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The Staff, in the event of unacceptable delays or the impossibility of reaching an agreement, has the right to decide independently on the Date of the Battle. The Staff has the right to take any action to resolve any problems.

War Rules


  • 30 minutes before the battle. The overseeing staff member will check your armies. Both sides will be waiting at the battle place, during these 30 minutes it is forbidden to attack the opposing team before the official announcement of the beginning of the battle.
  • Outnumber CAP: Any side can either have up to 7 players, or outnumber the other side by up to +3 players, whichever is higher. Example (Left=number of players on side A; Right=number of players on side B): 1-7 ; 2-7 ; 3-7 ; 4-7 ; 5-8 ; 6-9 ; 7-10 ; 8-11 ; 9-12.
  • ARMY CAP: Each side can have max 5 armies of which only 2 armies can be Cavalry/Mounted.
  • HORSE CAP: Max 3 horses/mounts for each side (Each horse can have 15 speed and 40hp maximum) . The side leader, before the battle start, is called to choose 3 players which will ride a mount. If their horse gets killed, the 3 players are free to take a new one if they find any in the battlefield.
  • If you will participate in a war the staff member assumes you know the specific rules.
  • Faction hopping on Wars: Players may hop freely between factions of the same empire without encountering any war restriction, although: If a player hops in a faction which hasn't been part of the previous empire, said player has to have been a member of the faction before the war was announced/declared. (check in #war-news). A player officially becomes a member of a faction the day he gets his faction role assigned on discord (#assign-me).

Volunteers & Allies

An ally or a volunteering faction can bring armies if it's 3 provinces away from (via sea or land) the faction it wants to aid. If the 3 provinces are going through another faction then they need the approval of that faction to use armies (if they are allied then they can bring armies). Istari are an exception as they can bring armies even if they are volunteering from a faction which isn't connected via sea or land (they still count as volunteers). The king can also forbid to let his subordinates bring any troops.

If the faction who wants to bring armies is in an empire with the faction at war then they can bring armies.

Volunteer Limit Rule

Each battle can have up to 6 volunteers per side, divided into a maximum of 2 volunteers per empire. Example: If X is attacked by Y, then A, B and C can send 2 volunteers to each side to help X or Y.

The total number of volunteers for the battle can be equal to or less than 12 volunteers adding up all the participants of the war.

It's up to the side leader to decide which empire can volunteer for him.

War Types

The "standard" variant of war is known as the war of conquest. The Civil War instead happens only when someone wants to overthrow their king, and it's a variation of the main war type with a slightly different set of criteria and objectives.

War Variants are as follows:

  • War of Conquest
  • Civil War
  • Independence War; essentially a War of Conquest in which the declarer (the faction which wants to achieve independence) will be the defender, and the empire which is losing one of its vassals will be the attacker. The two battles will take place in the defender's territory, so essentially in the land which wants the independence. If the defender wins, then they will achieve freedom and cannot be attacked by the empire for 7 days. If instead the empire defeats the rebellion, the faction will stay inside the empire and no independence can be declared for the next 15 days. This delay is increased by 50% every time a independence war fails. Volunteers cannot bring armies; only the defender (which cannot have allies) and the attacker + allies can bring armies.

Wars Queue Rule

Upon the conclusion of any war, every empire or independent kingdom is allowed to put forward a declaration of war. Once all the declarations are counted, a dice is rolled to determine who wins the war slot. (highest percentage rolled)

Multiple Wars

In the event of Multiple Wars, each war get a day, battles week get scheduled as:

  • One battle in FRIDAY at 21:00 CET
  • One battle in SATURDAY at 21:00 CET
  • One battle in SUNDAY at 21:00 CET

Staff has the right to change the hour of the battle, advising the community in time.

War Truces

After a war ends, the defender side will get a global 1 week truce in which nobody can involve them in wars, this truce work only for factions and don't count empire as a side.

Example: If the faction Mordor under the Dark Legion Empire attack Gondor under South Dúnedain Empire, Gondor will get the truce, no the empire.

Battalion Rules

1. Main Battalion Rules (click)

These rules are valid inside and outside Wars.
1.1 • The hired units of a player within the same squadron form a Battalion.
1.2 • The total number of units within a battalion must not exceed 100 points.
1.2.1 • When a ruler's faction is directly involved in the war, he can take 150 points of army value.
More info about the Units Point System can be found at the bottom of the page.
1.3 • In every situation, a player can bring only a single battalion.
1.4 • Armies must be composed exclusively of units of their own faction.
1.5 • Hired units must not exceed 40 HP through lvl grinding inside or outside wars.
There are few exceptions stated in the Units Points file.
1.6 • Max 1 banner bearer per army.
If the player want to he can take a normal unit instead of the banner bearer.

If any of these rules are broken, trasgressor are punished. (Ex. Battalion exceeds max points)

2. Hired Units Custom Equipment Rules (click)

These rules are valid inside and outside Wars.
2.1 • Units can only wear items of their faction, or the armor of other factions of the same race within the empire if the armor sharing is specified in empire's structure.
2.1.1 • An exception is Arnor, which can also use gondorian items on his units.
2.2 • Orc sappers can only bring 1 orc bomb tier 1.
2.3 • Units cannot wear or hold Galvorn, mithril, morgul, gondolinian equipment in any case.
2.3.1 • As an exception of rule 2.3 Players from Mordor and Angmar may equip their units with morgul blades.
2.4 • Black numenorean items can be worn by any Harad faction (Umbar included), and by Gondor if it's allied with Sauron
2.5 • Units cannot held artifacts, nor items with flame or chilling.

Failing to meet these requirements can lead to the exclusion of the player from the battle.
In the event that a player uses illegal items (such as duped items) to reforge or equip his army, he will get banned and his storage cleaned.




The following page shows the units that can be enlisted in a battalion and its value in points: Units Point System.

General Info

  • Each name is equivalent to 1 unit of that type.
  • The point value is counted on individual units.
  • During a war there's a maximum of 5 battalions per side.
  • Battalions can have a maximum of 1 Banner Bearer, these units are NOT counted in points system.


  • 1 Gondor Soldier equals 10.0 points, so if I hire a second Gondor Soldier, my battalion will be worth 20 points.
  • If a non-round number is obtained in the calculation of the total value of the points, such as: 1,66 or 8,4222266; you must round down by default

Declaration of War


How to Declare War

The War Declaration must be posted in "Diplomacy" channel on discord, with admin tagged at the end.

Copy-paste the example on discord chat then modify it for better performance. The declaration is valid only if all the arguments are fulfilled.

Starting a new War costs 1 War Influence Point

It's possible to have up to 3 different wars at the same time, it's not allowed to queue war declarations and those which aren't valid will get removed.

Wars can only be started against factions which didn't declare an ongoing war or didn't get another ongoing war against. (If a faction gets a ongoing war against and declared a ongoing war then a dice is rolled for which faction is the attacker.)

Empires can fight at most 1 offensive war and 2 defensive wars.

Declaration time: If a faction's king wishes to declare war within the current week (usual war times; friday, saturday, sunday) he has to declare the war by Wednesday. Any declaration after Wednesday will result in the war being scheduled in the next week.




<War Name>

Attacker: <Kingdom name> (Insert the empire name if its part of an empire)

Defender: <Kingdom name> (same as above)

Province: <Prov Number>

Casus Belli: Invasion

People authorized to Pay war costs: Peppino123, Francisco45


Other Info

Players authorized to pay will be contacted by the staff

Other Kingdoms can participate at the war for personal interests or for help the defender or attacker. That will happen if there are military alliances started before the declaration of war, or when a kingdom wants to help a certain side side.

If a Kingdom wants to join the war, the king or the authorized ambassador must contact tag the War Declarer and a Staff in roleplay chat, typing that the faction wants to join the war specifying in which side it will fight..

During a war each battle can be moved for the next week only once.


Casus Belli

Casus Belli is a latin Term meaning "Case of War". On our Server, a Kingdom with a Casus Belli (commonly abbreviated to "CB") on another Faction is deemed to have a valid Cause for War. When declaring War, the Player must specify a valid CB.

Casus Belli Acquisition of the Casus Belli Affected Peace Offers

(default CB)

You border a Province owned by another Faction which is neutral or hostile towards you. You can take the occupied Provinces (max 3 each War).
Liberation You border a Province that was taken from an ally by another Faction which you are neutral or hostile towards. The province gets given to the ally it was taken from.
Independence When you want to abandon an Empire but the Emperor doesn't want to give you Independence. You can free your Kingdom from

an Empire. The Empire can't start any Wars against you for 15 Days.

Default Independence war delay: 15 days.

This delay is increased by 50% every time a independence war fails.

Disloyal Vassal When a vassalized Faction left your Empire. You can force the Vassalisation of that Kingdom back. The vassalized Kingdom can't leave your Empire for 15 Days.
Civil War You have the Requirements

to start a civil War.

This CB uses Civil War rules.

You can change the dirigent Class

of your Faction.

Rebellion You have all requirements to start a rebellion,

This CB uses Rebellion rules.

Take up to 3 provinces of the faction you are rebelling against in order to form a new faction.

Types of Battles

Pitched Battle

A field battle starts when the overseer finds the defending side ready to face its enemy. The time conceded can vary (look at the battle rules to see how much). After that, the attacking side will be teleported in a 500 block radius, with the coords of where the enemy is and the direction. Both sides can't exit from the province's borders. If one side is greatly in disadvantage and keep fleeing, the overseer(s) can decide to give the win to the stronger side if it holds the original starting point of the defender and the other side is not too far.

However, there can't be a side that wins by forfeit without granting the other side a chance (and time) to fight back. A planned retreat doesn't count as "fleeing" as long as there is a part of the troops that fights.

Winning a field battle

You have three ways to win a battle:

  • The leader of the enemy side surrenders
  • The enemy side is dead
  • The enemy side flees for too much time without engaging.

Siege Battle

    • A siege battle is a battle that occurs if a province has a recognised castle/fortress inside an attacked province. If the field battle is lost, the losers still have a backup war with the fortress which will be sieged next war.
    • Inside the battle:
      • - Defenders will be teleported inside the fortress and will give a place to the overseer to place a capture point. This is capture point is required to capture for the attackers, but needs to be held by the defenders. Attackers will be spawned away from the fortress.
      • - The defenders win if all the attackers have died or the 1 hour mark is up (60 minutes).
      • - Attackers win by killing all the defenders or capturing and holding the capture point for 10 minutes.
    • What is allowed?
      • - Defenders can use anvils to drop on the head of attackers.
      • - Attackers can build small defensive structures from wood as well as, place ladders/rope to climb up walls. They can also break blocks the defenders placed but, only with their hands. In general all item rules etc… still apply of course.
    • Results:
      • - Attackers win: They get the province including the fortress and may decide to tear it down and unrecognize it.
      • - Defenders win: They repel the attack and gain a 1 week truce not being able to be attack, but are able to attack.

Naval Battle

In order to engage a nation in a naval battle, it is necessary for that nation to fulfill particular criteria:

  1. Owning a Port in its territory, this means that there is at least one outlet on the sea.
  2. Have at least 1/2 ships (which meet particular criteria) within the Port.

N.B. In case a nation challenged in a naval battle and the faction does not own a ship, this can be purchased from the STAFF.


  1. The ship must be made entirely of wooden material. Exceptions can be made to glass windows, decorative parts in clay, wool sails and spurs in any metallic material.
  2. The ship must have a minimum of 2 plots (32 blocks) to a maximum of 3 plots (48 blocks) in length and 1 (16 blocks) in width.
  3. The shape must be concave and not have more than 2 blocks of difference between inside and outside, with the exception of the prow and the stern.
  4. The ship's waterline should be two blocks.
  5. The ship can have any style of sail you want to adopt (rectangular, square, triangular) and these can be extended or lowered.


The battle takes place on a ground of blocks of water above the void, to simulate, during the event, the difficulties to move with paraphernalia, etc, if you were thrown outboard.

The ships can be equipped by the STAFF with cannons, which must be purchased at least 1 day before the event to allow the STAFF to change the structure of the ship to use them.

The STAFF will provide 1 cannon for free to allow a minimum of battle.

NB. It is possible to indicate the positioning of the cannons with wool of a different color to that used for the ship's decorations.


  • The place where the naval battle will take place will only be reachable a few moments before the start of the battle.
  • This type of battle provides a medium-sized area in which the two sides will fight.
  • All the items, including armor and weapons, are brought autonomously by each participant.
  • Once dead, you can not return to the battlefield for any reason.
  • Once dead, you can not get back the items that you had in battle, save the rare case in which your friend still alive take them.
  • Special weapons must be handed over to their rightful owners, even if they died in battle.
  • The battle ends when all the members of one side are dead, proclaiming the other winner, or when one of the two ships is totally destroyed.
  • Participants can't use battalions.


The cannon consists of 3 blocks of Black Wool, with a button to interpret the mouth and one the final part for the ignition, the flashlight indicates the fuse.

To use the cannon we need:

  • Cobblestone
  • String
  • Stick

These materials will not be provided by the staff but must be the players to bring them into the inventory.


The mechanics of use are divided into:

  • Cleaning the cannon: if not operated by the STAFF, 8 clicks will suffice with the equipped pole, in each part of the cannon.
  • Introduction of the projectile: position the equipped cobblestone by clicking on the cannon's wool.
  • Positioning the fuse: Click on the cannon in any part with the equipped string.
  • Push the projectile: with the equipped stick click on the cannon twice.


To aim, you have to click with the free hand on the final part of the cannon (last block of wool), each face allows you to move the pointing (visible as a blue cross) in the predefined directions.


When you are ready you will need to click on the button at the beginning of the cannon, right under the torch.


The bullet destroys only one block (maybe 2, in rare case more), but depending on where and how it strikes you will suffer different effects.

  • A direct hit causes instant death.
  • In a radius of 5 blocks from the explosion, or behind a destroyed block, you will suffer damage and non-permanent status effects.
  • Over 5 blocks will not suffer if effects, but minor damage.

Influence Points

Influence points are a type of currency used to declare wars, annex occupied territories or colonize new lands.

There are two types of influence points, one is reserved for Colonization and the other is reserved for war declaration and territorial annexation. Both types can be produced at spawn and their production requires a certain number of resources.

Colonization Point

  • 2500 coins
  • 256 bread

War Point

  • 5000 coins
  • 192 bread

After you click the sign in the production place, you will get a key which you will use to open the specific crate through which you can get the respective influence point (either colonization or war point).

What they are used for

The Colonization Point is required each time you want to colonize a new province, in the moment the Staff recognizes your settlement, you also need to pay him the Colonization Point in order to validate the process.

The War Point is required for each new declaration of war and for each time you want to annex an occupied province (1 point for each). You will need to pay the War Point in the moment you declare the war or annex the province in order to validate the process.

Naval Warfare

To launch a naval invasion you will obviously need transport ships, to which you can assign warships for protections. Transport ships can be either a Cutter, Shooner, Brig or a 6th Rate ship. One transport ships accounts for either 3 players or 1 player and an army. To launch a naval invasion you must have a recognized harbor in the range of 6 sea tiles of the province you want to attack. Attackers transport ships will be pasted at the shore of the province which is being attacked, they will start on those ships, and since then it's just a normal pitched battle.

You can, however, protect yourself from naval invasions. If you have a recognized harbor with a recognized navy in range of 3 sea tiles the first battle will be a naval one, and if the invading navy gets defeated the war ends. Obviously if they win the war goes on. All ships that have been severely damaged are pronounced sunk and can no longer be used in any naval battles, or in case of transport ships for invasions.

Port Strikes

Worried about strong rival fleets? Pirates going rampant? You can get rid of their ships by launching a port strike, basically just by declaring a war with "Port strike" casus belli. This is cheaper to declare than regular wars since you don't gain provinces, so all you have to pay is 2000$ to any staff member.

These battles would look like this:

Staff will paste part of attacker's navy in front of the harbor, and same goes for defenders' navy (One ship for 5 people taking part in the battle, so it doesn't matter if you have 6 or 9 people fighting on your side, your side will have 2 ships fighting). It looks just like the naval battles, with boarding allowed and cannons. Once the defending navy is defeated attackers can still destroy enemy ships, which are still inside the harbor/not fighting, using cannons.

Note: you can't bring allies or volunteers to this kind of battle, only your empire and faction members.

Ship Types

There are 9 different ship classes divided into 3 major branches (Small, Medium and Big ships).

Small Ships

1) Cutter

  • At least 5 blocks wide, 17 long
  • Can be used as a transport ship, but can't have cannons, thus can't take part in a naval battle.
  • Min: 150 blocks / Max: 1000 blocks
  • Weapons: No Cannons
  • Storage: Min chests: 1% of total blocks / Max chests: 2% of total blocks
  • Movement Speed: Fast / Travel Speed: 12.0


2) Schooner

  • At least 5 blocks wide and 21 long
  • Can be used as a transport ship or in naval battles
  • Min: 500 blocks / Max: 1500 blocks
  • Weapons: Max total cannons: 2% of total blocks
  • Storage: Min chests: 0,5% of total blocks / Max chests: 2% of total blocks
  • Movement Speed: Fast / Travel Speed: 12.0


3) Brig

  • At least 7 blocks wide and 25 long
  • Can be used as a transport ship or in naval battles
  • Min: 800 blocks / Max: 2000 blocks
  • Weapons: Max total cannons: 2% of total blocks
  • Storage: Min chests: 0.5% of total blocks / Max chests: 3% of total blocks
  • Movement Speed: Fast / Travel Speed: 11.0


Medium Ships

6th rate

  • At least 9 blocks wide and 32 long,
  • Can be used as a transport ship or in naval battles
  • Min: 1500 blocks / Max: 2500 blocks
  • Weapons: Max total cannons: 2,8% of total blocks
  • Storage: Min chests: 1% of total blocks / Max chests: 15% of total blocks
  • Movement Speed: Normal / Travel Speed: 10.0


5th rate

  • At least 11 blocks wide and 37 long,
  • Can be used as a transport ship or in naval battles
  • Min: 2000 blocks / Max: 3500 blocks
  • Weapons: Max total cannons: 3% of total blocks
  • Storage: Min chests: 0.5% of total blocks / Max chests: 6% of total blocks
  • Movement Speed: Normal / Travel Speed: None


4th rate

  • At least 13 blocks wide and 43 long, needs to have at least 2 gundecks,
  • Can be used as a transport ship or in naval battles
  • Min: 3000 blocks / Max: 4500 blocks
  • Weapons: Max total cannons: 4,3% of total blocks
  • Storage: Min chests: 0.5% of total blocks / Max chests: 4% of total blocks
  • Movement Speed: Normal / Travel Speed: None


Big Ships

3rd rate

  • At least 13 blocks wide and 47 long, needs to have at least 2 gundecks,
  • Can be used as a transport ship or in naval battles
  • Min: 4500 blocks / Max: 6500 blocks
  • Weapons: Max total cannons: 4,6% of total blocks
  • Storage: Min chests: 0,3% of total blocks / Max chests: 4% of total blocks
  • Movement Speed: Slow / Travel Speed: None


2nd rate

  • At least 15 blocks wide and 53 long, needs to have at least 2 gundecks,
  • Can be used as a transport ship or in naval battles
  • Min: 6000 blocks / Max: 8000 blocks
  • Weapons: Max total cannons: 5% of total blocks
  • Storage: Min chests: 0,1% of total blocks / Max chests: 1% of total blocks
  • Movement Speed: Slow / Travel Speed: None


1st rate

  • At least 17 blocks wide and 63 long, needs to have at least 3 gundecks,
  • Can be used as a transport ship or in naval battles
  • Min: 7000 blocks / Max: 10000 blocks
  • Weapons: Max total cannons: 5% of total blocks
  • Storage: Min chests: 0,1% of total blocks / Max chests: 1% of total blocks
  • Movement Speed: Slow / Travel Speed: None


When is a ship considered sunken?

Each ship will automatically sunk once it hits a critical level of damage, therefore at least one of these parameters must be reached:

  • Wood or Clay is less than 30% of total ship's blocks
  • Wool is less than 15% of total ship's blocks
  • Minimal Storage is destroyed


Restriction of construction

1) Ships must not contain any of the following blocks, otherwise it won't be able to move:

  • Bricks, stone, dirt, sand, any metal blocks or anything else harder than clay.
  • Beds, Barrels, Warg or other animals skins, Banners placed on walls
  • Any kind of ropes/chains
  • Chandeliers
  • Any kind of lotr door and gates

2) The hull must be made out of the following blocks in order to be considered valid:

  • Wood, clay or wool

3) Sails must be made exclusively out of Wool

4) The number of cannons must be proportional on each side, therefore you cannot have more or less cannons in a side than the other.

5) Only allowed containers are chests and trapped chests. The ship doesn't allow "double chests".