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"It is not despair, for despair is only for those who see the end beyond all doubt. We do not." - Aldarion to his people.

Aldarion Feanorean was a king of the Kingdom of the Northern Dúnedain. Son of the former, mighty king Meneldur. His father, however, passed away when he was 18 years old. Ever since his father died, Aldarion was known to be King of the Northern Dúnedain.


His father, King Meneldur Feanorean died at the age of 246 during an ambush. From that day, Aldarion would be king of the Northern Dúnedain.

Once he knew about the death of his father, he mourned like no man did before. He had a close relationship with his father and will never forget his father's last words; "Stay strong, my son. Be a leader they will remember and love." Meneldur said. Aldarion always had the feeling the moment he was saying that, he knew he was about to die. The moment itself also felt like a final goodbye.

The road to the reconstruction of Annúminas[]

Ever since King Meneldur told about the ancient kingdom of Arnor and it's capital, Aldarion was always dreaming about to rebuild the ancient city of Annúminas.

"Long ago, the kingdom of Angmar invaded the lands of Arnor, one of the many structures, towns, forts, cities that burned and fell to Angmar was the capital city Annúminas. I will promise to you all, I shall rebuild the ancient city of Annúminas." - King Aldarion to his people and nobles.

After some weeks after being king of the Northern Dúnedain. He and his father's personnal guard, which were about 50 guards who now are loyal to Aldarion after a sworn oath to Meneldur to protect his son when Meneldur passes away, were on the move to Annúminas.

On their way were some orcs and wargs who were just lurking around. Aldarion was surprised as always how quick these guards could react to certain circumstances. He looked at the Captain of the Guards, Bereghtor. "How come you men are always so quick and ready for a fight" Aldarion asked. Bereghtor laughed and looks at Aldarion.

"We have trained hard, your majesty. I precisely know each person who walks here and their strengths. I have personally trained these men for over 4 and a half years." as Bereghtor looks forward again Aldarion listens carefully to what Bereghtor has to say. "You can see it in their eyes. They all have seen true horror, the horror of a war, battle and family getting massacred right in front of their eyes." there was a breeze what interrupted Bereghtor. As Bereghtor looked down. "I have all trained these men hard with a lot of discipline. All of them will never forget the events that happened." The two continued talking and laughing until one of the guards screamed loudly "IT'S ANNÚMINAS!"

Once they entered the deserted city, Aldarion only saw destruction and could feel how it was like when Angmar slaughtered all innocent civilians. He dropped a tear as he started thinking about a way how to restore not only this city, but also this kingdom. After a while of thinking he nods and then he ordered the guards to set a camp here and ordered that one guard would go back to the secret hideout where they lived to summon the many builders who would mainly rebuild Annúminas.

Aldarion figured out that it was at least a couple of days walking on foot, during that time. Aldarion and Bereghtor were looking at where they would potentially put their defences. Which later will be checked by the actual General.

After a few days of waiting for the builders to come. They arrived and immediately started reconstructing the city. Aldarion wanted to be notified about each change, the build they constructed and what they were going to do next. The build itself would take over 5 years to complete, but after those 5 years of hard-working they succeeded and the ancient capital of Arnor, Annúminas, was rebuild.

The Northern Dúnedain under the rule of Aldarion[]

The Northern Dúnedain once were a small group of men who survived in the wild and were the underdog of Middle-Earth. This was before the arrival of King Aldarion. After Aldarion succesfully rebuilt the capital city of Annúminas, he became loved by many and the once very small group of the Northern Dúnedain grew to an actual kingdom who were focused on the rebuild of Arnor.

Men from all over Arda teamed together with the Northern Dúnedain. Together with the other Dúnedains they grew and the Northern Dúnedain, who were once a small group of nomad rangers, grew to a large kingdom with various cities in areas where once Arnor lied.

Aldarion was also known as a builder and creator of life, it was him who constructed various cities, fortresses, towns in the surrounding areas what was once known as Arnor. During the progress of the buildings of several constructions in the whereabouts of Arnor, he met a woman named Lyra.

Aldarion was always extremely under pressure because he wanted the best for his folk, he wanted to create something so everyone shall remember his existence. During all this pressure of kingship and constructions, it was Lyra who calmed his heart. They eventually got married and they had a son, who was named Eldarion.

It was huge news when the king had a son, he introduced the entire kingdom to his son and certain lords of various factions came to see the young new prince. They came with gifts and welcomed the prince. Together, the father and son trained and had a happy life.

The Northern Dúnedain under the rule of Eldarion[]

Once Eldarion turned 19 years old, in the 373rd year of the Fourth Age, Aldarion thought it was time for him to let him rule his people as he was an old man. The crowning of Eldarion was huge, as it was held in Annúminas and all good friends of Aldarion were invited, as were other Lords, High-Lords and even some Kings. It was the beginning of a new time in the faction of the Northern Dúnedain, a new, young, wise and potential king has risen. The people were curious how the son of Aldarion would rule over them.

After the first 5 years of ruling the peoples of the Northern Dúnedain, Eldarion has made several villages and colonized, together with the help of the Elves of Rivendell, several parts of Minhiriath and the so-called lands of the Lone-lands.