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This is the official Wiki of the Minecraft Lord of the Rings Server "AncarCraft TheFourthAge", Member of AncarNetwork! This Wiki will cover the General Facts and Details! It consists out of multiple Topics like Factions, Functions, etc. So we hope you will have fun exploring this Wiki and the Server!

Our Server is the first Italian Server and the first cracked Server in the World that runs the Lord of the Rings Mod. How do you join the Server? You are required to download a Minecraft Client, you can use the official/premium One but we suggest to use Team Extreme or Titan Launcher because they also fixed some LOTR Mod bugs. Then you need to install Forge for 1.7.10 and run Minecraft 1.7.10 with Forge and Latest Version of LOTR MOD installed. When you have done that, open Minecraft and join the Server (The IP is ""). When you enter for the first Time, you must register yourself on the Server. If you have any Problems doing that, look below or ask for Help in our Discord.

How to register an Account: Just type "/register yourpassword repeatyourpassword" in the Chat (also please don't literally write "/register yourpassword yourpassword", we had it happen once, please don't do it too), for Example: /register hello1 hello1. If you are already registered on the Server, then you just need to write "/login yourcurrentpassword", for Example: /login hello1.

Do you like the Server and want to find more Information about it, and be informed of new Changes? Join our Community on our Discord Server, everyone is welcome!

Link to join in our Discord Server: ☀ (You can write /discord in the Server Chat to obtain that Link fast)

If you have Problems (Like technical Issues or other Stuff), contact the Owner: Acult



To check if there are any wars currently going on, just type /war in Chat, or look into #war-news on our Discord Server.




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It's forbidden to: Write Lies, insult Factions or specific People, eliminate the Work of Others without a valid Reason, or write Facts which portray a Person in a bad Light. Editors who behave in such Ways will be punished based on the Damage of the Act that was done with it. Penalties may affect the Profile of the Player involved in the Server, or temp to perm Blocking of their Wiki Profile.


  • Take a Photo of the owned Provinces of each Faction, then put each Picture on the Page of the Faction concerned (see Gondor for Example).


Factions or Kingdoms

There are a lot of Factions on the AncarNetwork TheFourthAge Server. They are divided in two Sides: Good and Evil Factions, but there are some that are not aligned, because they are partially good and partially evil, like Dunland. There is a third Side, called Custom Factions, they are non-Lore Factions created by Players on the Server. How to create a Custom Faction? Click THIS!

If you want to know who the Allies of a specific Kingdom are, look here: Alliances

What is PL? Click here: Power Level

What are I.P.s? Click here: Influence Points System

Human Factions PL Description
Rohan 1 The Mark of the Riders, located in the Land once known as Calenardhon.
Gondor 4 The last Kingdom of the Dúnedain located south of Rohan.
Northern Dúnedain 2 The northern Wandering Peoples of Eriador, the Remnants of the Dúnedain of Arnor.
Dale 1 The Kingdom of the Northmen located in the North of Rhovanion.
Dunland 1 The Hillmen-Tribes of Dunland, Land of wild Hills and Woods.
Dorwinion 1 The Kingdom of both Men and Elves, who border Rhûn and sell the finest Wines in all of Middle-Earth.
Taurethrim 0 The peaceful Tribes of the Taurethrim, inhabiting the Jungles of Far Harad, sharing Love for Agriculture.
Morwaith 0 The tribal and wild Men of the Savannas of Far Harad.
Lossoth 1 The Realm of Men who live in the Bay of Forochel.
Rhûdel 1 The golden Kingdom of Rhûdel, located in western Rhûn near the inland Sea of Rhûn.
Wainriders 2 A Confederation of Easterling Tribes which live in Rhun.
Coastal Southrons 2 A Tribes of Southrons living along the Coast of Near Harad.
Umbar 2 Kingdom of Men located in western Near Harad.
Artheloth 1 Dúnedain of North Forochel.
Hobbit Factions PL Description
Shire 0 The Homeland of the Majority of the short Race of Hobbits in Middle-Earth.
Elven Factions PL Description
High Elves 2 The Ñoldor of Lindon and Rivendell.
Wood Elves 1 The Sindar of Mirkwood.
Lothlórien 3 The Galadhrim of the Golden Woods.
Avari Elves 1 The Avarim tribes of Eryn Caran.
Rivendell 1 The last Homely House East of the Sea.
Dwarven Factions PL Description
Durin's Folk 2 The mighty Clan of Longbeards, also known as Durin's Folk, Descendands of Durin the Deathless.
Blue Dwarves 2 The Dwarven Clans of Firebeards and Broadbeams of the Ered Luin.
Red Dwarves 1 Dwarves who inhabit the Red Mountains, located in eastern Rhun.
Orcish Factions PL Description
Mordor 4 The Realm of the Dark Lord Sauron between the Ered Gorgoroth.
Dol Guldur 0 The Orc Tribes of the Hill of Sorcery, the Place in which Sauron hid during the Quest of Thorin's Company.
Gundabad 1 The Orc Clans of the Misty Mountains, ancient Enemies of the Dwarves.
Isengard 3 The Uruk-Hai who follow the corrupted Wizard Saruman, the Lord of Orthanc and Isengard.
Angmar 4 The Remnants of the long destroyed Kingdom of the Witch-King, who destroyed Arnor during the Second Age.
Half-Trolls 1 The evil Half-Trolls of the volcanic Lands of Pertorogwaith, serving the Dark Lord of Mordor.
Sub Factions PL Description Faction Items
Beornings 1 As other Northmen, the Beornings descend from Men of the First Age who

were related to the Edain.

Woodmen 1 A Race of Men who inhabit a Part of the Forest of Mirkwood Dale
Nomads of Near Harad 1 The wandering Traders who inhabit the Great Desert Harad
Gulfings 1 Inhabitants of the fertile Lands around a great Gulf in south-eastern Near Harad. Harad
Harnedhrim 0 A brutal Sub-Group of Southrons who seek Vengeance against Gondor Harad
Nandëvaiwa 1 The inhabitants of the plains south of the Mountains of the Wind Lindon

About PIRACY here

Pirate Clans PL Faction Items Corsair of Total Crew
Ulmo Corsairs 1 Umbar, ND N/A 2

Dead Factions

Dead Pirate Clans



When a Faction (A.K.A. Kingdom) vassalizes another One, the leading Faction (the Faction which rules the other) can create an Empire. It will include the Overlord Faction and the Vassal Factions. The King of the Leading Faction will become Emperor, and they rule over the Vassal Kings.

The Empires have their own Chats like Kingdoms, also PvP is disabled between Factions which are in the same Empire. The Emperor can also distribute Titles among his Servants.

Current Empires

Ruler Kingdom

Vassal Kingdoms

South Dunedain Empire Gondor Rohan, Dorwinion
Servants Of Sauron Mordor Angmar, Gundabad, Isengard, Dunland, Rhudel, Half-Trolls, Black Uruks, Dol Guldur, Alahmar, Umbar, Wainriders
Forodrim Ardhin Silvan Elves, High Elves, Lothlórien, Avari, North Dunedain, Lossoth, Dorwinion, Rivendell, Artheloth
Khazâdul II Durin's Folk Blue Dwarves

Dead Empires

Ruler Kingdom

Owned Vassals

Dor en Anbor y Ithil Dorwinion Dol Guldur
Nohrian Artheloth Wood Elves
Khazâdul Durin's Folk Blue Dwarves, Lothlorien, Dale
Crebain Federation Isengard None (Since 15/06)
Arnor North Dúnedain North Dúnedain, Dunland (for a few Days)


Provinces Maps

TheFourthAge Server Map has a Total of about 833 Provinces which contain certain Regions or specific Biomes. You can see the complete Map in the Link below.

Province Map: HERE

Also, we have a list of owned Provinces here.

It's possible to annex unowned Provinces by using the Colonization System.

How to calculate the Number of Inhabitants of a specific Province: HERE (Note: This is currently a disabled Feature).

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