature can be: Weapon, Magic Artifact, Armor

Artifact Type can be: Legendary, Rare, Uncommon, Epic, Character Weapon, Ring, Nazgul Ring

If you're interested, here you can find a Complete list of Artifacts and their relative owners.

1. Gameplay Artifact's Rules (Click)

  • 1.1 • Players which own an artifact (even just one) always need to carry it, otherwise when they get killed whoever killed him will be able to choose which artifact take.
    • 1.1.1 • This doesn't include Character Bound items, nor UNCOMMON or EPIC artifacts.
  • 1.2 • It is prohibited to add modifiers on Legendary or Rare Artifacts.
  • 1.3 • It is not allowed to trade artifacts when a player is not online. The trade must be made via /trade command or by dropping the item to the ground.
    • 1.3.1 • Artifacts (Except Epic / Uncommon) cannot change ownership on the day of the battle, only after the battle it will be officialized.
      • Example 1.3.1: If the artifact is traded to another player at 23:59 it will be accepted. If it's at 00:00 or later, it will not be accepted as this means it's the day of the battle.
    • 1.3.2 • Artifacts (Except Epic & Uncommon) cannot get borrowed to a player, they can only change ownership.
  • 1.4 • Any Artifacts change of ownership (Except Epic & Uncommon) must be reported to staff.
    • 1.4.1 • Every ownership change needs to be put in logs, otherwise it's not valid.
  • 1.5 • Each player can own max 5 artifacts (Epic, Uncommon & Character Bound excluded)
    • 1.5.1 • If a player has already reached the limit, any artifact transfer toward him is invalid, even if the player get the artifact for raid reason.
    • 1.5.2 • If a player has already reached the limit, and get another artifact, by Hunt or Event, the player has 3 days to transfer it to another individual, otherwise the server shall take them.
  • 1.6 • If a player who owns a specific artifact gets killed, the artifact will go to the killer. However, it needs to say in chat that player A got killed by player B, else it is invalid. In this case there are some exceptions:
    • 1.6.1 • If the player with the artifact gets killed in an unreachable area For example: behind a wall
    • 1.6.2 • This rule does not apply during wars or events (Duh)
    • 1.6.3 • If you can show your logs within 5 minutes that it was you who killed the player who has the artifact (in case the death message doesn't show the killer's name) the raid will be valid & the killer will get the artifact.
  • 1.7 • For each artifact transaction (through trades or raids), you have to wait up to Sunday at 21:00 UTC+1 to being able to bring the artifact to wars.
    • Example 1.7: What happens when someone kills you in a raid and get your artifact, or you just traded it but its not yet Sunday?
    • The transfership gets written in the artifact-transaction discord channel, the new owner won't be able to use his new artifact during wars until it's Sunday, but he would still be able to use it freely outside wars.
  • 1.8 • Artifacts, after 2 weeks of inactivity without prior notice to staff with a reason, will get taken away and re-hidden at staff concern.

  • 1.9 Artifacts/Lore Roles and Real Money Trading
    • 1.9.1 • It is forbidden to sell or buy Artifacts/Lore Roles in exchange for real money. Any player caught offering to either sell or buy the Artifact/Lore Role will be punished. Any explanations of “i was only joking, I didn't want to sell/buy it” will not be believed.
    • 1.9.2 • If a player gets caught offering to sell their Artifact/Lore Role, or offering to buy someone's Artifact/Lore Role in exchange for real money, they will be punished by:
      • - Being banned for One Month if it's their first RMT related infraction,
      • - Being banned Permanently, if it's their second RMT related infraction.
      • They might also get punished by, among other punishments and to be decided on per-case basis:
        • - Removal of player's /balance
        • - Removal of player's bases
        • - Removal of kingships and Lore Roles
        • - Loss of some/all Artifacts they own.
    • 1.9.3 • The player who reports(with valid proof, obviously) someone wanting to sell them an Artifact/Lore Role or wanting to buy one of the Artifacts/Lore Roles they own for Real Money will be rewarded with part of the banned person's belongings (up to the staff's discretion as to how much will be rewarded, on a per-case basis).
    • 1.9.4 • Selling Artifacts/Lore Roles in exchange for Donation Shop Items, like Permanent Donor, Permanent Backer, Mcmmo Levels, Block Packs, etc, is allowed, and with written proof of both parties agreeing to those terms, any attempts at scamming/reneging on the payment will be punished.
    • 1.9.5 • Fake reports will not be tolerated, and any attempts at such will result in a permanent ban of anyone involved.

2. Artifact's Rules on Wars (Click)

  • 2.1 • Inside Wars, you can bring only one artifact of each Nature (Ex. 1 Armor, 1 Weapon, 1 Magic Artifact), for clarification see the bottom of the page. This doesn't include UNCOMMON or EPIC artifacts.
  • 2.2 • After the end of a battle (concerning wars) there is a period of 5 minutes in which it's not possible to lose any artifact (UNCOMMON & EPIC excluded).
  • 2.3 • If during a battle you kill a player and get his artifacts into your inventory, you're not allowed to use those artifacts, you must only wait until the end of the battle in order to give them back to their owner. (Passive effects such as strength, speed, etc are excluded as those are passive.)
  • 2.4 • Avoid to throw away artifacts, put them in pouches and return them after the fight.

There are limits about how many artifacts you can bring into battle, so for example you can't bring 2 rings, or 2 bound weapons, neither 2 legendary/rare artifacts. Instead, you can bring a ring, a legendary artifact and a bound artifact in the same time.




MAX BOUND STUFF (V.I.P. and Character Weapons): 1

"Rare", "Legendary" or "Ring"

These Types of artifacts can be always lost outside wars if you get killed by someone, while inside wars you can't lose it even if you die. They also have a "Destroyed Item Protection", which means that you can have it back if you lose it due to clearlag or lava, or if it gets broken due to durability etc.. (Examples of such weapons are: Axe of Durin, Anduril, Gurthang, Dagmor, Sceptre of Annuminas, etc..).

"Epic" or "Uncommon"

These Types of artifacts can be always lost if you get killed by someone, no matter if inside or outside wars. They also doesn't have a "Destroyed Item Protection", so if you broke it, well.. amen. (Examples of such weapons are: Aercrist, Thranduil's Sword, Orocarni's Battleaxe, Bow of the Northmen, etc..).

"Character Weapon" or "Nazgul Ring"

These Types of artifacts can't be lost neither if you get killed outside wars and neither if you get killed inside wars, you will also obtain them back if they get broken due to being "Destroyed Item Protection" included. (Examples of such weapons are: Staff of Radagast, Mace of Sauron, any nazgul ring, etc..). These Types of items are bound to a specific role (Gandalf, Sauron, or a Nazgul..), the owners can't neither sell and neither borrow their bounds to others.

If you get raided by a player and get killed by the person, the player is obligated to give it back. However, if the attacker is still in the area where the raid took place, he can wait until he leaves. This is because of various obvious reasons.

Terms to know

*These are important terms to know*

  • Bound Item:
    • V.I.P. or Character Bound: Are weapons with a special character, the rules and explanations for these weapons are found on the Bound Weapon page.
  • Outside War Protection: If FALSE, the item will pass the ownership to the player which kills the previous owner outside any battle part of a war. If TRUE, the item needs to be given back to the previous owner.
  • Inside War Protection: If FALSE, the item will pass the ownership to the player which kills the previous owner if the fact happens inside a battle part of a war. If TRUE, the item needs to be given back to the previous owner.
  • Destroyed Item Protection: If FALSE, when the item gets destroyed it's your fault. If TRUE, once the item gets destroyed, Staff will give it back to you.