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General Info

AncarNetwork is the first Sardinian Server and the first cracked Server, active since 2015, that runs the Lord of the Rings Mod, This Wiki will cover the General Facts and Details. It consists out of multiple Topics like Factions, Functions, etc. So we hope you will have fun exploring this Wiki and the Server!.

How to join our Server (click to expand)

You are required to download a Minecraft Client, you can use the official/premium One but we suggest to use Team Extreme since it fixes some bugs. Then you need to install Forge 1.7.10 and run it with the Latest Version of LOTR MOD installed. When you have done that, open Minecraft and join the Server (The IP is "mc.ancarnetwork.tk"). When you enter for the first Time, you must register yourself on the Server. If you have any Problems doing that, look below or ask for Help in our Discord.

In order to register an account, type "/reg <YourPassword>" in Chat (Example: /reg hello123). If you are already registered on the Server, then you just need to write "/lg <YourPassword>", for Example: /lg hello1.
If chat says that you've exceded the max number of account, please contact Staff on discord since you're registering more than one account in same IP address.

Contact Us and Join our Community
Do you like the Server and want to find more Information about it, and be informed of new Changes? Join our Community on our Discord Server, everyone is welcome!
AncarNetwork Discord (Click Me)
(You can write /discord in the Server Chat to obtain that Link fast)

Here below a collection of Ancar's rules.
War RulesBattalion RulesUnits Points TabRaid Rules
Server RulesArtifact's RulesEmpire Rules
PiracyNaval Warfare

Recognition Materials
Here below a collection of useful links for Kings and Factions in general.
Influence PointsRecognized SettlementsColonization
Men SettlementsElven SettlementsDwarven SettlementsOrcs Settlements
Custom FactionHarbor Settlement

Roleplay Materials
Here below a collection of Roleplay Contents.
How to become KingHousesCharactersDiplomacy
RolesRacesCults (Outdated) • Events
MapArtifacts ListBattles

What to Do (click to expand)

You'd like to edit Pages of this Wiki? Well...

It's forbidden to: Write Lies, insult Factions or specific People, eliminate the Work of Others without a valid Reason, or write Facts which portray a Person in a bad Light. Editors who behave in such Ways will be punished based on the Damage of the Act that was done with it. Penalties may affect the Profile of the Player involved in the Server, or their Wiki Profile.


A complete list of the Kingdoms present in our server. There are a lot of Kingdoms on the AncarNetwork Server. They are... Read More

Empires and Federations

A complete list of the Empires and Federations which currently exist or once existed in our server can be found here.

When a Faction (A.K.A. Kingdom) vassalizes another One, the leading Faction (the Faction which rules the other) can create an... Read More

Server IP

for Minecraft 1.7.10 and Latest LOTR MOD
Recommended Forge: 1558

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