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! This page features lore from a different timeline which does no longer exist. For any additional questions ask the Loremasters.

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"Don't depend on anyone in this world because even your own shadow leaves you in the darkness. "

Brief Backstory[]

Born as son of the current earl of Stewood, Aldbrand is a young unexperienced chap who has great ambitions. In his childhood he did not see his father all that often until his father decided to tutor his son and guide him.

His mother taught him good manners and how to show respect. He never had to feel real discomfort. His mother was in the process of teaching him how to read and write but on the request of his father he got called to get familiar with the duties of an Earl. Sometimes he gets visited by the local scribe and has some lessons, he still remains illiterate.

He has a personal trainer assigned with whom he trains swordsmanship he regularly attends hunts with his father.




Life & Family[]


The Apprentice[]


Þeodwine, Folk Friend[]



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