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"Well, impossible means possible for idiots, and I'm an idiot" - Aidermel rushing into enemies alone, as always.

Aidermel is a Gondorian soldier, one of the nicest ones out there. This is his story.

Aidermel's ancestors[]

Númenorean ancestors[]

Heilendor was one of the Númenorean soldiers who was friends with one of the few elves of Númenor Vaendel Númerión. Together they had a great bond and trained like no other. Eventually Vaendel became Captain and Heilendor volunteerd to serve as his right hand. Together they trained trainees until the well known year of the Second Age fell upon them, the 600th year. Also known as the year when the Númenoreans firstly sailed to Middle-Earth.

Heilendor's sons were Airenden and Aego. Airenden was one of the Númenorean Captains from the Andustar who stayed at Númenor to continue training trainees when he and his brother Aego went to Middle-Earth. Aego, second son of Heilendor and brother of Airenden, was one of the soldiers under the command of Vaendel and his father but tragically died in a skirmish when they firstly arrived in Middle-Earth. Heilendor, who was full of grief immediately returned to Númenor to give his son a proper burial, but Vaendel remained on Middle-Earth together with all the soldiers who followed him.

Once Heilendor returned at Númenor, he carried the body of his son. All the people of the Andustar came to him, but none said anything, for the tears of Heilendor said more than enough. Quick after his arrival, he got a proper burial at the shores of the Andustar. And Heilendor looked up and said "Be safe, Vaendel."

Airenden too was at the burial, in tears whilst he held the hands of his son and daughter, Irisgun and Ayven. Since that moment, Airenden chose not to travel to Middle-Earth but to die where he was born. What happened after is unknown.

Third Age[]

Many decades has passed and Heilendor II, son of Irisgun II who are both distant ancestors to their Númenorean fathers, travelled to Angmar, where he tried to conquer certain lands. However, the mission failed. Many of his men died and on his way back, he found Isildur and his men travelling to their homeland. Heilendor II travelled together with him until the Disaster of the Gladden Fields happened, where he was slain.

During the War of the Ring, one of the ancestors of Heilendor II named Meilendor served as one of the Gondorian Soldiers, he himself was a Gondorian Tower Guard. It was one of the Tower Guards who were standing near the throne room of Minas Tirith during the siege of Minas Tirith, thus meaning he survived the siege and was one of the guards when Aragorn II Elessar had been crowned king.

Meilendor had a son who was 10 years of age during the siege of Minas Tirith named Heilendor the II. On his 156th year, in the 144th year of the Fourth Age, he had a son and named him Airenden II, naming him after his ancestor. Airenden grew up as a man of Gondor, who quickly grew to be one of the Captains. He too had a son on the 323th year of the Fourth Age and decided not to name him after one of his ancestors, instead, he named him Aidermel.

Aidermel's story[]

Aidermel was born in Lamedon on the 323th year of the Fourth Age. He lived a long time in Lamedon, together with his father and wanted a warriors life too. He went to certain raids and even some skirmishes to train. However, at one time, near Angmar, he saw his father getting stabbed in the back by multiple orcs and then got beheaded. Aidermel saw everything happen and ran as hard as he could to Lamedon, it took him a couple of days but once he returned he swore on his life to take revenge. He trained harder than usual and joined as one of the soldiers under Lord Aerendyl’s command. Aidermel was one of the few men Aerendyl gave personal training to.

Aidermel also made several friends, for friendship is one of the most important things according to Lord Aerendyl. One of his friends was Azriel, son of Aerendyl. During certain trainings he could already notice Azriel was already a very skilled warrior who already has years of experience. Which is only logical, Azriel was partly raised in Mirkwood and already had years of personal training of Aerendyl. Azriel became an example of Aidermel. After 4 years of hard training, Aidermel explained his story to Aerendyl and immediately they set foot to Angmar.

Aidermel killed hundreds of Angmar orcs, some wargs and even trolls together with other soldiers. he could clearly notice his fighting abilities have risen since he joined the men of Aerendyl. However, he wanted more, he wanted to let orcs suffer and even tried to attack fellow soldiers. He got corrupt. Aerendyl instantly noticed this and he abandoned him in Angmar, he knew Aidermel will return one day and will learn from his mistake he just made. Sauron eventually sent more troops, too many for Aidermel and he had to flee to the lands called Lindon.

After days of running and being chased by the armies of Mordor, he was trapped and gave everything he had. There was no hope for him, for there were two armies encircling him. Fortunately for Aidermel, Maglor Feanorean, General of Rivendell came to his aid with an army of elves who ambushed the armies of Mordor.

The battle took place for approximately 2 ½ hours and Aidermel remained a friend of Maglor ever after. He went to the castle of Aerendyl, Minas Astalda, Harondor. He apologized to him and Aerendyl set his hand on his shoulder and told him that it is alright and he’s glad he could see one of his men alive. “Go to Lamedon, be safe, friend.”

Sauron's visit[]


After few months of aliance between Gondor and Saruon’s lands the Dark lord Sauron began discussing with the Witch King and Akhorahil who else is worthy to be a general in the armies of New Númenor and Dark Legion Empire. The Witch King suggested Narad Aidermel. For both Sauron and the Witch King have seen him fight valiantly in many battles between the two sides in the past. When Sauron asked Akhorahil if he thought that Narad Aidermel would make a good addition to the nine, he responded with "You could not ask for a stronger, braver, or more loyal soldier than Aidermel. He has fought alongside me for many battles and has defended his nation with honor." That was all the Dark lord needed to hear.

He made his way to the home of Aidermel. Upon Saurons arrival, he found the door unlocked and invited himself in. Aidermel was not home so the Dark lord waited for his return. Aidermel arrived late in the evening reeking of alcohol after a night out with other Gondorians. Barely able to walk, Aidermel fell into his chair and fell asleep immediately. Sauron thought to himself "Great. Another drunkard." Sauron did not wake Aidermel and simply observed him while he slept. A few hours passed and Sauron was sitting across from Aidermel when he eventually awoke. Surprised to see Sauron sitting across from him, he fell out of his chair and stuttered "L-L-Lord Sauron, what brings you to my home?" Sauron responded "My nazgul tell me you are one of Gondors finest warriors, and that your dedication to the empire is absolute. Is this true?" "Yes, my lord." Said Aidermel. "I will always fight and honor Gondor." "Good." replied Sauron. "I have something for you that will help you better serve your King, and myself." Aidermel looked confused as Sauron reached out his hand and showed him a ring. "By wearing this ring, you will become an unparalleled warrior, able to take down battalion after battalion of elf and Dunedain alike." Aidermels eyes widened and he took the ring from Sauron. He put it on his finger and he immediately felt the rings power rush through him. He stood up no longer feeling tired, no longer feeling hungover, no longer feeling pain. He got down on one knee and looked up at Sauron and said, "What do you command of me, my lord?"

End of dark age[]

Aidermel and Nazgul

After Aidermel gained Nazgûl ring, Neldëa, he had to learn how to live with his new Nazgûl friend. Because of the alliance, Aidermel was still living. He looked almost the same. Only his eyes turned red, hair turned black and some form of dark aura surrounded him. Everything looked perfect, Aidermel, now known as Dwarr, was stronger than ever before. But his power was limited by the ring, not only his ring, but mainly the One Ring was cause of it. Sauron was secretly cooperating with elves, preparing to strike hardly against the alliance. Half of dark Empire was disappointed, but alliance was broken. Rings got called back, they had a goal to kill its actual owners, but some of them were stronger than Sauron thought. After Aidermel got free, he wanted to destroy that ring. Unfortunately the ring disappeared in dark fog when it fell off his hand. Old Gondorian heroes returned, Gondor was reunited and battle against darkness began again.

Beginning of something new[]