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"I am Aerendyl, wielder of the Legendary blades Effírië and Andúril, enemies who face me will feel fear and despair." - Aerendyl Númerión



Aerendyl, born in Lothlórien from a half-elf who chose an immortal life male named Vaendel and the elven female Cíthrel. This made him a half elf, where he chose the immortality of the elves.

His father was the High Captain of the Númenorean army, leading battalions into battle and training the soldiers. Aerendyl never has met his father.

His mother, Cíthrel, an ordinary elf where her origin lies in Lothlórien. Once she travelled to an area outisde the borders to gather some herbs with some other female elves and warriors. Around 10 km outside the borders they were ambushed by a horde of orcs. A lot of female Elves were murdered and a lot of warriors were killed as well. Cíthrel ran away, but a lot of orcs followed her. Cíthrel got hit by a morgul arrow and directly after hit on the head.

The orcs were about to kill Cíthrel, but this is when the orcs were ambushed by a scouting group of Númenoreans. The man who lead these scouts was Vaendel. Vaendel took Cíthrel with him and brought her to lady Galadriel. He wished and promised to stay at her side until she awakes.

Her wounds were deep and harsh. Cíthrel almost did not make it, this was the point Vaendel gave Cíthrel special medical treatment, specialised potions brewed by one of the best potionmakers in Númenor. It helped to calm the pain and Vaendel was relieved.

Cíthrel was in a coma for about 2 weeks, but when she woke up, Vaendel was right next to her. Asleep. But there. As he promised.

In the next morning Vaendel explained everything and Cíthrel was in tears. She never felt true love, until now. Vaendel however always felt true love, true love for his men and faction Númenor. But this was different. It's like a new world opens right before his own eyes.

Approximately 60 years later, Vaendel was summoned together with his forces to go to Númenor. They feared a great battle would come. Vaendel gave his final goodbye to Cíthrel and gave a kiss on the stomach of Cíthrel, ''Goodbye Aerendyl, my son, daddy is going to be back soon''


Together with an army of hundreds of Númenoreans they marched to Númenor. Once arrived, the enemy was nowhere to be found, not even on the way to Númenor. The only thing that Vaendel noticed was that the sea was pulling itself back, creating a massive wave. All the man ran from it, but Vaendel made a last stand and prayed to Eru-Iluvatar: ''Oh, Eru-Iluvatar, let Cíthrel have a wonderful life and make Aerendyl one of the greatest warriors Middle-Earth ever knew.''

This was the day Vaendel passed, but also the day little Aerendyl was born. On the exact day of Númenor's downfall.

The sword Effírië

The sword Effírië (Quenya: Death) was made in Gondolin by the 2 brothers who were one of the finest smiths of Gondolin named Ascal, together with the legendary sword Lhûgrist, forged by Alen. A known sword to the enemies of the free peoples of Middle-Earth, for it had claimed infinite lives. It was held by the most skilled warriors Gondolin ever had. And that is when Gondolin was betrayed by the elf Maeglin. During the battle, Maeglin was a terrifying foe and he came eye to eye to a young Captain of Gondolin named Vaelen Númedhel. Maeglin was full of power, full of evil, full of arrogance and charged to the young captain. The young captain escaped from Maeglin, but almost died.

During the battle of Gondolin, the young captain lived and was looking for any friends that lived too together with Tuor and Idril. While he was looking for his friends, he stumbled upon two weapon. He picked up both Effírië and and gave them to Tuor. After they've succesfully escaped Gondolin, Tuor gave the swords back to Vaelen. This is his thanks to have searched for many other elves who could flee from the falling city.

When Vaendel was old enough to fight for himself his father gave him the legendary sword Effírië. Even though Vaelen knew exactly what would happen to him, he still gave the sword to his eldest son. Vaelen died short after while defending his family. The family decided to move on and move to Minas Tirith, that is when they stumbled upon a man who had died from taking some arrows to the chest. The man was unknown, but wielded a weapon. The weapon Lhûgrist. The 2 swords, Effírië and Lhûgrist glew blue even though there were no orcs nearby, this is because they were made by 2 brother smiths. Within the swords, an elvish text was engraved:

Inscription Effírië

Death awaits the enemy of the wielder

They moved on together and fought together, defending their families. But one time the orcs were with too many and they had to split up. The 2 brothers never saw each other again...

Vaendel came to Andúnië, a city of Númenor and quickly became a captain and high-general of Númenor. He fought many battles together with his troops, but there was never a track of his brother found. And from the many battles he fought, he got to knew an elf he rescued, Cíthrel. The two quickly fell in love and lived a happy life. One day Cíthrel was pregnant of a boy, Aerendyl.

The time came that Vaendel was summoned to Númenor, Vaendel gave his final goodbye to his wife and future child and left. Once they got to Númenor they didn't have any casualties nor conflicts with orcs. Vaendel didn't trust the situation but decided to move on. Once they arrived in Númenor the city was lively as it always was but Vaendel noticed the sea was pulled back creating a massive wave. He died the day little Aerendyl was born and the sword Effírië hit the shores of a land which is now known as Gondor.

One of the survivors of the fall of Númenor saw the sword, the survivor was one of Vaendel's men and he rushed to the kingdom of Lothlórien where he gave the sword to Vaendel's wife. 'I'm.. sorry..' the Survivor said in tears. 'It's alright, he died for something he lived for, fighting. I love you, Vaendel...' Cíthrel said.

The Second Age

Aerendyl's Youth

Aerendyl was born and grew up in Lothlórien with his mother Cíthrel. He was at very young age when the High-King Celeborn saw potential in the young Aerendyl.

The young Aerendyl almost trained everyday and at one day he had the honor to challenge the well known Lothlórien captain Haldir. He lost that battle, but even the mighty Haldir saw potential in the young elven warrior and thus gave him personnal training in Lothlórien.

When Aerendyl grew up to be a young man he was known to be the strongest Lothlórien warrior ever had, he was only 89 years old when he gained this title. He even became a personnal guard of the high-king Celeborn, but there was a time Celeborn and Aerendyl had a little talk. ''Aerendyl, how do you feel to find a more challenging path?'' Celeborn asked. Aerendyl was surprised Celeborn knew his feelings belonged to have a challenging path. Before Aerendyl could answer Celeborn said to him ''Go to the Woodland Realm, to king Oropher. His fighting skill will surprise you and will teach you alot.''

After a small talk with his mother, Cíthrel started crying, but she understood him because she too knew of his true desire. His mother wanted him to follow her into the basement of her house, where she gave him the legendary sword, well known amongst the elder elves; Effírië.

Aerendyl's time in the Woodland Realm (SA)

After a conversation with Celeborn Aerendyl travelled to the Woodland Realm, once arrived the elves of Mirkwood looked at him like he is no friend, making him feel uneasy. But the young prince Thranduil knew of his arrival and he showed him the way to Oropher's halls (now Thranduil's Halls) where king Oropher awaited the young Aerendyl. ''I heard you came for more action, more wisdom and a more challenging path. We are happy to oblige. My greatest warrior and son will lead you through this new adventure of yours.''

But even though the elves of mirkwood are more cunning and stronger than other elves of Middle-Earth, Aerendyl still was one of the best. He even became at the end high-captain of the realm. And like his father, he and his troops marched to many battles. Once during the dark days of the second age, the battle of Dagorlad was near and Gil-Galad asked for the help of the Woodland Realm. Oropher accepted. Aerendyl was too young to come and said his goodbye to Thranduil and Oropher.

The Third Age

Aerendyl's time in the Woodland Realm (TA)

The third age has begun and Oropher has died at the battle of Dagorlad. Thranduil has been crowned by his own apprentice, Aerendyl.

Many years have passed since that day and the Third age had begun. Aerendyl was scouting the areas of south Mirkwood when his sword started to glow. Though there were no orcs nearby they kept searching the area when they stumbled upon an elf with the same glowing sword, surrounded by many spiders. ''Kill every spider you see, no mercy and keep me covered'' Aerendyl shouted when he walked to the elf. The elf had passed out and he was in grave danger. ''Everyone is NOT allowed to go back to the kingdom until every spider here has been killed!'' As Aerendyl rushed back to Thranduil's halls.

Back in Thranduil's halls, Aerendyl took care of the strange elf. Legolas grew in these times as well, Aerendyl trained the young prince Legolas like he promised to his king. Not only with combat but with healing as well. They healed the strange elf together until he woke up.

Aerendyl talked to the strange elf, asking his name. He said his name is Mithidris. They talked for a while, about their swords glowing while there were no orcs nearby. They also talked about how they got the swords Lhûgrist and Effírië. ''I got mine from my father, a great warrior, who gave this sword even that he knew he was going to die.'' Mithidris said. Aerendyl wasn't surprised, because he knew the backstory of the swords and who wielded Lhûgrist. That is when he said ''I'm sorry about your loss, mellon. Though what was the name of your father?'' as Mithidris looked up. He said ''Ithranial, captain of Númenor.''

Thranduil's decision

Aerendyl wasn't surprised to hear this. He knew the story of the swords. That is when he asked ''Do you know the story of my sword? Effírië?'' Mithidris shaked his head and Aerendyl told him the story of his sword.

Mithidris was completely in shock. ''My father... brother of Vaendel... Aerendyl's father...'' the two elves appear to be nephews and both descendants from Númenor. After discovering this fact, the two instantly decided they wanted to go to Gondor, one of the two lands that King Elendil has established.

Once Thranduil knew about their plans he was furious, no elf of the Woodland Realm ever thought of leaving their precious realm. 'Leaving!? To Gondor!? Aren't we a family!? Aren't we good friends!?' This was the first time when Thranduil was disappointed in one of his good friends. Aerendyl then said to Mithidris 'I'll talk to him in the evening'

Moon through forest

The moon shone beautifully through the trees of Mirkwood, it was a true sight to see. Thranduil stood there looking at the beautiful lake of the Woodland Realm. Aerendyl saw he was hurt and a bit down because his own friend wants to leave the Woodland Realm. 'Thranduil.. mellon, n avá mer ana nahta ldë.' (Thranduil.. friend, I don't want to hurt you) 'anat n tyav si nna tarr nya vanwië, mendë ldë gartha i?' (but I do this to honor my past, will you respect that?)

Thranduil looked at the moon when Aerendyl came standing right next to him. As Aerendyl put a hand on Thranduil's shoulder, Thranduil burst out in tears and said to him 'lá, anat n avá mer nna leg ldë' (Yes, but I don't want to lose you). As Aerendyl instantly replied 'And you won't my friend, we will always remain friends.' And those were his final words. Aerendyl left Thranduil alone, for he knew this was the place where he comes to mourn about his wife.


Once arrived in Minas Tirith all the humans within the walls couldn't believe their eyes 'Is it actually true? Are 5 elves of Mirkwood joining Gondor?' The elves were welcome openly and the gondorians were very friendly. The elves received multiple poppies from children, it was like they had a complete new hope.

The elves talked a lot with the people, they met new friends and when they arrived at the citadel of Gondor they met the Lords. One of the lords stepped forth. 'It is my pleasure to have 5 elves of Mirkwood here in Gondor. My name is Hexnethor, Lord of Gondor and heir to the throne. The others who stand here are other lords of different fiefdoms.'

The elves and the lords had a long conversation and they eventually ended up in the citadel, drinking with each other.

After the conversation

The White Tree of Gondor

After the conversation they went outside, Aerendyl looked at the White Tree of Gondor and is relieved and happy. He saw the potential of Hexnethor and wanted to become just as strong as the other Gondorians. This is when Aerendyl thought about his mother and father 'atar, emil, n estel ldë tarlang o në.' (Father, Mother, I hope you're proud of me.)

Anardil, Lord of Anórien, rushed to Aerendyl taking him for a private conversation. 'I see the bloodlust in your eyes, Aerendyl, I trust you. Perhaps you are interested in joining the fiefdom of Anórien.' Aerendyl was happy someone asked him immediately after joining Gondor.

Not long after joining the fiefom of Anórien he became the finest Captain of it, and Aerendyl was not only known to be one of the Gondorian Elves, but was also known to be quite warmonger-like.

Aerendyl always fought for the glory of Gondor and as the right hand of Anardil. He enjoyed it, he enjoyed it so much that he did not care about the news that his mother, Cíthrel, left for Valinor. 'If she truly cared she'd visit me one last time, here in Gondor. I have got no time for this.' As he rushed to a pack of wargs.

The Fourth Age

The age of the final diminishing of the Elves and a new evil rose…

Ever since the defeat of Sauron, Middle-Earth was growing to it's glory again and the elder kingdoms of Arnor rose from the shadows. But this all was over for another evil rose... The evil that rose from the shadows is unknown, some say it is the apprentice of Sauron, others say that there might be traitors amongst them. Aerendyl didn't care about this, he was too busy fighting the new evil and he enjoyed it like he always did.

The other Gondorian elves didn't love fighting as much as Aerendyl did, they preferred to build, they preffered to build a great city. A city that would be known as Duinost, the great tradecity of Gondor. Whilst they were building their defences. Aerendyl once visited their beloved city and loved the sight of the construction of it. But on that day, the elves were ambushed by hundreds if not thousands of orcs. Helmitros immediately died for getting shot in his head.

'You must've taken them here!' Mithidris shouted at Aerendyl. 'You have been killing orcs non stop, you could've known you would be a target now!' All the orcs looked like they were lead by a wizard, a white wizard, who was surrounded by a black aura. It looked like Saruman.

The elves took cover behind one of the walls and the orcs kept sieging it. 'It's Saruman' Aerendyl said. The other elves were terrified of hearing his name. 'Wasn't he dead!?' Istariel said. 'It appears not' said Aerendyl. It looked like they were being surrounded. 'We must head to the castle and fight from there' suggested Mithidris. As Aerendyl and Mithidris ran to the castle they looked behind. Behind them Istariel en Thandir stood there, ready for a fight. 'Istariel, Thandir! Run!' Mithidris screamed as hard as he could and he saw that the 2 turned their heads around and nodded. The 2 elves stood a final stand and they rushed to the orcs, giving Aerendyl and Mithidris more time to run to the castle.

Mithidris almost couldn't stop mourning about his friends. But he didn't have long to mourn, the orcs almost got in the castle. Mithidris, who was full of rage, anger and grief, drank some athelas he had left and looked at Aerendyl. 'Go my friend.' and Aerendyl couldn't believe his eyes. Mithidris ran as hard as he could, distracting the orcs so Aerendyl could leave for Minas Tirith.

After the death of Aragorn, Hexnethor was crowned by Lord Anardil, who is now Steward of Gondor. From this day forth, Hexnethor was Emperor of Gondor.

A new family

Ever since the deaths of his friends and only fellow family member Aerendyl was devastated. Not only did he no longer laugh or enjoy fighting, he didn't enjoy life any longer and a beginning depression started.

Minas Tirith Sunset

Of course did Hexnethor notice this and sent his steward, Anardil. Anardil always was one of Aerendyl favourites and was a good friend, he always enjoyed talking to him. Anardil saw him sitting at the edge of Minas Tirith, looking at the beautiful sunset. 'Did you ever had the feeling of just giving up, mellon.' Aerendyl said when he noticed Anardil stood behind him. Anardil cared about his friend like no other and had a special bond. When there was a minute of silence a breeze of wind came and Anardil took a deep breath. 'I did.' he then said as he sat down next to Aerendyl. 'I haven't seen my father in years and my brother, Amandil... well he's on the verge of dying... couldn't handle the fact our father might be dead... you have to see him for yourself.'



Aerendyl listened to Anardil and he accepted to go to the castle of Minas Sernis where he would meet Amandil. When they entered the room of Amandil a breeze of stench came out of it and when he looked around the corner he saw poor Amandil, completely from this planet. 'He used to be the best of the best. No one was a match for him when it came to fighting...' Aerendyl was shocked when he saw Amandil like that.

They visited a small tavern called The Yellow Tear and Aerendyl then said. 'I am sorry.' Anardil looked up while taking a sip of his malt beer. 'I was only thinking about my loss and my life whilst I am taking the people surrounding me with my own downfall.' Aerendyl then looked up looking fierce in Anardil's eyes. 'I am willing to do anything for Gondor!'

The oath

Anardil was very happy and relieved when Aerendyl said those words. They were travelling back to Minas Tirith where they would visit the emperor.

When they arrived at the doors of the throne room Aerendyl looked fierce at the doors. Anardil notices this and asks 'Are you ready?' Aerendyl looked behind him. He laughed and smiled to Anardil. 'I am, mellon, no need to worry.' The tower guards opened the doors to the throne room and when Aerendyl walked slowly to the emperor he notices all the other fiefdom lords are here as well. Anardil stood right next to Hexnethor when Aerendyl was in front of him. The first thing Aerendyl did was taking a deep breath. When he did this, a thousand thoughts were running through his head but he has made his choice and that is the moment he kneeled.

Aerendyl, the elf of Gondor, kneeled before his own emperor and said 'I, Aerendyl Númedhel, swear hereby my loyalty to the kingdom of Gondor and will do whatever it takes to save the people of Gondor!'

'Stand.' Emperor Hexnethor then said. Aerendyl looked very serious at his Emperor. Hexnethor enjoyed this view. 'We all can see you are very dedicated to this kingdom, I only ask loyalty. Will you, Aerendyl Númedhel, be loyal to this kingdom?'

Aerendyl then looked directly into the Emperor's eyes, he looked fierce. 'I will give my own life to save my people!' and when he said this Emperor Hexnethor then had faith into the elf and gave the rank Earl of Anórien.


After the meeting the sky turned blue and the sun has become the moon. It was night. Anardil came directly to Aerendyl. 'Hexnethor is very fond of you, my friend.' Aerendyl looked relieved at the sky. 'Are you perhaps interested about joining the family of Númerión, Aerendyl?' Aerendyl then looked confused at Anardil. 'I did some research and it turns out, your grandfather Vaelen, was a Númerión. You my friend, are a distant nephew of me and Amandil.'

Aerendyl was shocked hearing this, he himself didn't know anything about this. 'Can this be true!?' Anardil looked very serious when he said this. Aerendyl then decided to join the family, his final family member just perished and he is the only one left of the family.

As Aerendyl looked at the beautiful moon he then officially declared to be a Númerión. And the other family members welcomed him like a brother.

Sára Effírië

After many battles with the legendary sword 'Effírië, the curse of the sword has been broken. This means Aerendyl was allowed to leave the sword behind without dying. Aerendyl then decided he wanted a new weapon. A new challenge, he has been using swords for many and many of years and wanted something different, a powerful mace. He searched for a new weapon, and stumbled upon an orc who wielded such a weapon. When he began the fight he noticed the mace wasn't an ordinary mace, it was a mace who had a fiery flame coming from it, because of this flame, Aerendyl knew he will have that mace. That is when he started fighting the orc, it was a hard and long battle but in the end Aerendyl won. 'This was the hardest fight I had in a very long time...' He said. He picked up the weapon and instantly felt the weight of the mace. Bloody hell, I have to get used to this weight.' Because the orc was a leader, orcs came after his death to avenge him. This was the first test of the weapon and Aerendyl's first swing was a swing he will never forget.

Aerendyl swung his newest mace and hit one of the orcs, the orc instantly died and landed 4 meters away from Aerendyl. The orcs saw the strength of the mace and fleed in terror. He looked at the burning corpse and laughed 'A fiery death, haha!' That made him think. 'Fiery Death... Sára Effírië... That's it!' And from that day, the mace was named Sára Effírië.

Lore of Sára Effírië

Aerendyl was quite curious how this flame got on this mace. This is when he decided he wanted to know the lore behind it. He then travelled to the library Minas Tirith had. He almost read every book inside the library 'I can't read any of these books any longer... I am sorry, librarian. Not one of your books have the answer to my question.' Aerendyl said. The old librarian asked him what his question was. 'Well I have got this new mace, it's a flaming weapon, but I would like to know the lore behind it.' Aerendyl replied. 'Oh I think I have got something for you, my elvish friend.' the librarian then said. As he got into a dark staircase. Aerendyl followed.

When they got into the secret section of the library the librarian gave Aerendyl a very old book. A book named War of Wrath, by Eärendil.

Aerendyl dived into the book and this is when he noticed a sentence 'Most Balrogs were slain during this battle, swords, bows and bombs did not help against these creatures. This is when we used the maces of the enemies, this did work and we managed to win the war. From this day, the maces have flames who always stay ignited.'

From there, Aerendyl closed the book and his question has been answered. He thanked the librarian and gave him 500 coins for his help. Aerendyl then walked to Anardil and showed him his newest weapon. 'Well done, Aerendyl, well done!' Then Anardil showed his weapon. 'You got one of these too!?' Yes my friend, my ancestors have fought in Gondolin as well. And this weapon has been passed to me from my father, I have been using it since.

General of Gondor

After countless fights and conquering the lands of Harondor, emperor Hexnethor IV had a liking for the Gondorian Elf. That is when he sent a messenger to the conquered lands of Harondor with the invitation to come to Minas Tirith.

3 days have passed before the messenger arrived at Aerendyl's camp near the sea. "The Emperor has requested that you have to come to Minas Tirith, he would like to have a word with you, Earl Aerendyl." Said the messenger. "Very well then" responded Aerendyl as he summoned his captain. "Astordil, my captain!" as Astordil entered his tent he asked what was wrong. Aerendyl then said. "I have to go to Minas Tirith, mellon. While I am gone, you are in charge of the forces. Don't do anything stupid." Astordil nodded and thanked Aerendyl. "Thank you, my lord."Aerendyl then jumped on his horse and looked at the environment. The smell of the sea and the wind in his long, white hair. That is when he travelled to Minas Tirith.

Since Aerendyl had one of the fastest horses with the best condition, it took him 2 days to get to Minas Tirith.

Aerendyl entered the throneroom and the emperor was awaiting him. Aerendyl kneeled "My lordship, I have come from the conquered lands of Harondor." Hexnethor laughed. "Walk with me, my friend." As they walked in the gardens of Minas Tirith who were all the way down they looked at the magnificent view above them. "I have called you, for an offer, Aerendyl." Hexnethor then said as Aerendyl

Minas Tirith

looked at him. "After completely conquering Harondor, you've earned my respect and trust. I see potential in you, Aerendyl." Aerendyl looked confused. "What are you trying to say, mellon?" Then Hexnethor looked at him and said "I would like you to become the General of Gondor, Aerendyl. I give you the chance to become a succesful general, a good leader. Since I see true potential in you."

Aerendyl looked surprised. "Me? General? Are you sure, emperor? I have experience with fighting on my own, but I am not that skilled in leading yet." "Exactly!" Responded Hexnethor immediately. "Like I said, I see potential in you. It is time for you to learn how to lead, Aerendyl. I need someone who can lead too, besides me." Aerendyl understands and kneels. "I understand, mi brannon. I've got much to learn, I will not fail you!" Aerendyl said this with passionate and fiery eyes, exactly like the time he had his oath to the Empire.

Lord of Harondor

Aerendyl fought many battles under the title General. Though he came to Hexperim one day, telling him he isn't ready. 'I like your honesty, Aerendyl. I have thought the same, this is why I will promote my personal Cital-Captain Arannel. Since you have completely conquered the province of Harondor, I will grant you lordship of it. Aerendyl felt ecstatic. 'I highly appreciate, my emperor.' They had a small conversation after that.

Aerendyl left the throne room, relieved and happy. He got to the nearest pub in Minas Tirith, The Drunk Orc. Once he entered the music stopped playing. There was a dead silence. Short after he was welcomed by all the gondorians. 'Aerendyl! Come sit with us, drinks are on us!' said the already drunk Gondorian. 'Sinyë, brothers. Let us drink on this wonderful evening!' As he walked to the drunk men, he noticed someone sitting in the corner of the bar. Instead of walking and having a beer with the drunk men he walked to the man sitting in the corner. 'Do you mind sitting here, mellon?' Aerendyl looked at the man. His hands were very brused. 'How did you get those bruses, mellon?' The man looked up as he was startled of Aerendyl. He stood up and put a fist on chest. 'Greetings, Lord Aerendyl of Harondor!' Aerendyl interrupted the man. 'Don't talk formally with me tonight, brother. I'm just a regular person who comes to enjoy a late night beer.'

'You're familiar with my name, yet I do not know yours. What do they call you and how did you get those bruses on your arms and hands?' Aerendyl asked nicely. 'They call me Erchirion and these bruses are nothing. These are just from my daily training.' Aerendyl was very curious about his training. 'And what are these trainings about, mellon?' 'I train using a bow everyday. I have heard of the skills of Amandil and your skill with the bow. I will give everything I have to be a perfect bowman.'

'Where were you born, Erchirion?' Aerendyl then asked out of the blue. 'Uh.. I have been born and raised in Blackroot Vale, m'lord.' Aerendyl looked at him. 'Then I see potential in you, fellow Gondorian. We'll train tomorrow at dawn, get some rest.'

A New Apprentice

The 2 went to their homes and the next day they'll practice together. At first they had to run to the fiefdom of Lossarnach where Erchirion lives. This is where they were at the shooting range Erchirion built for himself. 'Impressive' Aerendyl said. Erchirion thanked the elf and challenged him for a match.

There were 4 targets. Each exactly 25 meters away from the 2 Gondorians. 'We'll each shoot one arrow to one target at a time, get the highest score and you defeat me.' Aerendyl accepted any challenger within Gondor. He likes to be challenged. Aerendyl went first and shot all 4 of the targets in a fraction of a second. And all of them were shot precisely and all in the bullseye. 'Such speed... how am I supposed to catch up on that...' Erchirion thought.

Aerendyl noticed how silent Erchirion was. He kneeled before the Lord. 'Teach me...' he then said. Aerendyl looked at him and his fierce eyes, 'This seems familiar...' Aerendyl then thinks as he reached out for his hand. 'I'll personally train you, would you like to join my fiefdom? We will go train more often and do raids together. From now on you'll be my apprentice, Erchirion.'

Erchirion gratefully accepted both offers and will do whatever it takes. 'Now he really sounds like me...' Aerendyl thinks.

The son of Aerendyl

The one thing Aerendyl always loved was fighting and killing just like his father did, this story is about the son of Aerendyl.

The Wife of Aerendyl

Aerendyl went with some gondorian trainees to Dol Guldur for another hunting trip. Every orc, spider and troll they saw were slaughtered along their way. And that is when they found a hidden city in Dol Guldur with in the center a huge citadel with the citadel-lord on top. He looked buffed, his armour thick and his sword broad. He screamed down terror on the gondorian soldiers. 'STEADY' Aerendyl then said. The orc then screamed in Black Speach 'LAT UKHALL GITH MAT AGH PERIUKH, UI MUBULLAT GOTH LIWO UKHOW NO MERCAUSAN!' Aerendyl had studied the language and knew he said 'You will all die horribly and perish, the dark lord will show no mercy!' The soldiers weren't fully trained and some were even crying because they were so afraid.

That is when Aerendyl and his right hand Astordil were laughing. Aerendyl was known for his speeches in the times where the men need it. 'MEN... Welcome in Dol Guldur, weaker than Mordor but they bloody mess with your head. Just like now! DON'T let the evil side enter your brain, they just WANT you to believe they are stronger. But the men of Gondor NEVER surrender. Not under my command!' He then said to approximately 20 people. 'You may have heard some of my tales, now...' He then faced the army of orcs who were about to attack and then said with a dark voice. 'Now let me show u...' as he rushed to the horde he slaughtered every orc in a blink of a second, not leaving a single one alive.

And that is the moment when all others rushed towards the horde and killing every orc they saw. Every orc was slain however there were however some casualties. Aerendyl then kneeled and bowed his head and made an elven on the dead body. 'nai Iluvatar ea as ldë' Astordil then came to Aerendyl. 'What does that mean, My Lord?' He then looked at Astordil. 'I wished that Iluvatar watches over them, now let's move. I've got a pathetic orc to kill' As he looked up to the Citadel-Lord Orc.

'MEN... You will all stand down here, Astordil is in charge, Let NOTHING enter this citadel, I will enter this alone and I will face this Uruk-Lord.' As he ran up the citadel he faced the Uruk-Lord, he looked around, he first saw a dead corpse of an elven male. 'So you've come...' The Uruk-Lord then said as he grabbed an innocent young elven woman. '... AND NOW. LEAVE, or this woman may not survive...' Aerendyl then laughed. 'Pathetic. I expected more from an uruk-lord.'

'LOOK AROUND YOU, Elf Lord of Gondor' As he watches around him. 'The only way out is your dea...' He didn't have the chance to finish the sentence, for that Aerendyl already beheaded the Uruk-Lord. 'You talk too much... maybe this will shut you up.' He then kneeled down and made sure the woman would be in safe hands. She was unconscious, weak and on the verge of dying, he also saw the woman had been stabbed by multiple blades. That is when Aerendyl rushed back to Lothlórien and used the same medical supplies he used for Mithidris at the woodland realm.

3 days later and the woman finally woke up in the middle of the night. And just like his father, Aerendyl was right beside her, but asleep.


When Aerendyl awoke he saw the gorgeous woman he rescued from Dol Guldur, she was in tears and he quickly comforted her by laying his white elven robe around her. He then looked at her, she looked down but she was the most beautiful elf he has ever witnessed. 'Are you alright?' He then said elegantly. 'I am... I'm just mourning about the death of my father. He died on the exact place you saved me from...' she then said.' Aerendyl then remembered he saw an elven body of a male. He then comforted her even more. They then talked a bit and her name was Syllia. She is 3496 at age and she too is a half elf. She stopped crying and crawled in Aerendyl's arms. She loved the comfort of being with him.

After being injured badly by the Uruk-Lord Aerendyl first helped Syllia to walk, climb and run like she used to. After that they hunted together and faced the most deadliest creatures. But each time they went on hunting Syllia's scars stung like hell and she had to give it all she got.

Death of Hexnethor

While Aerendyl was with Syllia, helping her recovering. He did not hear about the news that King Hexnethor IV died of old age. He was a man who died with an extraordinary 189 years. Hexnethor was a wise man, he knew he was dying and short before he passed away. He gave Kingship & Emperorship to Ar-Atrexes.

Atrexes too is a great friend of Aerendyl and just as wise as his father, if not even wiser. Aerendyl saw potential in the Swan Knight with Elven Ancestry, who was 70 years of age.



5 years have passed, Aerendyl and Syllia have been married, they did this on top of Minas Tirith with Anardil as Aerendyl's best man. It was almost time and Aerendyl had a look around him, the White Tree of Gondor shone bright and he looked to all the people who came to his wedding. Aelandil and his brother Aiwendil. Lord Eradan and King Fengelein of Rohan. Even his good friend, High-King Legolas came to the white city to see his friend get married. That was the moment Syllia approached, her white hair shone bright and her beautiful mint green eyes were even more gorgeous then they ever were.

Steward Anardil then approached as their priest. He then first told the entire story of Syllia and Aerendyl. But neither Syllia nor Aerendyl really listened, they only had eye for each other. They snapped out of it when Steward Anardil told Syllia ''Syllia Larmaer, do you take Aerendyl Númerión as your lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until the very end? What say you?' Syllia didn't hesitate and immediately said 'I do.. I really do!'

Then emperor Atrexes said 'Lord Aerendyl Númerión, do you ta...' Aerendyl then said 'Oh forget it come here.' that's when they kissed when everyone laughed and applaud for what he said.

Azriel, the first born

2 years after the marriage, the married couple decided to have a child. An elven pregnancy would take exactly 12 months and after those 12 months they had their first son who was born in Minas Astalda, Harondor. They named the child Azriel and they were blessed to have him. Azriel was an elf, with sharp amethyst purple eyes and extraordinary white hair. Aerendyl saw full potential and a very bright future in his child. He promises to his wife to train him just like he did.

Aerendyl trained Azriel like no other, every day in the sun of Harondor with hot temperatures. "You'll get used to this, my son." Aerendyl said.

He loved the child like no other, but never let him see his full potential in fighting, since it may be dangerous for the child. When Azriel grew older, he went hunting together with his father. There was a time, Azriel was in grave danger, being ambushed by a horde of orcs. When Aerendyl saw that he screamed as hard as he could and that is when he gave his full potential, killing all the orcs he saw in mere seconds.

Azriel couldn't believe his eyes. 'I cannot believe it, this is your full potential, father?' As Aerendyl turned around, his eyes couldn't be more fierce. Even his own son was afraid of him that moment. Aerendyl hugged his son on that moment. 'If you want to learn and control this power within you, you will have to learn for many years without me. Are you up for that, my son?' Azriel looked at Aerendyl and nodded his head. 'You have already trained in Lórien, now go to High-King Legolas of the Woodland Realm, there you will train for many years just like your father did. Legolas will know when it's time you are able to come back to Gondor.' Aerendyl said.

The farewell

Azriel has packed his stuff and was ready to go to the Woodland Realm. Aerendyl awaited him together with Syllia at the gates of Lórien.

'Are you ready, Azriel?' Aerendyl asked while he hugged his son. 'This training will last for approximately 100 years, but I can promise you, it will be worth it.' Azriel looked at the sky, then at his mother and his father. 'Yes, adar, emel, I'm ready and I will make you proud.' Aerendyl and Syllia smiled at his son. 'Go, my son. Your mother will come over 2 years, train hard. Give everything you got, every day, every minute, every second. You can do that.'

That is when the young Azriel of just 50 years old hugged both his father and mother and he left for Mirkwood. He did not turn around nor look back. He gave his 100% during his trainings.

115 years later

After 115 years of hard training, Azriel was ready to go to Gondor. Aerendyl awaits him on top of Minas Tirith, where he will meet the emperor. Anardil stands next to him. 'You look nervous, Aerendyl.' Anardil then says. Aerendyl looks at his friend and then to the white tree. 'I am Anardil, I will see my son after 115 years. He trained 115 years in the Woodland Realm just like I did. I will make him my successor, I will promise you that, Anardil.'

When Azriel arrived at Minas Tirith he looked up, nervous, but also very excited. He walked all the way up to the main hall and inside he saw Aerendyl. 'Father...' he yelled. Aerendyl looked behind him and saw his son and his wife. He ran straight to them and hugging them for a solid minute. 'How was the journey, my boy? How did the trainings go?' Aerendyl was very excited to see his own son and his own son felt this was his true father. Aerendyl then introduced his son to Emperor Atrexes and Steward Anardil. 'Kneel, my son.' Aerendyl whispered as they both kneeled. 'M'lord, I hereby introduce my own son, Azriel. A fierce warrior who steps in the exact same shoes as mine.'

'Stand!' Atrexes then said. Aerendyl walked to Syllia. 'He has to do this alone.'

'Since you're exactly like you're father, I assume you're here to pledge your alliance to the Kingdom of Gondor. Are you willing to give everything you have until the very last breath, thus meaning, you have to choose a mortal life, are you up for that, Azriel Númerión?' Atrexes looked at the boy with judging eyes. Azriel then looked up with the fiercest eyes Atrexes and Anardil ever saw. It even startled Anardil a bit. The sphere in the main hall darkened and Azriel then said. 'I will kill al those who oppose Gondor and pledge my allegiance to you, Lord Atrexes. Until death comes straight through me, I shall choose a mortal life..'

Atrexes laughed. 'Aerendyl, I can see he is yours.' Anardil looked at Azriel. 'He might be even better.' as he started to laugh. Azriel laughed as well and thanked Atrexes and Anardil. 'I thank thee, I shall do the best I can.' as he walks away with his father and Syllia. 'What do you guys think, shall we go to a nice pub I often visit? Let's have some drinks and some food.' Aerendyl said with a laughing voice. Syllia liked the idea. And Azriel nodded while he looked at the gorgeous moon shining on the white city.

'I have missed you so much, how did the trainings go, Azriel?' Aerendyl then said. 'Azriel is already stepping in your footsteps, melda.' Syllia said. 'He was quickly the strongest warrior in Lórien and quickly climbed his way to high-captain in the Woodland Realm. He has learned a lot of his majesty Legolas.' Aerendyl looked at his boy. 'I am very proud of you, Azriel Númerión.' Said Aerendyl. 'From tomorrow, you're under my protection, and you'll be learning a lot more then in the Woodland Realm, here at Gondor we work with Loyalty and Discipline. Are you willing to give your all for the glory of Gondor?' Azriel looked at him with the same fierce eyes Aerendyl looked at Atrexes. He already feels he is up to the challenge. 'They trained him very well.' Aerendyl thinks.

'You must have been using the sword for a very long time, Azriel.' Aerendyl said. 'I hereby give you my mace, Sára Effírië. Used in the War of Wrath decades ago.' Aerendyl then decided he wants his Son to use the mace, just like he did for many years. He then would use his sword again, Effírië.

The encounter

Alot has happened. Atrexes died and Anardil took the throne of Gondor. New Númenor rose and new enemies were made. This is the story of a legendary encounter between Aerendyl and some familiar characters.

Familiar Names

It was a regular monday. Mondays were always training days in Gondor ever since Anardil became King. "Our men have to be in perfect state, Aerendyl. Train them, as you trained yourself over all these years." Anardil said while discussing the new plans after Atrexes' passing. Aerendyl nodded as he had already made up the perfect training schedule for the Soldiers of Gondor. But of course Aerendyl couldn't train the entire army which is why he decided to train several Captains and lecture them how his schedule of training would look like. And after approximately one week of trainings with the Captains of Gondor, they knew what they had to do.

It's been a couple of weeks after the trainings with the Captains and Aerendyl is casually walking in Minas Tirith to see how the trainings are going for the men and how the Captains are training the soldiers. He got greeted by the Captain of the Archers, Voldérion. "Greetings, Azadbar Aerendyl." as Voldérion put his fist on his chest and bowed. "Greetings, m'lad. How are the trainings going, Captain Voldérion." Aerendyl asked with serious eyes. He thought the archers should train they're asses off so they won't miss any shot. Voldérion then looked at his men and nodded. "They're training hard, sir." as he looked at Aerendyl again. "I'm training them even harder then you trained me, sir." as Voldérion was laughing together with his men. Aerendyl looked at him with very fierce eyes and there was a complete silence for a solid 10 seconds, which for Voldérion and his men felt like three hours. "Tell me, Captain, do you have death wishes?" Aerendyl said while stroking the handle of Effírië. As Voldérion then looked back with terror as he stuttered ", sir. I was o..only j..joking, sir." And again there was a complete silence, though Aerendyl quickly broke the silence by laughing out loud. "Hahaha! You should have seen your face, Voldérion!" as Aerendyl continued laughing, Voldérion's men laughed with the Gondorian Elf and Voldérion himself felt relieved "I almost thought you really were about to do something to me, good god." The men continued laughing until they were interrupted by a familiar face.


Appearance of Captain Astordil, right hand of Aerendyl.

"M'lord!" they heard from a distance. Aerendyl already saw it was his Captain from Harondor. "Astordil! How long has it been mate. Come we have to talk in the Drunken Elf!" Aerendyl said ecstatic. But Astordil's face looked serious which confused Aerendyl, since Astordil almost never declined a visit to the tavern. "I come with great news, Aerendyl." Astordil then said after taking a deep breath. Aerendyl, full of confusion then interrupted him. "I'm sorry, Astordil, one second." As Aerendyl turned to Voldérion. "You're doing your very best with your men, Voldérion. Keep it up. Now come, Astordil, let's take a walk through Minas Tirith."

While walking over the walls of Minas Tirith they were talking about the news Astordil has brought. "What was the news, mate?" Aerendyl said while looking at Astordil. "It is about the ancient Elven smiths from Gondolin." Aerendyl then looked shocked. "Ascal and Alen!?" he then got confused and really excited at the same time. "Where have you spotted them, Astordil, I have to know." he then shaked Astordil like a madman. "Take it easy, m'lord. It was not I who have met them but I heard stories about them being spotted in the city of Parf Beleghir near Amon Ereb." Aerendyl then looked to the ground. "So it was Lindon after all." he said. Astordil, however, looked confused. "What precisely do you mean, sir?" he asked. Aerendyl then shouted "Yes!" and pointed a finger at Astordil. "Gather your horsemen, we will be going to Amon Ereb, quickly!"

Trip to Amon Ereb

It's sunday and Aerendyl, Astordil & his men crossed the borders of North Mithlond. As Aerendyl shouted "We are close! Faster!" as Aerendyl shouted the order, he thought back of what Astordil said yesterdayevening at the camp.

"Okay so, I have got various friends in Middle-Earth and one visited me in Harondor. Since he knows I serve you and knows the lore behind your sword Effírië he informed me about the certain elves from the first age, and that they're still alive." Astordil said as Aerendyl carefully listened. "He could only slightly remember the name but of course I remembered. And that was the moment I rushed back to Minas Tirith, hoping you'd be there."

Elven City-0

The Elven city of Parf Beleghir

Once they arrived at the city of Parf Beleghir near Amon Ereb, they were halted by Elven City Guards. "What does the wielder of Narya and the Gondorian Elf, Aerendyl Númerión, seek in the lands of Lindon?" one Guard asked when Aerendyl stepped off his horse and patted his horse a couple of times. "Dúrlan Lianélis, manen anda dé i vër, mellon." (Quenya: Dúrlan Lianélis, how long has it been, friend.) Aerendyl then said. "I seek for the Gondolinian Elves Ascal and Alen, who are said to be in the city near Amon Ereb. I hope you can help me out."

Dúrlan then looked at Astordil and his men. "Mána o in nére?" (Quenya: What of the men) Dúrlan asked. As Aerendyl slightly looked back. "Te úva hyanda mo au nya heren." (Quenya: They will not harm anyone without my orders.) he then said. Dúrlan then shook Aerendyl's hand and said "Okay, you are welcome to enter Parf Beleghir. Good luck finding Ascal & Alen, the city is rather big and I cannot get off duty."

As Aerendyl thanked Dúrland. The men looked at the city of Parf Beleghir with opened mouths. The city itself shone bright and the men never have seen actual Elven Buildings and immediately admired the elven building style. "Alright men!" Aerendyl shouted. "You are dismissed for now, I will be looking for Ascal and Alen together with Astordil. Try not to cause trouble, were guests in this city and the guards are highly trained soldiers." he then said.

Ascal & Alen

Aerendyl and Astordil moved on as the men stayed behind, visiting various shops, gardens and started talking with the Elves of the city. Astordil was taking a look around, he too admired the Elven building style. He then looked in a small alley. "Hey Aerendyl, doesn't this remind you of your youth?" Astordil asked. As Aerendyl walked back a bit to look in the alley he answered "Oh hey, yeah! It's like where I used to train with wooden swords with my friends!" they looked at the alley for a bit until they saw two Elven kids running past them.

"Hahaha! I am Tuor, mightiest of all men! Fear the might of Dramborleg!" shouted one of the children as he wielded a wooden hammer. The other child stroke with a wooden sword and shouted "Whoever you are, you stand no chance against the Lord of the House of the Mole! Maeglin!" as the two Elven children continued running and brawling Aerendyl had to smile and even a tear shed. "This reminds me even more of my childhood" he then said. "It also reminds me of Azriel, when he was very young." Astordil smiled as well as he put his hand on Aerendyl's shoulder. "Come on mate, let's find Ascal and Alen." he then said as the two continued walking.

The two both continued talking about their youth and Aerendyl was talking about how he trained Astordil. "You were like me when I was a kid, Astordil" Aerendyl said. "You were constantly getting defeated but kept getting up, and not just that, you learnt from it and perfected those mistakes in the next battles." Astordil then looked at Aerendyl, who he saw as family. "You know I see you as a son, Astordil. I couldn't leave you behind when you were a kid, but it is no time to mourn nor to talk about the past." Aerendyl then calmly said to Astordil. "Why?" Astordil wondered since he never got to knew from Aerendyl who his real parents are. Aerendyl then stopped with walking and points at a sign which says "Anna va Gondolin" (Quenya: Gifts from Gondolin) As Astordil looks at the sign Aerendyl says "Because were at the place we need to be, m'lad."

As the two entered the smithshop, they were greeted by the Elven brother Alen when they could see Ascal crafting an Elven sword. "Alatulya lér ó Ondonórë!" (Quenya: Welcome Men of Gondor!) Alen said. "Thank you, Alen." Aerendyl said as Alen looked bewildered. "You know me?" Alen asked. As Aerendyl grabs a piece of Lembas out of his suit and takes a bite "Aye, I do. And not just you, your brother as well." As Aerendyl gives a piece of Lembas to Astordil Alen shouts to his brother. "Ascal! Lmë harya nasumó." a long silence appeared but it was soon broken by Ascal who entered the room. "Ah, visitors from afar I see. Those lands are called Gondor nowadays is it not?" Ascal asked. Astordil smiled. "Aye, Ascal. My name is Aerendyl, Hazadbar, Attabar and known as the Gondorian Elf. I came for the legendary two Elven Brothers from Gondolin." Aerendyl said. "I have a weapon you two may be familiar with" as he said so he drew Effírië, Ascal and Alen reacted ecstatic, like they have seen a ghost.

The two ran quickly from behind the counter and Ascal shouted "It really is Effírië!" and Alen looked confused "Where did you get this?" Alen asked. "It was given to me by my father, and his father before. You may be more familiar with the name Vaelen." As Aerendyl said the name Vaelen the two brothers looked at each other. "How do you know Vaelen!?" they said in chore. As Aerendyl calmed the Elven smiths down he invited them to walk through the city of Parf Beleghir.

As they were walking Aerendyl said "My grandfather was Vaelen." and the two brothers reacted ecstatic. "Really!? You have his hair, I give you that." Alen said. "However, I do not mean to be rude but since Effírië is still intact, do you know, by any chance if Lhûgrist is still being used?" And Aerendyl assured Alen by patting him on the shoulder. "Alen, your sword Lhûgrist is in the hands of my nephew and was wield by his father, Mithidris, and his father before, Ithranial, and..." as Aerendyl got interrupted by Ascal "... by his father before, Vaelen." he then looked at his brother. "Do not forget Vírion, brother. But Aerendyl, where could we find this Mithildin, Aerendyl?" Alen asked. "In the lands called Lebennin, my dear Alen." Aerendyl said. "Feel free to travel with us to the glorious kingdom of Gondor, my lords." As the two brothers looked to each other they nodded. "I will do anything to see my beloved Lhûgrist." Alen said.

Trip to Gondor

As Ascal and Alen went to the stables to get their horses. Astordil and Aerendyl went forward to prepare the men. "We were succesful finding the Elven smiths, lads. Prepare the horses!" as the Soldiers of Dol Amroth proceeded Astordil and Aerendyl waited for Ascal and Alen to arrive. "I have good faith in these Elven smiths, Aerendyl. It's an honor to ride with you on this expedition." Astordil then mentioned as he smiled. Aerendyl then looked at him and smiled proudly. "I am proud to have you both as an apprentice but as a godson as well." which confused Astordil and as he was about to ask he was interrupted by Aerendyl. "I will tell you once we are back in Gondor, mellon. For now let's get back first, shall we?" he said after seeing Ascal and Alen approaching them. "Are you ready, Ascal? Alen?"

As the two Elven brothers approached on their gorgeous white horses Alen yelled "Yknow what we used to say in Gondolin, gentlemen?" The men, Astordil and Aerendyl looked up with hazardous faces. "We used to say; Nortá!" (Ride!) and as Alen said that, the two brothers went forth and they went straight north. As the men and Astordil looked bewildered, Aerendyl could only laugh. "Alen! Ascal! I believe you two are going to the wrong direction!" he shouted. The Elves stopped, turned around and shouted with a grin on their faces "Just wanted to make sure you still remembered the way back! What are you waiting for? Nortá!"

Days went past and after some days, they arrived in Rohan. Aerendyl said "Welcome in the Kingdom of Rohan, master Elves. Here is where the Horselords are." And as they proceeded Ascal asked to Aerendyl "Have you got any family, master Elf?" and Aerendyl smiled. "I have got a wife, who lives in Minas Tirith, working as a maid of the nobels. I also have a son, Azriel, an elf who chose mortal life, he's extraordinary with fighting and stealth." he then said. Alen then asked Aerendyl about Mithildin as Aerendyl answered "He is the Azgaran, which is Lord, of Lebennin. He currently is very busy constructing the city of Siniath Cuil. Where we are heading to."

Siniath Cuil

Once arrived in the fiefdom of Lebennin, it wouldn't take a long journey to finally arrive at the final destination; Siniath Cuil. The grant city of Lebennin and big project of the son of Mithidris; Mithildin. "We are close. I can feel it." Alen said out of the blue. Ascal and Aerendyl looked at him with wondering eyes. "Look at Effírië!" Alen mentioned. Aerendyl pulled Effírië from it's socket it glew light blue very brightly. You could see the smile of Alen as they approached the great walls of the city.

As many admired the great structures Mithildin constructed together with his right hand Arlynolin, Ascal and Alen were no exceptions. They too admired the great skill of the young men. "There they are!" Aerendyl mentioned when he sees them. As they approached Mithildin and Arlynolin immediately drew their swords, but as Mithildin noticed Lhûgrist too glew as blue as Effírië he immediately lowered his sword. "Lower your sword, Arlynolin, it's my uncle." Aerendyl smiled to his nephew as always. "You idiots always have to be on guard, don't you." he then said. As Mithildin too laughed "You never know with a Gondorian Elf, especially if he brings companions with him." as the two continued laughing, Acal and Alen got off their horses and let them be introduced by Aerendyl.

"But now more serious business, Mithildin." Aerendyl said. "I am here to let you meet two certain Elves, one of them was very excited to see you." Mithildin looked very confused. "An Elf wanting see me? I wonder who that would be." and as Ascal and Alen stepped forward, they were formally introduced by the Gondorian Elf. Aerendyl firstly introduced the elder brother. "This is Ascal, former smith of Gondolin and grant creator of my legendary sword Effírië." as Aerendyl pulled Effírië out of it's socket he then stabbed it in the ground. He moved a bit backward and then introduced the younger Elven brother. "This is Alen, former smith of Gondolin and grant creator of your legendary sword Lhûgrist. He was the one dying to see you and Lhûgrist."

As Alen stepped towards Mithildin. Mithildin could only bow to the Elven smith. "What is this about?" Alen asks. Aerendyl and Ascal looked at each other with questionable faces. "I owe you an eternal service to you, Alen. Without this blade, my life would be nothing and I would be dead by now." Mithildin then said as he pulls Lhûgrist out of it's socket and held it above his head. "Please accept this. It is your sword after all." but as Alen looked down to Mithildin he patted his shoulder. "It is not the blade that saved your life, Young Mithildin, it is the wielder who wields it." Alen then calmly said. "Keep the sword, youngling. You need it more then I do." Mithildin then stood up and shakes the hand of Alen. "I am most thankful, Alen." Alen then looks at the handshake as Aerendyl laughs. "Yeah, you may not know this but the Elves don't often do this, especially their age."

Mithildin then immediately let lose Alen's hand. "I am terribly sorry, master Alen." he then said. Alen only could laugh. "No need for formalities nor apologies, Mithildin. I too, am now your friend." And as the two continued talking Ascal saw some movement coming from the harbor. It would seem like another Elf being escorted by some Soldiers, but whom could it be. "There's another Elf approaching us together with some Soldiers, I do not know who this Elf is." Ascal mentioned. Aerendyl, who is rather skeptical, then stepped forward and shouted. "We know you are approaching us, Elf. Identify yourselves, else we have to take immediate action."

As the movement stopped. A shout from the Elf can be heard in the deep "I am Penlod, Lord of the Houses of the Pillar and Tower of Snow. I seek to the Gondorian Elf named Aerendyl and his Elven companions."

Aerendyl's journey & farewell to Azriel

After doing some talking with Alen and Mithildin throughout the city of Siniath Cuil about leaving Gondor for a while to go on a long trip with each other, he wanted to see his son; Azriel, one last time. As he quickly left the scene where Ascal started to talk with Penlod the Tall and Mithildin and Alen taking a walk in Siniath Cuil he went to go to Minas Astalda where Azriel was celebrating his small week of vacation after a hard time of trainings.

It wasn't a long trip and it took Aerendyl a couple of hours to get to Minas Astalda. As he entered the castle he immediately got a cold and dark feeling. Aerendyl immediately rushed to Azriel's room where he found his son lying on the bed with his head towards the wall.

As he slowly approached his son Azriel turned around and he looked pretty fine. He had however, a special ring around his ring finger. But Aerendyl didn't question that any further, for he could not sense any special power coming from it. "I just came to say farewell son." Aerendyl thens aid. As Azriel slowly got up to hug his father he said "But why?" as the father and son are hugging for a while Aerendyl then said "it is important to take breaks sometimes, son. As you are doing right now. Your father has given everything he had for a very, very long time." Aerendyl then let lose of his son and kneeled. "Now, I want you to make sure Gondor will stay great. No matter what!" and Azriel looked his father in the eyes with the most fierce and beautiful amethyst violet eyes.

"I shall miss you, father." he then said and hugged his father while dropping a tear. As Aerendyl hugged his son back he dropped some tears as well, for Aerendyl already knew enough. "It is alright. You have the right to choose whatever you think is best, son." and as Aerendyl stood up, he petted his son on the head for a final time. He then turned around and hesitated a bit to look one last time, but he didn't, for there is no place in weakness in Aerendyl's heart.

But as Aerendyl left Azriel kneeled to the ground in agony. He closed his eyes and screamed "I embrace it. I am stronger then this pain for I no longer feel pain. I, Azriel, son of the Elf of Gondor will embrace the darkness as his ally and fight alongside it!" after he said that the pain disappeard. He opened his eyes, but the most beautiful fierce looking amethyst violet eyes disappeared and were now blazing fire for Azriel has succesfully embraced the darkness within him.