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On this Wiki Page, you can find the complete list of artifacts which are currently on the server. You can see who owns a specific artifact, if it's hidden or when isn't hidden yet (no owner). Also, artifacts which have a "--" in the "owned by" category means that they don't have a current owner or aren't hidden yet. If you transfer an Artifact, lose one or know that some of this is incorrect/outdated, it is obligated to notify a Wiki Staff Member.

To see the rules for Artifacts, check out the Artifact Rules.

Note: Nazgul Rings or other Bound Items do not count as Artifacts. Thus meaning you still have to take at least one non-bound artifact with you all the time.

Note²: Some artifacts are part of a set that when completed guarantee the player a special role on our discord, the list of sets can be found here.

Magic Artifacts

Item Name: Type Owned By:
Arkenstone Rare --
Nimphelos Rare Yami_Scar
Phial of Galadriel Rare --
Star of Elendil Rare --
Elfstone Rare Gundabad1
Dwarf Ring - Angya Ring Pavle
Dwarf Ring - Manthrif Ring --
Dwarf Ring - Sindya Ring CeryusBusiness
Elven Ring - Narya Ring --
Elven Ring - Nenya Ring Gundabad1
Elven Ring - Vilya Ring --
Ring of Power Legendary Ring LordVlagezda
Ring of Barahir Ring --
Lesser Ring 1 Ring --
Lesser Ring 2 Ring --
Lesser Ring 3 Ring --
Lesser Ring 4 Ring --
Lesser Ring 5 Ring --
Lesser Ring 6 Ring --
Lesser Ring 7 Ring --
Lesser Ring 8 Ring --
Ring of the House of Andúnië Ring --
Saruman's Ring Ring LordVlagezda
Warhorn of the Mark Rare --


Item Name: Type Owned By:
Axe of Durin Legendary --
Andúril Legendary --
Ringil Legendary Pavle
Gurthang Legendary Ninless
Anguirel Legendary --
Bow of Oromë Legendary Gundabad1
Belthronding Legendary Ninless
Aeglos Legendary --
Sceptre of Annúminas Legendary --
Glamdring Rare --
Dramborleg Rare --
Battleaxe of Uri Firebeard Rare --
Aranrúth Rare --
Gúthwinë Rare --
Herugrim Rare --
Orcrist Rare --
Angrist Rare --
Dagmor Rare --
Sting Rare --
Great Spear of Bladorthin Rare DoggyGameNL
Bow of Bard Rare --

Artifact Bounds

Item Name: Type Owned By:
Ring of the Witch King - Er Murazor Nazgûl Ring DoggyGameNL
Nazgûl Ring - Khamûl Nazgûl Ring bluekiller87
Nazgûl Ring - Hoarmurath Nazgûl Ring hero200
Nazgûl Ring - Ji Indur Nazgûl Ring TheBigDoc22
Nazgûl Ring - Akhorahil Nazgûl Ring Tycho2209
Nazgûl Ring - Uvatha Nazgûl Ring onionboy1101
Nazgûl Ring - Ren Nazgûl Ring LinkOfTheWild
Nazgûl Ring - Adûnabet Nazgûl Ring okej
Nazgûl Ring - Dwarr Nazgûl Ring __Nightmare__
Staff of Gandalf Gandalf Bound Gundabad1
Staff Of Alatar The Blue Alatar Bound JARANO
Staff Of Pallando The Blue Pallando Bound Yami_Scar
Staff Of Radagast The Brown Radagast Bound lalic02
Staff Of Saruman Saruman Bound LordVlagezda
Mace Of Sauron Sauron Bound CeryusBusiness
Witch-King's Sword Witch-King Bound DoggyGameNL

Armor Artifacts

Item Name: Type Owned By:
Dragon-helm of Dor-lómin Legendary DoggyGameNL
Helmet of Sauron Legendary --
Elendil's Helmet Rare --
Gimli's Helmet Rare --
Witch-King's Helmet Rare --
Crown of the Undead King Rare CeryusBusiness