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Reminder: All structures within a settlement have to look good.

Useful things to know before building a settlement

Recognized Settlements are multiple types of structures which may vary between races.

Types of settlements

List of existing types of recognized structures, the detail and requirements to build each can be found within the settlements pages of each race, in the bottom of this page.

  • Villages (or Colonies, or Outposts, or Encampments), are the most simple type of settlement. The villages are required for provinces colonization (one village each province) and for castles and cities recognition. Villages may allow overseas-colonization if a port is built within them (more details below)

Villages may be used to colonize oversea provinces, they need a port with a ship for each sea province you want to travel. In such case, the village must be in the coast and must border the sea you want to cross. Villages bordering rivers but not the sea won't allow overseas colonization but only land-to-land colonization. You may build a village near a city or a castle, or upgrade a village to become a city or a castle in the event the province has already another recognized village (more info below on general settlement rules). Details of requirements of each village may be found in the bottom of the page.

  • Castles (or Fortresses, or Forts, or Strongholds), are a major type of settlements, which requires the presence of one village within the same province. Castles unlock the ability to host a siege battle in the event the province is involved in a war.

Castles follow strict rules of construction. In the event a castle is built within a city, the latter won't require futher fortifications. Details of requirements of each castle may be found in the bottom of the page.

  • Cities (or Towns), are a major type of settlements, which requires the presence of one village within the same province. Cities are needed in order to claim kingship of a faction.

Cities may host sieges if a recognized castle is built within them. Details of requirements of each cities may be found in the bottom of the page.

General rules about settlements

  1. The settlement must look good, at least as the standard buildings of your faction generated by the mod
  2. When two different recognized structures are close to each other, the difference between the two must be clearly noticeable. Note: Two rec. structures may stay next to each other but they should not lose their distinctive traits, therefore we must clearly notice where the castle starts and where the village is located, or where the city instead took place.
  • Villages (or Colonies, Outposts or Encampments) can be upgraded to Cities or Castles when they meet the requirements and when another recognized village already exists within the same province.
  • Before recognition, each settlement (of any type) needs to be added to the Kingdoms Holdings page with complete info, otherwise it won't be considered valid, this may be done by anyone. Staff can but is not obliged to do this.
  • In the event of recognition, a screenshot of the settlement will be posted in discord as proof.
  • Lore builds may be used to host sieges in the event of a war, if they are suitable to. Lore builds cannot be used to claim kingship, since they're most likely built by staff team. Lore builds will pass ownership to the owner of the province in which they are located. In the event of conquest, lore build's banners may not be totally changed when the structure is too big (ex. Khazad Dum).
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