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Flag:(from left to right) Symbol of Khan representing loyalty to Kochmu Khaliphate, crescent moon with circle bellow it inside circle words wrriten in red saying "Jihad is eternal" words inside crescent moon reading "Always render service with God's guidance" and text above reading "Illah is the greatest!"

To the far right of the flag is ancient text reading "Underworld is the truth"

Group was founded in T.A. 2951 by Nogai Jochid(Yami_Scar) as a response of waning strenght of Illahvatarist religion in the east and south. Groups mission is to preserve Illahvatarist religion in the east and small pockets in the west. Group is known for its unorthodox ways of waging wars, to the point its even considered as dangerous in several nations along ME.


Altariqa(method) is holy book of Al-Haqiqa, it is said that book contains words of Illah send to Nogai in a vision while he was in desert.

Book contains Sharia, holy law of Illahvatarists.

Five pillars represented in book are:

- Internal social cohesion:Illahvatarists must stay united, world is full of kafir and dark entities that are waiting to destroy the righteous. (Word if word of swords until wrongs have been made right)

- Internal peace and stability over power grabs: Civil wars and dinastic feuds ruin kingdoms, Illahvatarists stand against Zahhāk(Sauron) infighting weakens us(Our sanctums wouldn't have been desecrated had our lions surrounded them)

- Friendships and alliances: Our alliances and friendships should not be limited to Illahvatarists only, even kafir have their uses.(War for every aggressor and peace for every peaceful one)

- Strong defensive military: To fight against oppresors and tyrants is in the blood of every righteous Illahvatarist, We are slaves to none!(Bold! He seeks his upheaval, and seen good tidings in death)

- opportunistic anexations trough diplomacy: As warriors of Illah we should give our enemies no room to breathe, open war is last option. Diplomacy should be used to further our goal(Past like a sharp sword, like wind, like the billows in abundance)

Bree rebelion[]

During T.A.2965. Rebelion sparked in Bree, The folk of Bree revolted against the government, creating a revolutionary state. Al-Haqiqa sent priest and humanitarian aid in the area