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Arenelyya Arginovna Hakkonos Engoria-Dagothar is the Empress of Dorwinion, the first to hold that title and the fifth regnant autocrat of Dorwinion since the advent of the Fifth Age. She is the sovereign of the assorted territories of Dorwinion. A proud and ambitious figure in Dorwinine politics, she is most noted for her pivotal role in multiple public works projects and foreign interventions that have allowed Dorwinion to flourish as a regional power and as the most populous state in Middle-Earth outside of the realms of Rohan and Mordor.

As per tradition, she rules as a monarch with absolute powers in her own right without a husband; however, she is known to consult her subjects frequently, with her most valued advisors being the Istari of the White Council whose wisdom has, in her own words, 'enlightened both myself and the people'.

Despite her merits, her track record has not remained flawless; she is allegedly guilty of war crimes, including her participation and possible overseeing of the Massacre at Thranduil's Halls, which resulted in the death of over 2,000 elves of Silvan ethnicity. This has engendered much controversy to her name, causing her to become an unpopular figure in the Woodland Realm and other parts of Rhovanion, where people have begun demanding justice for her atrocities.

In the year 191 of the Fifth Age, she declared herself Empress of Dorwinion in the face of growing tensions within the Commonwealth - largely supported by the Prior Forodred of Dale in their shared disdain of the Barding dynasty, she took measures to resist the overbearing influence of Valdemar Barding, the Emperor of Greenwood. Following her coronation, the bounds of the Empire of Dorwinion expanded further, finally reaching the eaves of Greenwood and the Bight, and further south within eyesight of Mordor. The military of Dorwinion grew large and capable, encompassing the bulk of Free Folk forces at certain periods of time - regardless, the Empress never brought Dorwinion fully into the side of the Free Folk, fearing retribution from evil when the Free Folk inevitably grew weak. She tolerated the assorted councils held by the Free Folk leadership and extensively took part in their discussions; nonetheless, she was frustrated by the lack of progress and omnipresent bickering that plagued the loose coalition.


Arenelyya is a vainglorious visionary who views herself as the savior of the Dorwinine nation - it is she, with her beauty, wit and undying commitment, who will restore Dorwinion into a new golden age...or at least, that is what she would like to think.