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It was him who effected Ancar the most - Most Gondorians who admire him

The Death of Ar-Atrexes[]

Ar-Atrexes is known to be the greatest King of Gondor mankind has ever known, a man of true honor, pure discipline and an expert in tactics. It was him, together with the help of King Fengelein Eorl and the Istar Gandalf to conquer Nan Curunír, Isengard itself. It was him who gave the command to Aerendyl to conquer and maintain Harondor and it was him who lead his followers into great battles who they eventually won.

This is about the death of our King & Emperor, Artrexes. He who we admire and see as the true king of Gondor.

The Discovery[]

FO. 408 Steward Anardil Númerión was talking with Lord Aerendyl about continuing the construction of various villages in Pinnath Gelin while walking to Artrexes’ bedroom in Minas Tirith. “We need to have both the King’s permission as well as Lord Eradan’s. But since Eradan is studying about the history of Middle-Earth and therefor visiting the Elves, it’s difficult for us to contact him.” Anardil said. As Aerendyl nodded, the two continued walking to the bedroom of Artrexes.

Anardil opened the door to Artrexes’ bedroom as the first thing they noticed was that Artrexes was still in bed, usually at this time of the hour he was thinking about ways to conquer the remaining parts of Harondor. The two also noticed he wasn’t moving nor reacting to them entering his bedroom, which he usually hates, especially when he’s sick or busy. “He must be very ill, don’t ye think” Aerendyl said.

As Anardil walked more closely he looked at Artrexes. His eyes were still shut and still, there was no movement. Aerendyl’s hearing is obviously more enhanced since he’s an Elf and notices something rather odd. “Anardil…” he said with a worried voice and Anardil looked at Aerendyl. “… I hear no breath coming from our King.” As Anardil quickly looks at Artrexes again with big, worried eyes he quickly laid his finger on the neck of Artrexes. Aerendyl already knew at that moment and kneeled with the hard feeling the man he admired the most passed away. “Guards!” Anardil shouted while he swiftly left the bedroom. As he shouted again the Citadel Captain Aelandil and Captain Orthordir who both travelled with Anardil & Aerendyl came around the corner, worried, wondering what’s going on. “What’s going on, why are you shaking like a total idi…” Citadel Captain Aelandil was quickly interrupted by Anardil. “The King is dead…” as Aelandil opened his mouth and Captain Orthordir looked down, shocked and off of this world.

Gandalf's perspective As then Gandalf walked upon them as he roughly interrupted the Gondorians. "Oh, I thought the first idea would have been to toss him in a mass grave" There was a short silence as the Gondorians looked at Gandalf. "What kind of propisition is that? Naturally he's going to lie near the other rulers of Gondor. Well, except one." A sad smile crossed his face. "So? Hurry up, start the preparations, inform whoever you wish." As Gandalf stormed out of the room, he left the men with confused thoughts and left the elf very disoriented.

"What the hell was that" Aelandil said. "No matter. He's right, we have got to prepare everything. Let us hurry."

One Last Oath[]

As the three walked back to the bedroom, they saw Aerendyl kneeling and making an oath in Elvish. “What are you doing, Lord Aerendyl?” Orthordir asked while having a tear in his eye. Aerendyl opened his eyes and looked at his friends. “Nín Mellyn… I took one last oath to our King. Promising him to give my life to the sake of Gondor, just as he did.” The three Gondorians looked at each other, respecting the thing Aerendyl did. And so they decided to do the same.

Aerendyl Mourning for Artrexes

Aerendyl bowing to Artrexes. In the back; Anardil, Aelandil & Orthordir who kneeled.

The 3 kneeled before Artrexes bed and looked at each other. They nodded, put their right hand on their chests and bowed as they all said together “Artrexes, you gave Gondor your life to defend it and left us with much knowledge, power and wealth. It is on us to maintain that, it is on us to maintain the Empire of Gondor you have created. We thank you. We thank you for the moments you shared with us. We thank you for the glorious battles and great tactics. We shall give our lives to defend the majestic Empire you created. We thank you.”

To show their respect, they had a two minute silence. And once the two minutes passed, Anardil broke the silence. “We should bury him in Minas Tirith. With the other great Kings.” As the other Gondorians agreed.

The Burial[]

One week later, after the visits of countless Lords & Kings, the maids in Minas Tirith made sure to get Artrexes well prepared for the burial.

The Gondorian citizens were all gathered at the Citadel and at the Hallows, a path was created by them where they would carry Artrexes to his tomb. Within the Citadel the final preparations were put into motion. Anardil has one last look at his King. That’s when Aerendyl put a hand on his shoulder, Aerendyl remembered that back in the day when his friends died (Mithidris, etc.), it was Anardil who put a hand on his shoulders as well to comfort him. “Nín Mellon, I know precisely how you feel. But let us continue, you know what he would say if he were to be standing right in front of you.” As Anardil now looked at Aerendyl. “He’d say “Anardil, what on earth are you doing, didn’t I tell you not to cry when I die.” Anardil was smirking. “Make him proud, Anardil. You’re the one who’s in his footsteps now.” “It is time, gentlemen.” An elderly maid said when they were finished.

As they put Artrexes on a plank with a Gondorian Flag on top of it they grabbed the plank and started moving towards Rath Dínen. Before the plank walked General Arannel, greatest friend of Artrexes and General of Gondor. The plank had 4 carriers, Steward Anardil, Lord Aerendyl, Citadel Captain Aelandil and Lord Eradan, they didn’t just saw Artrexes as a friend or a King, but admired him deeply. Honorable people were walking behind the plank; Gandalf, Captains Orthordir and Wyninn, Aidermel, Mithildin, son of Mithidris, King Fengelein of Rohan, Azriel, son of Aerendyl, King Dalinar of Rivendell, etc.

The Elves Dalinar brought with him were wonderful singers and while the plank Artrexes was lying on was being carried towards his tomb, they sang in the deep. The beauty of the song caused Aerendyl to drop a few tears as all others started crying. They all were thinking of their amazing times with Artrexes, of the things he taught them, of the times he led them all in battle, of the times as a friend.

Once arrived at the tomb of Artrexes, at the Hallows, it was time to put him into his grave. The carriers slowly laid him in his grave as the Elves softly continued singing. Anardil chose Aerendyl to have a word about their King because Aerendyl is excellent with using his words. Once Aerendyl stood up the Elves stopped singing. “I thank you all for coming here to this very moment. It is my honor to have a word about this wonderful man, who is not just a man to us. He's known as Artrexes, and he was not just a friend for us, but the true King of Gondor and one of the best leaders mankind has ever known.” Tears were dropping from Aerendyl and the rest of the public. As Aerendyl continued talking about Artrexes, the Elves of Rivendell started to sing softly again.

"It was I who truly admired him, he helped me with anything. Of course in his way; with pure discipline & with his heavy voice." The people laughed as did Aerendyl while wiping away some tears. "We thank you, Artrexes. A man of honor. A man who knows the definition of pure discipline. A man who is an expert in tactics. Of all the things I can tell, we all can say that this is a man who is our true King." as Aerendyl looked at Anardil and his friends. He nodded and yelled "FOR GONDOR!" in the tomb, where all other Gondorians yelled 3 times with him in harmony.

Approximately 2 weeks later, a new King rose. The Steward of Gondor, Anardil Númerión finally decided to take Kingship. He thought he was ready.