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"Fear brings to man nothing"




Amandil was born in the mountains of the northen part of Lebennin, precisely in the Min-Brethil, an hill located near the once small village of Minas Brethil. Others instead ipotize that Amandil was born in an hill near Minas Sernis.

Following the Gondorian tradition, Amandil came to light with an handful of blood in his small fist, a sign that his destiny would have been that of a great warrior.


His mother, Amarië, was the first daughter of a noble local family, while his father, Numendil, was a renewed member of a prestigious Dúnedain family (Númerión), Numendil was a devoted soldier which served the Gondorian army as Captain for most of his life. Amarië and Numendil had 4 sons: Amandil, Anardil, (..., ...).


At age 8, his father, Numendil, decided it was the moment to find a wife for his son, trying to find the best fitting consort in those noble families located in the southern part of Lebennin. During the journey, Numendil encountered a couple of his own kind (Dúnedain), the daughter of those, Aredhel, was just a bit older than Amandil. After a brief discussion with Ecthelion, eager to give his daughter as spouse, Numendil was convinced to leave Amandil to such family.

During the way to home, Numendil encountered a clan of Middlemen, with which he feasted following the local traditions; three days after he died poisoned.

The death of his father, was an important part of Amandil's life, which was signed by such event since young age. After few weeks passed with Ecthelion's family, Ostoher, brother of Numendil and uncle of Amandil, brought him to his house in the wild foothills of northen Lebennin, taking care of Amandil as his son.

Ostoher was a rather old man, a brilliant strategian and warrior which followed the duty of the Gondorian army for over than 45 years, retiring from service after his wife and son died by smallpox. He was a rather solitary man, until Amandil joined his life after he adopted him following the death of Numendil, his brother. Ostoher teached Amandil his way of life, how to gather food, how to hunter, how to use shield and swords. He provided him a good education with private teachers, which let Amandil to learn how to write and read in different tongues. Ostoher, despite the young age of Amandil, was amazed by the brilliant mind of such kid.

Amandil had to grew up faster than others of the same age. Following Ostoher's teachments, he was able to develop great abilities with swords and bow. At age 15 he arrived first to a Bow tournament in a local village near Ostoher's house. The amazing results of such event, granted him the name of "Amandil the Bowmaster" within the inhabitants of the area, proving in fact his great skill with such weapon.

At age 16 Amandil decided to take in spouse the girl he knew years ago, Aredhel, married following the Dúnedain rites.


After the marrying with Aredhel, Amandil decided to return to the old lands of his father, taking care of his properties. At his arrive, his old house was fallen into ruin, in fact he didn't get there since the funeral of Numendil.

In few years, he was able to grow back the old patrimony of his father, rebuying the confiscated lands and providing work to many locals. Such improvements were noticed by the previous Lord of Lebennin, which granted Amandil the lordship of Minas Brethil, once land of his father.

Due to his great skills in command and fight, he was granted the control of an host of soldiers in northen Lebennin. Often Amandil was involved in clashes with aggressive locals, mostly men of the mountains, providing him prestige and honour while in the meantime increasing the list of his rivals, which in part feared the ascending of such man inside the gondorian high ranks.

At age 25, he was granted the Lordship of Minas Sernis (located in central Lebennin) and many minor settlements near the river banks.

At age 33, he was appointed as General of Lebennin, at the command of the Host of Lebennin.

At age 35 he was appointed at the command of the Host of Pelargir

At age 36 he was appointed as Governor of Lebennin, while at age 38 he was appointed as Governor of Pelargir.

During his years of administration, he considerably improved the economical situation of Lebennin, increasing the production of woods from the foothills, increasing the outpost of grain in the farmlands of the west. Minas Brethil, from a small provincial village became a town famous for his farmlands and wine production, while Minas Sernis was later choosen as capital of the province due to his "Central" position within the Amandil's administration plans.


After advancing in the elite of Gondor, Amandil was appointed as ambassador in the "Question of Dunland", the kingdom already had interest in the region after having settled a feet in Enedwaith territory. Amandil tried to enlarge the gondorian influence above such wild hills inhabited by usually aggressive tribes with an ancient hate against the rohirrim, gondorian allies.

Amandil tied good relations with the former Dunland King, Leodric, which instaurated a regime of peace and prosperity without wars against his neighbours. Those "good" behaviors opened the road to a friendship between Leodric and Gondor, mediated by the work of Amandil as ambassador in loco.

Once Leodric death, Dunland's throne was taken by Brasus the Fearless, a charismastic figure which once again gave prestige to such poor and undeveloped lands of eastern Enedwaith. Brasus not only performed many reforms thriving to improve administration and economy of his own kingdom, he was also a brave warrior usually considered "enemy of the Dúnedain" due to his dangerous abilities which worried his neighbours. Brasus took even part to the Mistaken War siding with dwarves against Gondor.

After the arrive of Brasus to the dunlending kingship, Amandil was once again called in cause as ambassador in the "Question of Dunland". The exchange of good relations brought to create an unusual friendship between Brasus and the son of Numendil. The friendship between Amandil and the king of Dunland approached the old wild hills to join the Gondorian Empire, following Amandil's advices. Brasus however, always despised to renounce to his former independence, maintaining in the meantime good relations with the Dúnedain and his friend Amandil.

Despite the failing to annex Dunland, the work of Amandil was seen as a rather success which brought to the disappearing of the usual and common dunlending raids in the rohirrim western plain for at least two centuries.

Gondorian Golden Age[]

In this period, following the events in Dunland, Amandil took part in a large number of wars and battles, mostly won by Gondor. The ability and skills demonstrated by the son of Numendil on field were usually astonishing even for the most skilled gondorian. Amandil became famed due to the mainly "suicidal" attacks made with the Host of Brethil under his command. His battalion was exclusively composed by the most skilled warriors of Lebennin, and inside such armed force Amandil enforced his own gerarchy laws promoting meritocracy over blood ties. It's a renowed fact that his 2nd in command was just a shepherd with no noble ties, choosen purely for his abilities and skills in battle. The Host of Brethil was devoted to the figure of Amandil, and followed him in all his actions proving complete trust to their commander.

Following the large number of victories achieved by Amandil in battles, his name spreaded fast in the ranks of the enemies of Gondor, in most of the case the presence of Amandil during a battle was able to destabilize his enemies with panic and fear, in certain cases bringing to surrender without even fighting, or bringing to disertion part of the enemy ranks. The psycological effect caused by Amandil to his enemies was devastating, often Gondor made use of spreading fake info, telling there was Amandil even when he was absent or busy in other battles far from such place.

The success in the military carrier brought to appoint Amandil as High General of Gondor.



While he returned to Gondor showered with glory and praise for his successful and curshing victory, Amandil's war with Arnor was also met with wide controversy and condemnation, especially from Arnor. His campaign resulted in the almost complete collapse of Arnor, and also the annexation of Dale shortly after (which would break off almost immediately after its king fled the country).



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