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Founded in year 188 VA by Kazeem and Illahvatarist Priest Ja'far as a small radical militant group in Eastern Dale with their main goal being to establish a Theocratic/Illahvatarist State within Dale & Dorwinion.

The flag was made the same year the group was founded, the flag consists of a text above, a crescent moon with text two hands praying and a text below. The text above meaning: "Illah is greatest", the text within the crescent moon meaning "Always render service with God's guidance", and the text below displaying the Group's Name: "Al-Kazeem Brigades".

First Intifada[]

Announced on 3rd, 5th in the year 188 VA by Ibrahim al-Masri, the second in command after Kazeem. It symbolizes the start of the rebellion against the Dalish oppression. The only term for peace presented to the dalishmen is the complete restructure of the government and the establishment of the Khalifate of Dale under the rule of the Illahvatarists.


The evening that day a large group of Wood-Elven loyalists sent notice to the al-Kazeem Brigade West Wing Sergeant Nasser Abbas that they would be coming from the western passages alongside a few soldiers of the al-Kazeem Brigades who would guide them. The good news they brought is that they would be joining the Brigades and that they would like to convert immediately. The conversion ceremony is scheduled for Friday just after Jummah, and it will be preformed by Ilhavatarist Priest Ja'far and attended by Kazeem himself. The conversion ceremony was done in the Ja'far Mosque in South Ghamiyah in which the Emperor himself accepted Illahvatar into his life.

The proclamation of the Independent Illahvatarist State of Dale happened in year 188 VA in Al-Jarut, Old Town Hall, where the government is formed.


Flag of the Independent Illahvatarist State of Dale

The initial attacks consisted of large scale charges into the bordering villages, killing many but taking more captive. Nasser Abbas was sent to command the attacks in the south-west while Kazeem himself and his men attacked straight west. While the northern frontier and the setting up of the trade routes with the dwarves was done by Ibrahim al-Masri. Nasser's Assault was a huge success managing to kill many surprisingly quickly. He managed to secure a large portion of land and continued doing large scale encirclements. While the western frontier was not going very well, Kazeem and his forces were pushed back across the river and now they are defending the outskirts of Tal Afar, a important strategic positon.

There also is a frontier north of Tal Afar in which random volunteers managed to occupy several villages and take the villages captive and sell them to the dalishmen for ransom. It is not known but many speculate that these forces are lead by Imran Zakayev, former Emperor of the Commonwealth. The northern frontier was a complete success and Ibrahim al-Masri managed to set up a trading route with The Northern Kingdoms, who have recently voiced their support for the IISD.

The Battle of Tal Afar[]

A total domination from the forces of the OLA, the battle is said to have featured the use of the newest generation weapons, the Dalishmen referred to them as "Handguns". These weapons showed to be very good at disabling large amounts of enemies in a short amount of time, from a further range. It was a bloody massacre, not a single Al-Kazeem fighter was left alive. This and the following invasion from Dorwinion provoked a troop retreat from the south-eastern frontier, back into the annexed lands, while moving more troops to the direct south and direct east.

Dorwinine Intervention[]

Right after the battle of Tal Afar, Basilinna Arenelyya sends a list of demands to the high command of IISD and the Al-Kazeem brigades. This letter never reaches them as it is destroyed by the clumsiness of the soldiers on foot receiving it. After this event, with no response from IISD or Al-Kazeem the Arish-MItropol forces march into the southern territories of the IISD. This much angered the high command, viewing it as an act of aggression and employing dirty tactics in order to try and defend their land. The attacks from down-south were executed perfectly until they encountered major resistance backed by the retreating troops from the south-western Frontier.

The Northern Frontier and the Grand Encirclement[]

Name for the upscaled encirclement in the northern frontier, lead by Imran Zakayev and his men alongside many guerilla fighters. Closing up the territories North-east worked perfectly but the action that might have changed the outcome of this whole war is the fact that the OLA managed to re-connect supply lines within enemy territory to the armies down south-west close to Tal Afar.

The Al-Fataq Pocket[]

Talks have started that a small group of men of the Al-Kazeem Brigades, managed to hold off numerous attacks while being encircled by using Improvised Explosive Devices, out of large metal barrels filled with the already well known Sulfur-Charcoal-Nitre combination. The battle lasted a few weeks until the superior OLA succeeded in eliminating all resistance from the pocket.

The Assault on South Ghamiyah[]

Towering walls, they once were, but since the conflict started reduced to a mere 3 or so meters tall. The usage of bombards and other types of artillery significantly weakened the defense of the town. Due to the building density it still was a hard fought battle. The last straw being the defense of the Mosque in the town centre. Archers on the rooftops, in the minaret, on other building rooftops made a very good defense. Using their new tactic, as seen in the Al-Fataq Pocket, tropping metal barrels filled with a explosive charge worked brilliantly. But there was little to no hope. They cleared the whole town before they stormed the mosque. Once they breached the mosque, a thick smoke made it very hard to see anything, after that a loud boom and the mosque itself collapsed totally. Some eyewitnesses say it was Kazeem, Illahvatarist Priest Ja'far and some other soldiers who did one last prayer before blowing the whole mosque up, killing themselves and some others in the process too. People go around saying that General Garthneer of the OLA died to shrapnel too.

Curiosities of the First Intifada[]

A bard named Imam Alimsultanov, used to go around soldier camps to sing and play music to the soldiers in order to boost their morale. His songs would usually be patriotic and would feature lyrics like; "Stand up honorable brave boys", "We must cleanse our Fatherland" or "Shouts of "Freedom or Death", La Illaha Illalah". He got assassinated by the newly emerged rebel group close to Al-Jarut as they believed he might be a important figure to luring the youth into the fanatic cult.

Many strange folk seem to be visiting the temple in South Ghamiyah, it is not unheard of but seems very strange.

Silvani Shahidi[]


Silvani Shahidi, Flag of the Silvani Militants

Also known as the Silvan Martyrs is a sub division of the Al-Kazeem Brigades, and acts as a militant group within the Woodland Realm. It is founded in the year 188 VA by Former Emperor of the Commonwealth, Neithoron, now known as Imran Zakayev. Their Slogan being: "If we are all martyred upon your lands, The rocks of the mountains will fight them"