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AncarFA is an unique nation/faction simulation plugin that allows players to create and manage nations, own land, wage wars and form alliances. AncarFA has been entirely coded by Acult.

  • There are 22 playable factions, these include all main LOTR lore factions of Third Age.
  • Each nation has it's own private chat and treasury. Nations may expand their territory by colonizing unowned provinces or conquering new provinces from their enemies, directly impacting the ownership of the recognized settlements and military bases within the contested area.
  • Each nation has a Leader, however AncarFA provides a suitable system of fully customizable ranks and permissions. Each faction can create it's own ranks and assign different permissions to each, giving the freedom to create an unique gerarchy system within the faction.
  • Nations are able to outlaw certain players, forbidding them to join.


How to join a faction[]

All playable factions are displayed in a physical location accessible through /cr command, Before choosing your faction, we suggest to visit the place, each "faction house" hosts an NPC which will tell you about the faction's lore and eventually you can join the faction directly through the NPC interaction. Either way, you can display all playable faction through /faj command, by clicking the faction slot you will join the selected faction, else you could just run /fa join <faction name>. To leave a faction you have to run /fa leave . Make sure to choose a race compatible with your faction, ex. Orcs for Mordor.

How to display all AncarFA commands[]

By typing /fa help all cmds will be printed in chat, some of them are only accessible through certain permissions (ex. ranks, outlawing features)

How to display faction's info[]

Through the faction info tab, among the different information, you can know who's the leader, what's the treasury and what provinces does a specific faction own, While in-game, you can either run /fa list, which will open a gui, each slot corresponds to a faction and by passing the cursor upon it you will be able to read the key informations; if you click the faction slot through the fa list, you will be directed to the Owned province's tab, by clicking a province it will show you the recognized structures inside the province and eventually there is a teleport option in case a structure is present and you have the permission to teleport to it. In alternative, roughly the same information can be displayed directly in chat by running /fa info.

How to reach your faction boundaries[]

The LOTR mod offers a system of regional waypoints, which will unlock upon visiting the specific region, i.e if I reach Mordor biome, I would unlock the LOTR waypoints located there. You could reach the interested place either by player teleport, or by recognized structure teleport if the faction has any (run /fa holding <faction name> to check, /fa tp <structure name> to teleport, note that it will only work if you're part of the faction and you have the permission to teleport).

You can display the provinces owned by a faction by running /fa prov <faction name>.

Faction Hierarchy (Ranks)[]

Upon joining a faction, all players start without a rank and without faction permissions beside the default ones (show info, faction chat). The Leader is the highest rank available in any faction, by default he has access to all permissions. Eventually, new ranks and their permissions can be defined or deleted according to how the faction want's to structure it's own internal hierarchy. Run /fa rank to display rank-related cmds in-game.

  • /fa rank list - Displays existing faction ranks in your faction
  • /fa rank list <faction name> - Displays existing faction ranks in the specified faction, the cmd will open a gui; if you don't specify a faction name, your faction will be used by default, if you add s or string it will print the list in chat.
  • /fa rank member <rank name> - Displays those players which are part of the specified rank
  • /fa rank member <rank name> <faction name> - Displays those players which are part of the specified rank in the specified faction
  • /fa rank add <rank name> <priority> - Creates a new rank, note that <rank name> needs to be a single text (ex. Diplomat), while priority must be an integer (ex. 1, 2), the priority defines the rank importance in the internal hierarchy, highest the priority, highest the importance. (ex. fa rank add Diplomat 100); if no rank priority is specified, it will be set to default value 0; needs [rank-add] permission.
  • /fa rank delete <rank name> - Deletes an existing rank, once purged it's lost forever. needs [rank-delete] permission.
  • /fa rank name <old rank name> <new rank name> - Changes the name of an existing rank, it will maintain the previous members and rank priority, needs [rank-add] permission.
  • /fa rank priority <rank name> <new priority> - Changes the priority integer tied to a rank inside your faction, needs [rank-add] permission. Note, you cannot modify the priority of a rank which is higher or equal to your.

Each rank within the faction internal hierarchy can have it's own set of permissions, meaning access to faction-features. Upon creation, each rank will start with no permission, these can be manipulated by either the Leader or a player with a rank which has an higher priority.

  • /fa perm list - Displays existing rank-permissions, these are the permissions you can assign or remove to your faction ranks. (Listed below in the page)
  • /fa perm add <permission> <rank name> - Adds x permission to x rank in your faction, needs [perm-add] permission.
  • /fa perm remove <permission> <rank name> - Removes x permission to x rank in your faction, needs [perm-remove] permission.
  • /fa perm info <rank name> - Displays the list of permissions attached to x rank in your faction.

Permissions list[]

  • Money Depositing - [deposit]
  • Money Withdrawal - [withdraw]
  • Player Rank Promotion - [promote]
  • Player Rank Demotion - [demote]
  • Assigning a Faction Color Tag - [tag]
  • Writing a Faction Description - [description]
  • Adding New Ranks - [rank-add]
  • Deleting Existing Ranks - [rank-delete]
  • Assigning Rank Priority (e.g. Leader > Civilian) - [rank-priority]
  • Designating Faction Outlaws - [outlaw-add]
  • Removing Faction Outlaws - [outlaw-remove]
  • Writing a Reason for Outlawing a Player - [outlaw-reason]
  • Military Teleports - [military-tp]
  • Civic Teleports - [civil-tp]
  • Permission Removal - [perm-remove]
  • Permission Adding - [perm-add]
  • To add permissions to a rank, use /fa perm add [permission] [rank name]
  • The role of Leader has access to all permissions.

Hierarchy promotion and demotion[]

A player can be added or removed from multiple ranks within it's own faction. In order to promote a player to a specific rank, or to demote him, you need both the permission (your rank must allow the promotion or demotion) and an higher priority than the rank you want to manipulate (ex. Suppose there are two ranks, Test1 has priority 1, Test2 has priority 2. If you're inside Test1 rank, you won't be able to promote someone to Test2 nor remove the Test2 rank from a player, as the target rank has a priority higher than your.)

  • /fa promote <player> <rank name> - Promote a player to a specific rank in your faction, needs [promote] permission.
  • /fa demote <player> <rank name> - Demotes a player from a specific rank in your faction, needs [demote] permission.

Faction chat[]

Through /fc you will activate or deactivate the faction chat, only members of your faction will be able to read you.


Each faction has it's own Treasury, the amount of money inside the Treasury is displayed in faction's info accessible from /fa list. Players with the required permissions will be able to deposit or withdraw money from the faction's treasury.

  • /fa deposit <number> - Deposit a sum of money inside the faction's treasury, needs [deposit] permission
  • /fa withdraw <number> - Withdraws a sum of money from the treasury, needs [withdraw] permission

Player Info[]

Through /fin <player> you will be able to display the specified player's personal stats, even when offline.

Faction Holdings and Teleportation[]

The Holdings are those recognized structures, either civil settlements or military bases, owned by the faction. You can display a list of the existing holdings by typing /fa holding <faction>; in alternative you can display them in a ordered manner inside a gui by typing /fa prov then clicking the province of appartenance, from there you will be able to teleport on-click to the selected Holding, note that you need [civil-tp] permission to teleport to a civil settlement, while [military-tp] permission is required to teleport to military bases. If you have the permission and you know the name of the structure, you can also execute /fa tp <holding name> to teleport in the choosen location.


Factions may choose to outlaw a player from their kingdom, upon outlawed the player get's kicked from the faction and won't be able to join it back till the ban is lifted.

  • /fa outlaws <faction> - Displays the list of players outlawed in the specific faction, together with their ban reason and date
  • /fa outlaw add <player> <reason> - Outlaws a player, kicks him from the faction and ban him from joining back, reason must be a valid one. Needs [outlaw-add] permission.
  • /fa outlaw remove <player> - Lifts a player ban. Needs [outlaw-remove] permission.
  • /fa outlaw reason <player> - Changes the ban reason, must be a text. Needs [outlaw-reason] permission.

Faction description[]

Factions may choose a descriptive text which will be displayed upon the /fa list.

  • /fadesc reset - Reset faction description, needs [description] permission
  • /fadesc <text> or /fad <text> - Updates faction description, needs [description] permission


Nations may expand in one of two ways: War and Colonization, both of which have their respective pages which go into more detail, but in summary;


War involves the subjugation of a province controlled by another faction. War can starts through a declaration on Discord and will take place on a specific scheduled day (Friday/Saturday/Sunday at 18:00 CET). For further info on how battles work, visit this page: War

When an attacking nation wins a war, the ownership of the targetted-province gets transferred to the conqueror nation, all recognized builds (settlements/miltiary bases) within such province get aswell passed to the new nation, GriefPrevention claims are excluded from this passage (thus the new owners won't be able to build, or grief even if they own the settlement).

If during a war, not every checkpoint has been captured by the attacking side but the defenders tickets drop to zero, control of the province is split between the attacker and defender based on the ratio of checkpoints captured, e.g. 1/3rd or 2/3rds, and the distribution on the map, meaning checkpoints that may grant control over a settlement within the province are of paramount strategic interest to defend/conquer.

Each newly conquered recognized build will grant 1 new point to the conqueror and will remove 1 point from the defeated nation score.


Colonization is the process by which a faction may permanently bring ungoverned land into the politics of the server, for better or worse. Colonization is dependent on the construction of urban infrastructure, and once a Civil Settlement is recognised the province is officially colonized by the faction. Factions may then build Military Bases. Both of these may available as teleport location by faction members, although only Military Bases are available for teleportation during times of War.

Each time a new recognized structure gets build (either settlement or military base), a new point gets added to the nation score. The point would aswell get removed if such structure gets de-recognized.

The map is populated by road systems, factions may find it beneficial to build their infrastructure along these road systems rather than fashion their own from scratch.

Nation Score[]

The score is what defines the activity and competence of a nation: highest the score, highest the position on the leaderboard. Each newly created nation starts with 0 score and is able to increment such number by acquiring new recognized structures, either by building new settlements/military bases within their own territory, or by building new ones in unowned provinces (thus colonizating new lands) or by conquering provinces from their enemies (thus conquering recognized structures by war).

The nations score gets displayed on the /fa info in-game and aswell sorted in a leaderboard available through /fa lb or /fa leaderboard.