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Angmar is currently ruled by the WitchKing (HogoBojo) who is currently focused on expanding the Kingdom. He has already expanded upwards into Forodwaith. It is unknown where he plans to expand to next. The faction is currently somewhat inactive minus the WitchKing and seeks players to join their ranks.

Angmar Rulers:[]

WitchKing I, The Original - DragonMaster (Unknown - Unknown)

WitchKing II, The Pimp - hyperkillertv (Unknown - Late September)

WitchKing III, The OverLord - HogoBojo (Early October - Unknown)

WitchKing IV, The Queen - Akalii (20/10/2019 - ---)


Province # Location
107 East Angmar
108 Central Angmar
109 Ghash Lug
110 West Angmar
111 Carn Dum
112 East Angmar Mountains
663 South West Forodwaith


Influential Ranks:[]

Rank Name Description User(s) With Role
WitchKing The Supreme Leader of the Angmar. His word is law in Angmar, and those who defy him shall be punished. See Roles
Adviser/Assistant The Adviser/Assistant is the 2nd in command, and has a lot of power. They advise the WitchKing about various actions that they should take. Nobody
Governor Governors are appointed by the WitchKing, and control a province or provinces. They are very important people who have a significant amount of influence within the Kingdom. Governors are allowed to rule their province as they see fit, as long as it doesn't violate the faction laws. Nobody
Noble Nobles have a bit of influence within the Kingdom. Nobility is often giving to wealthy people who help fund wars, colonization, etc... It also can be given to loyal subjects who show their worth. Nobles have no power over the army and are not allowed to order them around. Nobody

Military Ranks:[]

Rank Name Description User(s) With Role
The Knight Of The WitchKing The Knight of the WitchKing is chosen by the WitchKing himself, they are recognized as Angmar's strongest soldier. They are to carry out the WitchKing's will. They uphold the law, and they can break faction laws at their own discretion to accomplish their goals. They are in-charge of the entire military force and deserve the upmost respect. See Roles
The Elite Guard The Elite guard are the three most elite military troops in Angmar. The leader of the Elite Guard is the Knight of the WitchKing Nobody
Officer Officers are in-charge of managing soldiers, and giving orders during wars. Officers can also be put in-charge of squads. Nobody
Soldier Soldiers have participated in at least one war. This is the main fighting force of Angmar and their role is very important. Nobody
Private Private is the lowest rank in the military. Soldiers receive this rank when they first join Angmar's military and haven't participated in a war yet. Nobody

Faction Laws:[]

Law # Description
1 Murder is strictly prohibited, and you may not murder others unless it is in self-defense or they are insulting you. This law protects the following people from being murdered: fellow faction members, people we have a non-aggression pact with, and Servents Of Sauron members. Unless an exception is made by the WitchKing
2 You must show respect for your faction superiors and do as they say.
3 No joining Angmar as a spy for another faction, this will most likely result in a towny ban with low possibility of an appeal. This also may cause Angmar to become hostile with the country that is spying on them.  
4 No raiding other members of Angmar, Servents Of Sauron, or facs we have a NAP with. Although raiding others is okay.
5 If someone has broken these rules and is a traitor you may break the rules and attack them. Although if you don't have any proof and it seems like you are lying, you will be labelled a traitor and banished.