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Empire structure[]


Allies, enemies and wars are decided by the 3 kings together through a vote or their mutual ideas. Every faction is equal within the empire no faction prevails above the other.


Centralized Non-elected Emperor, tehinator, the king of Rohan has full power over all faction

Rulers involved:

Rohan: tehinator (Corthain)

Empire rules:[]

1.1: Disallow volunteering : members of the empire are not allowed to volunteer in wars against their own empire.

1.2: Members of the empire are not allowed to raid/kill other members of the empire unless it's an official event or an event hosted by both parties consenting to the duel.

1.3: All trade within the empire involving yams and corn have to go according to the rules of the Corn pact made by Anardil.

1.4: All humans within the empire can wear eachother's armor as long as the king approves this.



The relations Castamir broke between the kingdoms of Gondor and Umbar have now been fully restored. After Umbar separated itself from the darkness in Middle-Earth by the help of their new ruler Mithildin Numedhel descendant of Numenor it was time seek for new allies in their fight against the forces of evil. That's when they blew life into a new empire with their old friends North of them : Gondor. Together they are a new rising power able to defeat the influence of Sauron over eastern Middle-Earth.

Official proclamation:[]

In VA 117, after long negotiations, kings Pertonax of Harad, Anardil of Gondor and Mithildin of Umbar proclaim creation a new power in Middle-earth - Empire of Men, or Anâthāni, consisting of the 3 mentioned factions. The empire will be ruled by a non elected council of kings of all member factions. This is the dawn of a new era for men of Harad, Gondor and Umbar, united under the banner of Tree, Serpent and Crown.

What Castamir has broken, is now united once again.

The emperor:

in VA 191 Corthain took emperorship of the Empire. All other kings were long gone and enemies flooded the empires borders. The only option was to take the emperorship and recreate the once glorious armies of the Empire of Men.