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Anarion first of his name is a founder of Edlennor dynasty ,elder of Blackstone,knight of Gondor and protector of mountain is son of Targon,uknown villager.He showed excellent fighting skills in his early years.Anarion became famous in the battle of Edlen against Orc.

Battle of Edlen[]

When the orc army attacked, Earl Eldarion and his son Hurin (23) ordered the retreat of the Blackstone inhabitants, they planned to ran in Minas Tirith but the Orc army was fast, realizing that they would not be able to escape, Eldarion and Hurin tried to escape to Rohan with horses while the people remained unprotected. Then the young Anarion, the son of a blacksmith, told the people to hide in the mountain where he would make a trap for them, and the people then listened to the young blacksmith's words without any hope.Anarion knew the mountain very well because it had a lot of metal, in the mountain were the ruins of the old town of Edlennor where the Edlennor dynasty once lived.Anarion ordered a strategic place where orcs and men and their peasants would be placed at the top of the gorge and ordered them to make levers to bury the road with stones.In the attack the orc stones from the gorge began to fall like rain, only a few managed to survive but they were cut down by Anarion who was standing with a few peasants and a couple of swords.The orc who remained captured admitted that he had killed Eldarion and his son Hurin when they tried to reach the gondor through the forest, after which the people returned to their ruined village, shouting the name of Anarion who saved all the people of Blackstone

Earl of Blackstone[]

The people then saw in Anarion a savior and protector, and already at the next council they elected him the next count, and he undertook to always protect and assist them.He began to build a castle near the village, in case of attack, the houses were repaired and the people never happier under his leadership, so the son of a prominent blacksmith became the count of the village.