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"...but Beren despoiled him of his gear and weapons, and took his knife, Angrist. That knife was made by Telchar of Nogrod, and hung sheathless by his side; iron it would cleave as if it were green wood." - The Silmarillion

Angrist was a knife made by Telchar of Nogrod, a dwarf of the Blue Mountains and was borne by Curufin, who was one of Fëanor's sons. It was taken from Curufin by Beren. This happened in the First Age, back then, the First Dark Lord was Melkor also known as Morgoth.

Quest for the Silmaril[]

The quest for the silmaril is about the retrieval of the three Silmaril, created by Fëanor.

Beren used Angrist to cut one of the Silmaril from the Iron Crown of Melkor, he succeeded the first time though when he tried to take the second silmaril, he accidently cut Melkor, awakening the Dark Lord. This is when Beren had to run for his life and he escaped Angband.

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Angrist blade