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On this Wiki Page, you can find the complete list of artifacts which are currently on the server. You can see who owns a specific artifact, if it's hidden or when isn't hidden yet (no owner). Also, artifacts which have a "--" in the "owned by" category means that they don't have a current owner or aren't hidden yet. If you transfer an Artifact, lose one or know that some of this is incorrect/outdated, it is obligated to notify a Wiki Staff Member.

To see the rules for Artifacts, check out the Artifact Rules.

Note: Nazgul Rings or other Bound Items do not count as Artifacts. Thus meaning you still have to take at least one non-bound artifact with you all the time.

Note²: Some artifacts are part of a set that when completed guarantee the player a special role on our discord, the list of sets can be found here.

Magic Artifacts

Item Name: Type Owned By:
Arkenstone Rare Bolivar
Nimphelos Rare --
Phial of Galadriel Rare MainTeemoTank
Star of Elendil Rare --
Elfstone Rare --
Dwarf Ring - Angya Ring --
Dwarf Ring - Manthrif Ring --
Dwarf Ring - Sindya Ring T3lchar
Elven Ring - Narya Ring Batzgamer
Elven Ring - Nenya Ring --
Elven Ring - Vilya Ring Xavron
Ring of Power Legendary Ring DoggyGameNL
Ring of Barahir Ring Forwe
Lesser Ring 1 Ring Batzgamer
Lesser Ring 2 Ring --
Lesser Ring 3 Ring --
Lesser Ring 4 Ring --
Lesser Ring 5 Ring --
Lesser Ring 6 Ring --
Lesser Ring 7 Ring --
Lesser Ring 8 Ring --
Ring of the House of Andúnië Ring --
Saruman's Ring Ring --


Item Name: Type Owned By:
Axe of Durin Legendary --
Andúril Legendary --
Ringil Legendary Pavle
Gurthang Legendary Batzgamer
Anguirel Legendary Okej
Bow of Oromë Legendary --
Belthronding Legendary T3lChaR
Aeglos Legendary MainTeemoTank
Sceptre of Annúminas Legendary --
Glamdring Rare --
Dramborleg Rare Batzgamer
Battleaxe of Uri Firebeard Rare MainTeemoTank
Aranrúth Rare --
Gúthwinë Rare --
Herugrim Rare --
Orcrist Rare akallii
Angrist Rare --
Dagmor Rare bluekiller87
Sting Rare DoggyGameNL
Great Spear of Bladorthin Rare --
Bow of Bard Rare --

Artifact Bounds

Item Name: Type Owned By:
Ring of the Witch King - Er Murazor Nazgûl Ring CeryusBusiness
Nazgûl Ring - Khamûl Nazgûl Ring bluekiller87
Nazgûl Ring - Hoarmurath Nazgûl Ring hero200
Nazgûl Ring - Ji Indur Nazgûl Ring ---
Nazgûl Ring - Akhorahil Nazgûl Ring Lukaslop2315
Nazgûl Ring - Uvatha Nazgûl Ring Bolivar
Nazgûl Ring - Ren Nazgûl Ring Willow15
Nazgûl Ring - Adûnabet Nazgûl Ring Okej
Nazgûl Ring - Dwarr Nazgûl Ring TheBigDoc22
Staff of Gandalf Gandalf Bound Xavron
Staff Of Alatar The Blue Alatar Bound RobinLoot
Staff Of Pallando The Blue Pallando Bound tehinator
Staff Of Radagast The Brown Radagast Bound Tarmackhippo
Staff Of Saruman Saruman Bound LordVlagezda
Mace Of Sauron Sauron Bound T3lchar
Witch-King's Sword Witch-King Bound Lukaslop2315

Armor Artifacts

Item Name: Type Owned By:
Dragon-helm of Dor-lómin Legendary --
Helmet of Sauron Legendary --
Elendil's Helmet Rare --
Gimli's Helmet Rare --
Witch-King's Helmet Rare Xavron
Crown of the Undead King Rare Okej
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